How to Pay the Circulation Tax: Steps, Printing and MORE

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You need to know How to Pay the Circulation Tax to be able to cancel this debt that you have as a car owner. This debt is canceled periodically, but you must be aware of it so as not to incur default interest or other problems derived from not having your current currency up to date.

For that reason, we have brought this article for you. Today we will explain the steps you must follow to pay, the payment methods you have, the deadlines to pay it, what is the amount and much, much more. Additionally, we will explain how to print your decal so that you can carry it on your car and circulate legally in the country. Keep reading!

How to Pay the Circulation Tax: Steps to Follow

Let’s start talking about The Steps You Must Follow to Pay the Road Tax. These are very simple and will allow you to carry out the cancellation of the tribute regardless of the method and entity you decide to use. You just have to be very attentive to this and the next sections, so that you can complete the entire process.

  • To begin, you must enter the web portal of the Superintendency of Tax Administration.
  • Once there, you have to locate yourself on the option of Tax return and click Declare.
  • You will be redirected to another page where you must locate section No. 5. This corresponds to Vehicles and in it you will find the option of Circulation Vehicles, which you must click.
  • A ReCAPTCHA image will appear. You must pass the characters that appear in the photo to text and then press on Fill SAT-4091.
  • Fill out the electronic form that will appear. First, you must select the number of vehicles to pay, the license plate and the NIT of the vehicle owner. After you look for your vehicle and confirm the amount owed, you must enter other basic information to pay.
  • When you’re done, just click Validate> Print Form.
  • Finally, you just have to Pay the Circulation Tax. It can be online or in person, in the entities authorized to do so. We will talk about these later. For now, this form is very important to pay.

The important thing is that you fill out your form so that you can continue the payment in the authorized financial institutions. Basically, the tax payment is made by filling out the declaration, generating the SAT-2000 Ballot and paying at a bank.

Ways to Pay the Circulation Tax

Once you have your SAT-4091 filled out and printed, you can go on to choose one of the Ways to Pay the Circulation Tax. You have multiple options and not only payment, but with respect to the entity or financial service that you can use to cancel taxes and obtain your sticker.

Let’s see what are all these alternatives that you have to choose from for the sticker payment.

Via Web: Account Debit

  • Industrial Bank.
  • Real Estate Bank.
  • Citi.
  • Agromercantil Bank (BAM)
  • National Mortgage Credit Bank – CHN.
  • BAC Credomatic.
  • Banco Rural – Banrural.
  • G&T Continental Bank.
  • Interbank.
  • Proamerica Bank.
  • Bantrab.
  • Vivibanco.
  • Ficohsa.

In this case, you must enter Online Banking or the corresponding online service with your username and password. Once there, you can pay the tax.

Finally, you can pay via the web with your VISA credit or debit card, from the VisaNet Guatemala page. Keep in mind that you need the SAT-2000 ballots plus the ones generated by the SAT-4091.

Window: Cash or check from the same bank

  • Agromercantil Bank (BAM).
  • National Mortgage Credit Bank – CHN.
  • Inter Bank.
  • Banco Rural – Banrural.
  • G&T Continental Bank.
  • Bantrab
  • Industrial Bank.
  • Real Estate Bank.
  • Vivibanco.
  • Proamerica Bank.

In this way, the sticker with the SAT-2000 Ballots and those produced by the SAT-4091 are canceled. Likewise, you can pay for the decal just by pointing to the vehicle’s license plate (without needing the SAT-2000) at all these banks, although not at Banco G&T Continental and Banco Proamerica.

Once you pay the tax and the decal, you will only have to print the decal to carry it on your car.

Pay Road Tax: Decal Printing

Once you pay the Circulation Tax, you can proceed to the next stage: the Decal Printing. It is another very simple procedure to do, and that you can also do from the comfort of your home, home or wherever you are. We will explain step by step how to print it, steps that you must follow carefully.

  • First of all, you have to go back to the web portal of the Superintendency of Tax Administration (SAT).
  • Once there, you must locate yourself in the section of Most frequent services and click Vehicles. You can locate yourself by the image.
  • You will be redirected to a new page. In this you will see a series of options, but you have to locate the one corresponding to Decal Printing.
  • Fill out the small form that appears on the left side. They ask for the number of vehicles you canceled, the license plate number, the owner’s NIT and then the characters that appear in the image. When you’re done, click Consult.
  • Finally, you will locate the option print the decal. Similarly, you will have the option of printing up to 100. Choose the one you want.
  • As a result, you will be able to get your physical decal.

Obviously, the decal is obtained when paid for. However, by doing this query you will also be able to see your traffic violations, if you wish.

The decal must be on your vehicle or carried with you. You don’t really need to put it on the license plate or stick it on the windshield. The important thing is that you have it on hand when an authority requests it.

Deadlines to Pay the Circulation Tax

It is very important to know the Term to Pay the Circulation Tax. If you miss this date, the process could be complicated and you would also end up paying more, so we recommend doing it during the period established by the Superintendency of Tax Administration (SAT).

This term is included between the first (01) of January to thirty-one (31) of July. It is paid annually, which means that every year, within this six-month period, you must pay this tax to be able to circulate for the remaining year. Without it, you could face fines, infractions, interest, default, omission and other types of legal complications.

This tax must be paid by those vehicle holders. Be it land, air or sea. This is important to note as many people tend to believe that only car owners cancel it.

Remember that to make the payment you must be solvent with all fines and infractions that you could have in the registry. Likewise, we recommend that you do not leave the payment of this tax until the last minute as you could have problems entering the Superintendency portal. Take your time forecasts and you shouldn’t have any problems.

To finish, we leave you this link So you can check your tax and see your solvency in infractions.

Superintendency of Tax Administration (SAT)

The Superintendency of Tax Administration (SAT) It is a state body that is in charge of everything related to the collection of taxes established by the treasury. It was founded in 1998 and it is a decentralized entity. In addition, it is divided into a series of municipalities, which are:

  • Attention to the taxpayer.
  • Inspection.
  • Customs.
  • Collection.
  • Business legal.

Through these areas the entire process of collect the tributes so that the State can use them in its public spending. This includes all expenditures on defense, social programs and investment in infrastructure.

Regulates so much inspection, collection, legislation and fiscal control in the national territory as related to international trade in customs matters. Also, it is in charge of ensuring compliance with the tax statutes and many, many other things.

It is one of the most important entities from the country. This is common in all countries, where the entity that regulates tax collection plays a very important role in the economy.

If you are a taxpayer, Your duty and obligation is to pay the taxes that correspond to you, in order to contribute to maintaining the State’s plans in economic, social, legal and political matters.

What is the Circulation Tax?

The Circulation Tax It corresponds to the tax that all vehicle owners have to pay to be able to circulate in the national territory. Whether it is land, air or sea vehicles, it is necessary that this tax be canceled every year if you want to avoid fines, interest, delay and other complications.

The term to pay it is six months, from January 1 to July 31. First, the taxpayer must fill out the SAT-4091 And then it is that you will be able to pay in one of the authorized entities. For this you need to be solvent in infractions. This can be done by debit, Visa credit / debit card or with cash and check.

Once you have paid, you can proceed to print the decal and carry it with you at all times. When asked by authority, you must be able to deliver it. Likewise, we have left you the tools so that you can check your solvency, the amount of the tax payment and so that you can pay and print your sticker.

We hope we have solved all your doubts. Remember that solvency versus Superintendency of Tax Administration (SAT) It’s very important.

Until next time!

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