How to recover USAC pin: How to generate USAC recovery money order

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In this article we will be giving you information about how you can recover the desktop toolbar and other data of interest, so that you can carry out this procedure without major inconvenience.

What is USAC

The University de San Carlos de Guatemala (also known and called by its acronym: USAC) is the largest and oldest university in Guatemala, and is also the only national in that Central American country. This is the fourth University founded in America.

It was established in the Captaincy General of Guatemala during the viceregal period and remained the only one in Guatemala until 1954. For 2006 the USAC ranked 191 in the QS Latin American University Rankings of the classification. academic from Latin American universities.

The university has had five eras:

Real and Pontifical University of San Carlos Borromeo (1676-1829): Established during the colony by the Spanish Crown in the 17th century, approved by the Holy See and directed by the regular orders of the Church catholic. After the independence of 1821 it was only called the Pontifical University.

Academy of Sciences (1834-1840): secular institution created during the Central American Federation by the liberal governor Mariano Galvez.

National and Pontifical University of San Carlos Borromeo (1840-1875): ecclesiastical institution directed by the regular orders during the governments of Rafael Carrera and Vicente Cerna y Cerna, ratified by the Concordat of Guatemala of 1854.

National University of Guatemala (1875-1944): Positivist secular institution divided into the colleges of Law and Notaries, Medicine and Pharmacy. Briefly, between 1918 and 1920 it was called University “Estrada Cabrera”.

University of San Carlos de Guatemala (1944-present): secular institution with a social orientation instituted after the 1944 Revolution.

How to register with the USAC

For register at the USAC it is not necessary to queue, the entire process is done online.

Among the requirements that must be met by students The first admission is to have won the Vocational, Basic and Specific Orientation tests, to have a recent birth certificate issued by the Record National People’s Office (RENAP), so that it can be validated online, and be a mid-level graduate.

For the academic degree there is a validation online through a data cross between the university and the Ministry of Education.

If the person is very ancient or recent graduation, you may have trouble authenticating your academic degree, because it may not appear in the Ministry of Education system. In that case, the registration platform system and Statistics will generate an appointment with a specific day and time for you to deliver your stationery personally.

For more information visit and to register online,

How is the process to enroll in USAC

Applicant, these are the four steps you must follow to sign up in the academic cycle 2021.

The testing process for aspirants has started; Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, admission tests for freshmen will be performed virtually.

In order to carry out the process, you must be student of Fifth Baccalaureate of any specialty or of the last year of Expert or Secretariat.

Vocational orientation

This is one proof diagnostic, has no score; therefore it is not lost. It is the first step to start the admission process at USAC. A single payment of Q 70 is made. The evaluation consists of two phases: abilities and interests.

The adjustments necessary to carry out the online assessment. For more information on dates, registrations, assignments, payment of tickets, reschedule of the tests that had been scheduled before the pandemic

Or any other kind of DoubtsYou can enter or communicate through Facebook: ExamenVocacionalUSAC; WhatsApp: 5001-4720; and Youtube: Vocational Orientation USAC.

Details of the proof It is made up of three areas: verbal, numerical and abstract. The results help students decide which career is the most suitable for their interests.

At the end of this process, the student obtains as proof the Vocational Orientation Card, which also has a number identification of the student, which will be used to be assigned to the Basic Tests.

Guidance offices Vocational They are located in the Student Welfare building, on the central campus, and have headquarters in all departmental university centers.

Basic Knowledge Test

Are evaluations They are the second phase of the admission process. They are objective multiple-choice tests that measure the degree to which you know, dominate and relate the fundamental knowledge of the subjects of biology, physics, language, mathematics and chemistry, corresponding to the basic and diversified middle level cycles.

According to career that you choose, you will have to do one, two or more of these tests. The evaluations are carried out by the System of Location and Leveling (SUN).

There are four dates different throughout the year to take exams. The first date will be June 24, here we leave you the complete calendar of the tests. It must be taken into account that the calendars include two dates for each of the four opportunities.

The first date indicates the day that people must register, registration will only be enabled on the published dates; and the second date is that of app, which indicates the day and the link to take the test. Remember that this year all processes will be carried out online.

Link for registration:

In your constancy of inscription You will be told where, when and how you will have to take the Basic Knowledge Tests.

We hope that this information has been of great interest to you so that you can recover the desktop toolbar, thanks for the time taken in reading.

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