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In Guatemala, as in many other countries, it is necessary to process several certificates for different reasons, but this time we are only going to talk about RENAS certificate. Let’s see everything related to this document

What is the RENA?

Meaning reindeer is the National Registry of Sex Offendersthis registry is managed by Public ministryhe can be consulted at the level to verify if a person has been sentenced as a sexual offender.

Apart from verifying which are the people who have been accused of being sexual aggressors, with this registry it is also possible to verify those people who have similar charges, which makes them a person to be careful with.

Its duties?

The functions it has National Registry of Sexual Offenders, is to keep up to date all the people who are accused of sexual abuse, either by rape, by chance or intimidation.

Additionally, qualify the levels of risk that a person who has committed a crime of such magnitude can have, although this does not free them from being accused of being dangerous to minors and being repudiated by society.

Not to mention that it must take into account the percentage of the number of aggressors, depending on the type of crime they committed, knowing the number of times this type of atrocities has happened, so that people are aware of how many crimes that have been committed against minors.

What services do you offer?

The service to be offered National Registry of Sex Offenders RENASis to provide all the information needed by the people who have the responsibility of caring for minors.

Something necessary to know is that the places that have children and adolescents under their responsibility, there must always be a number of adults for every certain number of minors, which means that there must be several adults near these infants.

In a nutshell the reindeer Provides information on all registered sex offenders to anyone who needs to know if someone has a criminal record against minors.

What is the RENAS certificate or record?

It is a document that reflects if a person has been accused of being a sexual abuser towards minors or any other personshowing the day it was issued and until when it is valid.

The identification of the person to whom it is identified Unique Identification Code CUI that every Guatemalan or person who lives in Guatemala must have, since it is requested to carry out various procedures.

Who should process it?

The people who must process this certificate, are all those who work with children and adolescentssince this population is the most vulnerable to this type of aggressor, not to mention that this certificate It is one of the requirements for people who are going to work with minors.


It is important that people who work with children are aware that their employees do not have a history of aggression against minors, therefore they need the information of this certificate.

The reason for this document is that you always have to be aware of all the people who are in constant contact with children, which is why it is necessary that these organizations and institutes request the RENAS certificate:

  • Colleges, institutes, nurseries and schools.
  • arts schools.
  • sports schools.
  • religious institutions.
  • foundations.
  • Clinic.
  • children’s entertainment.
The people who should be checked are teachers, maintenance staff, administrators, transport drivers, clowns, magicians, doctors, animated characters, nurses and all those people who may have contact with minors..

How to get it?

To get the RENAS certificate You must have certain requirements and follow some steps that are necessary to be able to acquire this document, with which you can have a little peace of mind when running an institution or organization that has minors under its responsibility.

These are the requirements that must be met and the steps that must be followed, in order to acquire this RENAS certificate.


The requirements needed to carry out the procedure are the following:

  • A document where all personal data appearsof the person to whom the RENAS certificate.
  • A proof of work where it can be seen the position held, the department and municipality where the workplace is located.

Steps to follow

The steps to process RENAS certificate are the following:

Step 1

Enter portal of Public Ministries

Step 2

Place the city where the query of the antecedents of reindeer.

Read the warning that the page shows, which indicates that the Personal Identification Number DPI Y the year of birth of the person to be investigated.

It also shows the How long should you wait to acquire the certificate?.

The last thing to do is to accept that you have read the notice to continue with the process.

Step 3

After entering the system to process the RENAS certificate Personal data must be placed, which are the following:

  • Personal Identification Document Number DPI.
  • Passport number (Only in the event that the person investigating is a foreigner).
  • Year of birth.
  • Email.
  • first name.
  • Second name.
  • third name.
  • Surname.
  • Second surname.
  • married surname.
  • Phone number.

Step 4

In this step you must indicate where the person works, for this reason to know the following information:

  • Name of the Institution.
  • Phone number where you work.
  • Activity to be carried out by the person who is going to process the certificate.
  • What is the department where you work.
  • Municipality where you work.

All these data are from the person to whom the certificate is going to be made, for this reason it is recommended to be very clear about the data of the same.

step 5

After having indicated all the identification data, you must explain the reason why you are requesting this document.

When the reason why this document is needed is already specified, reindeeris indicated to reCAPTCHA system that he is not a robot and with him he presses the button request certificate.

After submitting the form for the Public ministry generate the certified RENAS, must wait a period of 4 to 24 hours to obtain this document.

step 6

When the waiting time has elapsed to acquire the certified RENAS re-enter the portal Public ministryselect the option consult certificate.

Again, you must accept the conditions of use of the service that is accompanied by the notice that I explain in step 2.

step 7

When the page shows the option to consult the RENAS certificate must be placed the Personal Identity Document DPI the year of birth of the person undergoing the RENAS consultation and it has to be confirmed in reCAPTCHA system that you are not a robot.

Finally, press the consult button and the page is expected to show you the information about the RENAS certificate to find out what information is needed about this record.

As just shown RENAS certificate It is a document that can only be consulted on the Internet, something that avoids going to any office of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which can sometimes be uncomfortable, but in this way it is possible to consult it from anywhere and at any time, you just have to follow the steps that have just been mentioned.

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