Procedures and Requirements for a Mexican visa

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As in these times there are many people who are choosing to follow new horizons outside their homeland, either to improve their quality of life, improve their academic knowledge or because they simply want to rest in international land. For this they need certain documents.

In order for these people to cross the Guatemalan border, they must comply with the requirements for the Mexican visa, if Mexico is your next destination.

Requirements for a Mexican visa

Mexico is one of those countries that require visas to people who want to enter their territories, this country asks to meet some requirements for the Mexican visa application. How Guatemalan citizens need a visa to enter Mexico Mexican visa requirements are the ones to be mentioned below, These are the essential requirements:

  • Request an appointment at the Mexican consulate in Guatemala.
  • Passport or Identity Document in original and in copy
  • 1 photograph with a maximum of 6 months old, with a visible tear without glasses, in color, passport size, whose measurements must be at least 32 millimeters by 26 millimeters and a maximum of 39 millimeters by 31 millimeters, with a white background in front.
  • Present proof of payment of the corresponding fees, consult the Mexican consulate in Guatemala where you are going to process the visa to find out how you are going to make the payment.

Documents necessary to obtain the Mexican visa

The process for process the Mexican visa It requires certain documentation to get the Mexican consulate to approve the Guatemalan visa so they can enter Mexican territory. The visa documents are as follows:

  • Original document of the visa application form.
  • Financial solvency, in original and copy, you can ask the Mexican consulate preferably the options you have to prove financial solvency and your legal stay.
  • Written document proving your legal stay (only if you do not have the nationality of the country where you are requesting the visa)
  • If you are over 65 years of age, you should not submit the financial solvency, but the ticket for the roundtrip dates (it is recommended to make the flight reservation several months in advance when applying for the visa).
  • in the case of religious ministers, by invitation to an event or to attend a workshop or seminar, the responsive letter issued by the institution that makes the invitation. It should carry all identifying information.

For minors

Minors who are going to apply for a Mexican visa must complete the visa application process with the presence of their parents or legal representative, with an original document and a copy that identifies and proves the family relationship with the minor. Similarly, the minor must present these documents at the Mexican consulate:

  • Request an appointment one at the Mexican consulate in Guatemala.
  • Passport or Identity Document in original and in copy
  • 1 photograph with a maximum of 6 months old, with a visible tear without glasses, in color, passport size, whose measurements must be at least 32 millimeters by 26 millimeters and a maximum of 39 millimeters by 31 millimeters, with a white background in front.
  • Present proof of payment of the corresponding fees, consult the Mexican consulate in Guatemala where you are going to process the visa to find out how you are going to make the payment.

Important information about financial solvency and invitations to events

This information is to know how the solvency should be constituted

economic and how to invite Guatemalans to an event to enter Mexican territory

Economic solvency

Financial solvency can be in these three ways:

  • Work Letter: In Original and copy of the stable employment or pension certificate with a minimum of one year old that shows that you receive monthly income free of encumbrances greater than Q 3300 during the last three months.
  • Bank statement: Bank document signed and stamped by the banking institution for the last 3 months upon presentation of the visa application, where the minimum monthly income of Q3300 is verified. It is specified that the labor salary must necessarily be reflected in the bank account statements.
  • Investments: Original and copy of the proof of investments, savings or bank accounts with an average monthly balance greater than Q9830 during the last three months.

Invitations to events

This invitation can be public or private institutions must have the following:

  • Original of the responsive letter of an organization or a public or private institution that invites the Guatemalan national to participate in an event or unpaid activity in Mexican territory. the letter must contain the following information:
  1. Applicant’s full name and nationality.
  2. Name or company name of the organization.
  3. Official registration number or patent.
  4. Object of the private or public organization or institution.
  5. Full address and details of the organization or institution.
  6. Information on the activity to be carried out or the project in which the Guatemalan national will participate. The activity of the Guatemalan national must be related to the purposes of the inviting organization or institution.
  7. Estimated duration or approximate date of completion of the activity to be carried out.
  8. The commitment to take charge of the maintenance of the Guatemalan national during his stay in the country of origin and residence.
  9. Copy of official identification with signature and photograph of the person signing the responsive letter.
  • In order to prove that it has the resources to fulfill the obligation referred to in paragraph 8 of the previous numbering, the organization or private institution that invites will present an original and a copy of the proof of investments or bank accounts with an average monthly salary greater than Q32770 during the last twelve months.
  • public institutions and private institutions belonging to the National Educational System do not need to prove economic solvency.
  • The documents with which the foreign person proves that they have the experience, capacity, skills or knowledge necessary to develop the activity for which they are prompted in original and copy.

Step to process the Mexican visa

To process the Mexican visa, certain steps must be taken that allow its approval and thus be able to emigrate to Mexico legally. The steps to process visa are these:

  • First of all, have the documents in order and current.
  • Request the appointment in the system
  • The confirmation of the appointment generated by the system MEXITEL It must be printed and must be presented on the day of the appointment.
  • Submit the form duly filled out by hand in each of the spaces corresponding to the applicant’s profile in blue or black ink.
  • In the case of financial dependents, a simple letter of responsibility must be presented. This applies to spouses, parents, and children under the age of 18. The letter is also necessary for those children who are studying in higher education and are financially dependent on their parents
  • Visa applications must be made in person, minors must be with their representative. An appointment must be scheduled for each applicant, even if each family member is a family, You must do the procedure personally.
  • Schedule your visit to Mexico in advance and make your appointment request for the visa processing for at least 20 days before traveling to Mexico

Types of Mexican visa

For the many reasons that a Guatemalan has to travel to Mexico, there are several types of visa, either because you are going to be in Mexican territory for a season or because you want to spend the rest of your life in that country. The types of Mexican visa that exist are the following:


There are Guatemalans who want to go to Mexico to go out of their way and have fun on a beautiful beach, explore a majestic mountain or simply get to know the Mexican culture, for this type of people there is a tourist visa and it is necessary to comply with the visa requirements mexican tourist that will be mentioned below:

  • Make a request for life at the Mexican consulate (through the MEXITEL system).
  • Valid passport in original and copy.
  • Valid passport-type photograph with a white background and without glasses.
  • Documentation that proves legal stay in Guatemala if you do not have Guatemalan nationality.
  • Proof of economic solvency, which may include: Properties, assets, real estate, letters of work, account statements, among others. Documents must be submitted in original and copy.
  • Those over 65 only need to present a travel ticket with the round trip date. It is recommended to issue the ticket at least 20 days in advance.
  • A responsive letter if you are going for an event, workshop or seminar, with the necessary identification.

Everything mentioned above is necessary for the tourist visa process

Long-term visitor

This type of visa is for those people who have to travel

constantly to Mexico but does not want to live in the country, but has to travel constantly to Mexico. The Mexican visa requirements Long-term Visitors are the following:

  • Original document of the Visa application. You can download it by gob.mex / process / file / visitor-visa-without-permission-to-carry out-long-term-paid-activities / SR311
  • Valid passport or identity document according to the international agreement.
  • A recent photograph, with a white background, from the front without glasses and without a hat, passport size.
  • Evidence that proves the economic solvency, assets or real estate in the country. It can also be: A letter of employment, recent bank account statements and proof of investments, if you have one.
  • For foreigners, document that certifies legal stay in Guatemala.

You can see that the essential requirements always be the passport than the universal identification.

Of work

Guatemalans who have the opportunity to work in a Mexican company need a work permit visa In order to fulfill your trade in Mexican territory, for this type of visa you need these Requirements for a Mexican work permit visa:

  • The original document of the application for mexican visa.
  • Recent passport-type photograph with the face in front and on a white background.
  • The passport in original in copy.
  • Copy of the certification of the Visa permit issued by the National Institute of Migration.
  • Receipt of payment for the issuance of the visa
  • Act certifying permission to work in Mexican territory.


In the case of this visa, it is for those people from Guatemala who wish to do a course, a postgraduate or undergraduate degree, among others, in Mexican territory. But for this student to obtain his visa to comply with theMexican visa requirementsfor students and those requirements are these:

  • Worksheet Visa application hand-filled with black or blue pen
  • Valid passport with its respective copy
  • A passport-type photograph with a maximum age of 2 months, in color, with background and front.
  • Letter of acceptance in original and copy of the institution belonging to the National Educational System to carry out the course in the specified without exception:
  • Applicant’s full name (same as it appears in the passport).
  • Level, degree and area of ​​study that the applicant intends to carry out.
  • Name of the course that was accepted.
  • Course start and end date
  • Tuition cost for the course (registration and tuition), if the course is free, it must be specified in the letter.
  • Contact information and identify the educational institution.
  • In the event that the educational center is private, the letter must include the number and / or proof of registration with the Secretary of Public Education of Mexico.
  • Copy of the Official Identification of the signer (s) of the letter (s) sent.
  • Proof of bank accounts or investments in the name of the student: Present recent bank guarantee, certified by the Legal Department of the Central Office of the Bank; for the purpose of traveling abroad, certifying the type of currency (national currency, CUC, dollar) Opening date, type of currency and current balance, together with the bank movements of the last three months with an average monthly balance of 850 dollars.
  • Prove that you have a monthly income (salary, pension or scholarship) equivalent to 550 dollars during the last three months.

For more information about this type of visa go to www.gob.mex / sre / actions-and-programs / temporary-resident-visa-student.


For residents there are two types of visas which are temporary resident visa and the visa for permanent residents where it differs in the time each one lasts and in what the Guatemalan people want. In addition, each visa has its requirements that will be mentioned below:

Temporary resident visa

This visa is for emigrants who want to be in Mexico for a long time but do not want nationality, the reason why they want to obtain this residence is not essential to process it, as long as the reasons respect Mexican laws. The requirements for the Mexican visa of temporary resident are:

  • Request for the appointment in the system
  • Guatemala passport and identification document.
  • A recent photograph, with a white background, passport size.
  • Certification of legal stay in Guatemala, in case of foreigners.
  • Receipt of payment for the issuance of the mexican visa.
  • Document that certifies financial solvency, the performance of a scientific activity, a letter from an institution that extends an invitation, among others.
  • Evidence that proves the family bond with a Mexican, either by father, mother, minor children or spouse. Failing that, with a person who has temporary residence in Mexican territory.

If you want to know more about this type of visa, enter

Permanent resident visa

The permanent resident visa is above all for those Guatemalan emigrants who want to have Mexican nationality, this visa is for the person who does not need to leave the country constantly and can be given nationality by permanence in the Mexican country. The requirements for the Mexican visa permanent residence are the next to mention:

  • Passport and official identification.
  • A photo with a white background, from the front without glasses or hat, passport size.
  • Certification of legal stay, for foreigners.
  • In the case of retirees and pensioners: Original vouchers and a copy of investments or income equivalent to five hundred days of the current Mexican minimum wage.
  • In the case of a relative in Mexico: Document that certifies the family bond, either the birth certificate, proof of marriage or cohabitation. If the family member has permanent residence, they can also opt for the same condition of stay in the country, presenting my documentation.

Which countries must process the Mexican visa?

Guatemala is not the only country that needs a visa to enter Mexican territory, there are others that must also do the procedure for the Mexican visa, Those countries are the ones that will be mentioned below:

  • Afghanistan, Antigua and Barbuda, Armenia, Albania, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Angola, Algeria.
  • Bahrain, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Bangladesh, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Burundi, Belarus, Botswana, Bhutan, Benin, Brunei Darusalam.
  • Cape Verde, China, North Korea, Cambodia, Comoros, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Congo, Cuba, Chad, Congo, Dem Rep. (Zaire).
  • Djibouti, Dominica, Dominican Republic.
  • Ecuador, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Eritrea, El Salvador, Ethiopia.
  • Russian Federation, Fiji Islands, Philippines.
  • Gabon, Grenada, Equatorial Guinea, Gambia, Guyana, Georgia, Guinea, Ghana, Guinea Bissau.
  • Haiti, Honduras.
  • India, Iran, Indonesia, Iraq.
  • Kazakhstan, Kiribati, Kenya, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan.
  • Laos, Liberia, Lesotho, Libya, Lebanon
  • Macedonia, Morocco, Mongolia, Madagascar, Mauritius, Montenegro, Malawi, Mauritanian, Mozambique, Maldives, Myanmar, Mali, Moldova.
  • Namibia, Nicaragua, Nauru, Niger, Nepal, Nigeria.
  • Oman.
  • Pakistan, Palestine, Papua New Guinea.
  • Central African Republic, Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Rwanda.
  • Salomon Islands, Sao Tome and Principe, Somalia, Western Samoa, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Serbia, South Africa, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Sierra Leone, Suriname, Holy See, Syria, Swaziland.
  • Thailand, East Timor, Turkmenistan, Taiwan, Togo, Turkey, Tonga, Tuvalu, Tajikistan, Tunisia.
  • Ukraine, Uganda, Uzbekistan.
  • Vanuatu, Vietnam.
  • Yemen
  • Zambia, Zimbabwe.

For more information see: www.embamex.sre.gob.mex

Time of validity of Mexican visa

As the visas are not permanent, they all have their validity period, so now it will be shown how long each visa has validity.

Tourist Visa: The tourist visa allows the Guatemalan to enjoy 180 days of the tourist areas that Mexico has, either to visit historical sites, relax on a beach or learn about Mexican culture.

Visa long-term visitor: With 10 years of permission offered by this visa, you can enter and leave the Mexican country as many times as the Guatemalan needs.

Work visa: In the 180 days, the Guatemalan must take advantage of that time to do his job well and obtain the benefits that this activity can grant him.

Student visa: It is valid for more than 6 months to be able to take the course without any problem with migration.

Temporary resident visa: Allow you to spend more than six months in Mexican territory

Permanent resident visa: This visa can last until Mexican nationality is obtained.

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