Procedures and Requirements to Get Married in Guatemala

It is well known that marriage is complicated, but we are not referring to the fact of having to start living with someone, but to all the procedures that this deserves.

Marriage can change its requirements depending on the person, situation or place where it occurs.

For this reason, we bring you the different procedures and requirements that are required to be able to get married in Guatemala.

Remember, have a pencil and paper so you can write down everything that seems important to you!

Requirements to Formalize a Marriage in Guatemala

  1. Personal Requirements:

    It is about the individuals who act in the marriage act.

    Of course, we can find those who contract, logically, men and women, over 18 years of age.

    Even so, in some matters, the marriage of the man over the age of sixteen and the woman of fourteen or over can be authorized.

    Likewise, the contracting parties must not have cause that makes the marriage bond unfounded, as established in article 88 of the Civil Code of Guatemala.

    As far as the official who can authorize the marriage is concerned, there are the Notary, the Mayor and the Councilor correctly.

    Witnesses should also be present at the act of marriage.

  1. Material Requirements:

    Those who will marry, need to indicate their identity.

    In addition, according to what is established in article 97 of the Civil Code of Guatemala, a document that proves health is necessary for the married man and for the woman only when required by the married man.

    It is worth delivering a certificate of the act to the newlyweds and the notification to the civil registry within the following 15 working days of the marriage ceremony.

  1. Solemn Requirements of Marriage:

    The law establishes that the notary needs to indicate the day and time for the performance of the marriage act.

    When the ceremony is done, he will read articles 78 and those that comprise 108 to 114 of the civil code.

    On the other hand, he will receive from the newlyweds their approval to take each other as husband and wife. After that, she will declare them united in marriage.

Procedures to Get Married in Guatemala

To Contract Marriage Between Nationals

The requirements for nationals are those that are generally established in the civil code of Guatemala, without the need to specify.

Civil marriage is cataloged as a social institution. It is done with the intention of making it permanent and with the aim of living together.

These procedures are:

  1. The original identity card and a photocopy of both parties are required.
  2. The original birth certificate that is valid at the time of the marriage of each of the contracting parties.
  3. Medical certificate of both spouses stating that they do not suffer from any disease. Whether contagious, very serious or harmful to the other spouse. Also, a medical report must be given where it is established that the spouse does not have physical defects that prevent procreation.
  4. In the situation that the spouses already reside together or have children, they do not need to present the medical certificate.
  5. Each contracting party is obliged to present the decoration pass of the current year.
  6. If one or both spouses are widowed or divorced, they need to state this fact on the birth certificate.

Once the civil marriage has been made, then the marriage certificate will be delivered.

With this document you will be able (and technically you will have to do it in a mandatory way) to register the marriage in the RENAP so that they can grant you the marriage certificate.

It is delimitable that those under 18 cannot marry.

To Contract Marriage Between Foreigners

Among the requirements for foreigners to get married in the country of Guatemala, are:

  1. Have a birth certificate.
  2. Present a certificate of singleness.
  3. Show a recent medical certificate or certificate.
  4. Have a Valid Passport or Document that identifies you.
  5. Given the case in which one of the contracting parties is Guatemalan, necessarily, marriage agreements will have to be made. Carried out by an attorney and Properly Notarized
  6. File with a notary, all documents originating from abroad to have assent of the law.

The documents mentioned above must necessarily have passed through the civil registry of the country of origin of the foreign spouse

Likewise, these documents require the corresponding signature of the ambassador or consul of Guatemala in the country of origin of the other foreign spouse.

And if necessary, said documents will have to be translated by an Official Translator of Guatemala.

Other important points to take into account when there is a foreigner involved in the marriage process:

  • The fact that a civil marriage has been contracted in Guatemala does not automatically mean that the foreigner’s marital status is the same in his or her country. For this, it is necessary to go to the immigration institutions in Guatemala.
  • In the event that one of the spouses is Guatemalan, they need to present the documents from their native country.
  • When the civil marriage ceremony has already been carried out, they will be given the respective marriage certificate, with which they will then have to make the respective registration in RENAP, in order to finally obtain the legal marriage certificate.

Where to Celebrate the Marriage

There is a very wide variety of places where you can celebrate a wedding, even more so, if you are looking for an extravagant place that you and your partner will remember forever, some of these are:


    Extravagant hotel located in Santa Catarina.

    It has a beautiful pool from which you can see the 3 volcanoes that are around. Thousands of couples have married at this hotel.

    The hotel is very easily accessible, either by public or private transport, so guests will have no problem getting there.


    Posada Santiago is the example of what is considered typical.

    It is a hotel known for giving an experience of what is considered rustic and luxurious, making its guests always want to return after a year.

    Posada Santiago does not establish guidelines for conducting a wedding. A couple is totally free to design their wedding as they like, as long as it does not go against the hotel’s policies.

    The hotel staff is always willing to help with these types of events.

    There are different types of entertainment and services that make this hotel very appealing.


    Casa del Mundo is one of the places par excellence to have a wedding in Guatemala.

    Thanks to the private nature of the mountain, its characteristic architecture and its fairly large green areas, it is a suitable place for a wedding, both for aesthetics and for space.

    It offers beautiful views from anywhere you are, because of the way it was done, whether you are in a room, a balcony or even a pool, you will have a view brother.

    There are different sports activities that ensure that its guests always have something to do, so one of the few things that this hotel does not offer is boredom.


    This hotel has a kitchen available, thus ensuring the comfort of the future spouses of having to find how to bring food to the hotel.

    The distribution of the rooms is very comfortable and practical for the guests who want to rest after the entertainment.

    In case the invitations get out of hand and the hotel is overcrowded, there are a variety of hotels nearby where you can go without putting much effort.


    This hotel stands out for its proximity to the water, having a variety of docks that are right on the water.

    What can be seen at the time of marriage is incredible and sublime in the eyes of all those present.

    Ecology also has a big factor in this hotel, using alternative energy to produce electricity, such as solar energy.

    A restaurant where they do not serve red meat or fish.

    A plus that this hotel has is that it has a mountain right behind him, the view is completely overwhelming and this mountain is the place designated as a nature reserve by himself.

Cost of the Procedure

This process is completely free as it is a social institution.

We hope that the article has been very helpful and enjoyable reading.

Also, we wish you a beautiful wedding and a happy marriage if you entered this article looking to be so be it.

Do not hesitate to read other travel articles, so that you know the best options for your honeymoon.

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