Process the vehicle ownership certificate in Guatemala

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Buying a new or used vehicle requires some legal paperwork with Process the vehicle ownership certificate in Guatemala, We will deal with various definitions and procedures related to the formalities of belonging to a motor vehicle.

What is the vehicle ownership certificate?

The vehicle ownership certificate is a document that validates ownership or ownership of a new or used vehicleand that is registered in the issuer’s registry in favor of a third party.

Namely, certifies the ownership of the vehicle, being able to transfer ownership of the new or used property, upon payment of the respective taxes of import policy, when the origin of the vehicle is from abroad or the manufacturing certificate if it is of national origin, produced in the country, for a new vehicle or the circulation card for vehicles in use.

What does the document consist of?

The title or certificate of ownership of vehicles issued on security paperwith the identification of the Superintendency of Tax Administration, must have information related to the owner and the vehicle.

Such as the commercial name of the first owner of the vehicle, the import or manufacturing data and the general characteristics of the vehicle, such as brand, model, year, color, number of doors and seats, weight, engine number, chassis number, use of the vehicle, license plate number, as well as the place and date of issue of the Certificate.

In the back of the certificate, future endorsements or transfers of ownership of the vehicle will be made.

In these legalizations, the Endorser (seller), who is the one who transfers the property right to the Endorsee (buyer/acquirer)which is the beneficiary of the act of endorsement.

Let’s understand how endorsement of the certificate of ownership of vehicles, in the manner of formalizing the transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle, having complied with the payments of the purchase agreement and the respective taxes. (VAT Law Art. 57 modified by Decree 39-99 Art.3 of the Congress of the Republic).

What is it necessary for?

This document allows officialize the ownership of the vehicleaccrediting whoever is named in it as owner, authorized for the sale and transfer of ownership of the specified vehicle.

It is required to carry out the procedures related to the official circulation of the vehicle.

Who issues the certificate?

The body or entity authorized to issue the certificate or property title is the Tax Registry of Vehicles in charge of the Superintendency of Tax Administrationaccording to Decree 39-99 of the Congress of the Republic.

Who can process it?

It is important to note that the endorsement must be formalized in order to be registered in the Tax Registry of Vehicles and may have effects against the creator or against third parties.

According to the Commercial Code, in its article 416, the legalization of the endorsement (transfer) authorizes the endorsee (buyer) to request the registration of the transfer.

In summary, who processes the title or certificate of ownership, is the person who buys/acquires the vehicle.

How is it obtained?

The first certificate or property title is obtained when registering the vehicle with the SAT, it must be processed by a part of face-to-facein the Tax Offices and authorized banks and by another of electronic way by declare yourself and the Virtual Agency.


The documentation to be submitted varies according to the type of person: individual, legal and non-profit legal State Entities.

single person

  • The owner must present his Personal Identification Document or DPI.
  • If the owner is a foreigner, present a valid passport.
  • The buyer must present the current Ornament Ticket
  • Submit a photocopy of the property title, which has been issued in the country of origin of the import by the authorized body or the document presented to Customs together with the invoice, if applicable.

Legal person

  • The owner must present his Personal Identification Document or DPI.
  • If the owner is a foreigner, present a valid passport.
  • Original document and copy legalized by an active Notary where the Legal Representative is appointed.
  • Submit a copy of the Property Title, issued by the authorized body of the country from which the vehicle was imported or the document received at Customs and the invoice, if applicable.

Non-profit legal person State Entities.

  • Present the Personal Identification Document or DPI of the owner.
  • If the owner is a foreigner, present a valid passport
  • Original document and copy legalized by an active Notary where the Legal Representative is appointed.
  • Document with original signatures and stamps of the Certification of entry into the inventory.
  • Present the original document issued by the Directorate of State Assets of the corresponding resolution.

Considerations to take into account:

  • If you do not have the DPI Personal Identification Document, you can attach the document issued by RENAP that shows the Unique Identification Code (CUI), where it is stated that the DPI is being processed.
  • People over sixty-five (65) years old do not present the ornamental ticket.
  • If the procedure is carried out by an authorized person, the requirements of third parties, for procedures before the Tax Registry of Vehicles.
  • In cases where the vehicle has the rudder on the right side, in addition to the specified documents, it must present an original and a copy of the authorization issued by the Traffic Department of the National Civil Police, according to Government Agreement Number 273-98, of the Regulation of the Traffic Law in its Art. 21.

steps to take

For any of the three persons: individual, legal and non-profit legal State Entities, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Request the Declaration for Vehicle Registration at a Tax Office, complete it and have it signed by the owner. (Form SAT-2033)
  2. To make the payments of the Unit IPRIMA or Multiple IPRIMA First Registration Tax, go to declare yourself, complete the form SAT-4041 either SAT-4081and generates the Certificate of registration of electronic declaration (SAT-2000), to be presented at the authorized bank’s ticket office.
  3. Cancel or pay at the bank box office, the management of first plates:
  • Vehicle with 1 license plate: Q60.00.
  • Vehicle with 2 plates: Q120.00.
  1. Go to an agency or Tax Office with the required documentation and proof of payment.
  2. The official who assists you will provide you with a code that will allow you to cancel the payment of the Vehicle Circulation Tax, at the bank’s offices.
  3. Done, process completed.
  4. To print the Circulation Card and the Property Certificate, you must access the Virtual Agencyfollow the instructions and get the documents.
  5. You can also print the circulation sticker required by law, entering the SAT website, locating the option of Decal Printing.


Keep the certificate of ownership of vehicles up to date, in addition to strengthen control systems for property ownershipnprevents you from being subject to sanctions or finesin case our mandatory documents for free vehicular circulation are reviewed.

Timely carry out the endorsement of the certificate of ownership of vehicles, formalizes the contract of sale of vehiclesproviding speed and legal certainty.

Us allows you to be up to date with the Traffic Law and be able to obtain the printing of the required electronic stickers.

Fully enjoy your car, we hope that Transmit the vehicle ownership certificate in Guatemala, has been helpful.

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