Processing and requirements for passport in Guatemala

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The passport is like the identity card that people have internationally, since the same document has our most important personal data, such as our full name, our age, the date we were born and the nationality we possess.

As all documents require certain steps and requirements to be able to obtain the passport, In the case of Guatemala, the passport process is what will be shown below.

Requirements to process passport

The requirements to be able to process the passport are simple to obtain, such as the Personal Identification Document that every Guatemalan citizen must have, the * ornament ballot and the payment receipt to be able to process the passport, these documents are passport requirements.

For minors

In the case of minors, they must do the procedure to obtain the passport in the presence of their parents or their legal representative with them passport requirements How is a birth certificate, if the legal representative is not the father of the minor, he must present a document that certifies the family relationship he has with the minor in order to obtain the passport.

note Nowadays, the Guatemalan immigration department does not handle the request for prior appointment for passport You must go with your documents to the immigration department and wait for them to give you a number to be attended to. Service passport application It is Monday to Friday from eight in the morning to four thirty in the afternoon

Documents needed to process passport

The documents that are passport requirements to obtain the passport in Guatemala and must be delivered in this way:

  • Personal Identification Document in original and copy.
  • Ornate ticket valid in original and copy
  • Proof of payment that is based on $ 50 from any BANRURAL agency. This voucher is valid for one year.
  • People over 60 years old do not present an ornament ticket.

For minors

Minors must also have the following

documents to obtain a passport and thus travel with your family outside of Guatemalan territory. These are the passport requirements that minors need:

  • Personal identification document of the parents or, failing that, of the legal representative in original and copy.
  • Valid birth certificate, must be valid for a maximum of six months on the day the passport application
  • Payment slip of 50 dollars at any BANRURAL agency, it is worth noting that this ballot is valid for one year

Important notes

  1. In case of loss or misplacement of the personal identification document, you must file a complaint with the Public Ministry or National Civil Police and the proof of the replacement process from the National Registry of Persons(RENAP).
  2. If the procedure is to obtain the personal Identification Document for the first time, you cannot present the proof of the National Registry of Persons (RENAP), You must present the Personal Identification Document, that is, if you must wait to obtain the personal identification document to be able to obtain the passport, as long as you are in the process of this personal identification document.
  3. If your personal identification document has the logo of the National Registry of Persons (RENAP)on the back, you will need to present a recently issued birth certificate.
  4. The payment slip must be in the name of the person who will carry out the passport processing document, even if the person who is going to obtain the passport is a minor.
  5. Payment is made in quetzales, the equivalent of 50 dollars

Passport cost

The cost of the passport is the equivalent of 50 dollars and must be paid in quetzales, the payment can be made at any BANRURAL agency

Passport issuance time

The time of issuance of the passport will be indicated by the official of the migration entity that assists you to process the passport, when the process to be able to issue the passport is finished, you must give that information to be able to withdraw the document, the day and the time agreed upon plus the address where the document will be delivered.

Disorder and lack of information to process passport in Migration continues

Alex Fernando Rojas- In recent weeks it became clear how the management of a passport fed a network of processors and after the actions announced by the General Directorate of Migration, the situation promised improvement. It did happen, but it did not imply efficiency in the service.

Dozens of people are still there with lost eyes, there is no Migration employee who informs which stationery must be presented, where to queue or what is the appointment process, a weakness that the processors who loiter in the place take advantage of to earn a little of money.

For more on the article visitón-guatemala-tramitadores-pasaportes

Duration of validity

The passport in Guatemala as in all countries is valid for 5 years, after that time has elapsed it must be renewed with the same documents that you used the first time you got the passport but this time you must add the expired passport.

Passport issuance offices

Where can you get the passport?

To obtain a passport in Guatemala you can process the process at the passport issuance office number 6, on Avenida 1-27, zone 4. Mr. Bodeguitas shopping center in the capital city and in three more delegations located 3n the Chiquimula departments, Petén and Quetzaltenango.

Personal Identification Document: it is a document that replaces the Neighborhood Identification Card, which lost validity after 82 years of validity, and which will be used to process the passport that Guatemalans must have in order before the eventual approval of an Immigration Reform Integral

* Adornment ticket: It is a requirement for municipal procedures (construction, IUSI, water requests, requests to the Municipal Council, Real estate registrations in the cadastre, drainage, business openings and municipal solvencies, among others)

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