RENAS Certificate: Requirements, Procedure and MORE

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The RENAS certificate, better known as National Registry of Sex OffendersIt is an essential document, since it certifies whether or not a person has a sentence as a sexual offender.

For this reason, we dedicate the following article to the development of: the necessary requirements to start the process, the procedure to follow to obtain it, its function and who must process it, the functions and services it offers and we conclude with its definition.

Requirements for the RENAS Certificate

In general, to start the application for any type of certificate, the organizations and institutions require a series of documents. However, this certificate, being a legal document, is not exempt from them.

But, no need to worry, because below, we will show you a detailed list of all the requirements requested so that interested parties can start the process of this certificate.

However, it is important to highlight one point in particular before giving details about the documents to be delivered. And it is that, for the benefit of all applicants, only two documents are required.

  • First, a document must be delivered containing all the applicant’s personal data and information.
  • And finally, a proof of work is included. In it, you must find the position held by the interested party, and the department and municipality where they are working.

On the other hand, we must mention an important aspect when starting this request. And it is in terms of the cost of it. Well, to obtain this document, no amount should be paid.

In short, this means that completing this procedure or consultation is completely free. So anyone who is interested in it only has to comply with the requirements and steps.

In addition, and to culminate with this part of the article, we should highlight who will have a check-up. And that is to the teachers, doctors, entertainment staff, and anyone who is in direct contact with, mainly, the little ones at home.

Procedure to Obtain the RENAS Certificate

After the explanation of the necessary requirements to start the application for this type of certificate, we continue with the steps that all interested parties must follow to obtain the certificate.

To begin with, we should highlight an important aspect. And that is that, there is only one method by which the interested party (s) can carry out this procedure. And that is, through the Internet. Attentive:

  • First, the applicant must enter the official website of Public ministry.
  • Then, you must put the city where the query is taking place.
  • Next, enter the number of the Personal Identification Document and the year of birth.
  • Click the button: Yes, I have read the notice.
  • In this step, you must pay close attention, since the applicant has to enter the following personal data:
  • First, the number of the Personal Identification Document.
  • Passport number. This, if the person to consult is a foreigner.
  • Year of birth of the citizen.
  • Email address.
  • Full name and surname.
  • Lastly, phone number.
  • Now, the applicant must enter the place where the person to consult is working. Likewise, you must indicate these data:
  • First, the name of the company or institution.
  • Telephone number of the place where you work.
  • Activity in which the person to be consulted operates.
  • The department in which you work.
  • Finally, the municipality where you work.
  • Subsequently, the interested party must indicate the reason for the request.
  • And, submit the form. However, you have to wait between 4 and 24 hours to get it.
  • After time, enter the portal again and choose the option: Consult Certificate.
  • Enter the DPI and the year of birth.
  • Then confirm the captcha.
  • Ready! The document will be generated on the screen.

What is it for and who should process it?

With all this, it is convenient that you know the function and who can process this certificate. For this reason, and in the beginning, we will explain to you what this type of certificate is for.

Well, having this certificate is essential for any citizen who is in the national territory. This is because it is generally requested to confirm important aspects, such as:

  • Whether or not a person has charges for: sexual abuse, rape, or bullying.
  • Likewise, the level of risk corresponding to a person with this background will be rated.
  • Also, the number of times that a person has committed any of these acts can be verified.

On the other hand, we will answer and explain the second point in this part of the article. And it is in relation to who must compulsorily process this specific document. And that is, anyone who wants or is working with children and adolescents.

This is because this is the population most vulnerable to encounters with this type of aggressor. For this reason, this document is an essential and indispensable requirement for anyone who wishes to work with minors.

In addition, and to end this point of the article, it is essential that the representatives of this population know and be aware of who is in contact with the children of the home for a certain number of hours.

Functions of the National Registry of Sex Offenders (RENAS)

However, the National Registry of Sex Offenders, better known in the territory as RENAS, has several functions for the tranquility of the representatives and protection of the population.

However, this body has a main function and objective. And that is, to keep updated the information of those who are accused of committing sexual acts, rape or assault.

Likewise, to this document is added the degree or level of risk that a person with any of these antecedents represents for society. What results in negative attitudes on the part of society.

In addition, this certificate also includes the percentage of the acts committed by the citizen. This means that the number of times that individual committed the crime can be visualized.

On the other hand, this consultation or check-up should be carried out for a large number of professionals who are in direct contact with underage children and adolescents. Some of these can be:

  • Teachers.
  • Mantenance staff.
  • Administrative staff.
  • Drivers.
  • Entertainment staff such as: clowns, magicians.
  • Doctors.
  • Nurses
  • Caregivers at home.
  • Cartoon characters.

Services They Offer

The main service that the National Registry of Sex Offenders provides is to offer complete and truthful information on all those people who are in direct contact with minors.

Providing this information about them is essential for several reasons. Mainly, because children and adolescents are considered the vulnerable population of any country.

In addition, it is quite common throughout the territory that educational institutions have a large number of adults responsible for their care, learning and education for hours.

Therefore, for the peace of mind of the representatives of the children of the home, and their protection, this type of certificate was created. Where it is shown if the person has an aggressive or sexual history.

Likewise, it is really essential that this document be requested in certain places, organizations and institutions. Next, we show you a list where it must be presented:

  • Educational institutions such as: school, nursery, college, universities.
  • Institute of Arts.
  • Sport School.
  • Religious institutions.
  • Foundations
  • Health centers.
  • Other institutions dedicated to children’s entertainment.

What is the RENAS Certificate?

We conclude this article, offering a brief definition of this certificate. Well, it is nothing more than a document that shows whether a person has committed sexual abuse towards any person.

In addition, it is in this document where all the information about the crime is explicitly found. That is, you can see the day it is issued and until when it is valid.

However, it is important to highlight an important aspect regarding its consultation. And it is that, to be able to consult this certificate, the interested party must have certain information. For example:

  • Documents that reflect the personal data of the person to be consulted.
  • DPI, passport number, date of birth, email, phone number.
  • Full names and surnames.
  • Information about the same workplace.
  • Name of the company, department and municipality where the person to be consulted works.
  • Activity carried out in it.
  • Workplace phone number.

Likewise, we must mention that the applicant must wait a certain time to finally obtain this certificate. Although, it is quite short, it only consists of 4 to 24 hours respectively.

On the other hand, there is only one way or method to request or consult the RENAS certificate. And that is through the platform of the Public Ministry, so all interested parties must have a smart device and Internet access.

To conclude, it should be noted that this certificate not only provides information on sexual abuse that a person has committed or not. But it can also be verified if he has committed similar charges.

Obtain and view the RENAS Certificate!

See you soon!

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