Requirements for Uber Guatemala: For Drivers and Vehicles

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Know the Requirements for Uber Guatemala: For Drivers and Vehicles, this modern application provides transfer services. It is only required that the driver and the traveler have this application on their cell phone, as well as a secure and stable connection.

If you like a good talk, have a vocation for service and be your own boss, you can earn an extra income as a driving partner of Uber Guatemala, start earning in the time you decide.

Requirements for Uber Guatemala

Perhaps you have already heard about Uber in the world. However, we will tell you that Uber Guatemala, arrived to improve transportation services in our country.

In a nutshell, It is an option to move comfortably and safely. Using an app, you connect driving partners and user travelers.

So we can say that Uber is a community, made up of the person who provides the service and who requires the transfer.

Uber Guatemala is managed through a Community Guides where its main values ​​are the respect and safety of the passenger and the driver.

Generating a climate of kindness, companionship, solidarity, so that the result is a pleasant experience for both.

At the end of the trip, through the application, both the driver and the user have the possibility to qualify themselves. With the purpose of self-motivate to demand and also provide the best attitude as citizens.

Once you have decided to be part of Uber’s services, as a driver partner, you must meet a series of conditions and requirements:

  1. Be over 21 years of age.
  2. Show an orderly and clean police record.
  3. Have enabled the option for issuance of electronic invoices.
  4. The DPI in perfect condition
  5. Have a driver’s license in types A, B or C
  6. Own a vehicle model from 2008 onwards, in good condition. Among its characteristics it must have four doors, with a suitcase or trunk.
  7. With the valid registration card and electronic sticker.

Steps to follow

When confirming that you have the conditions and requirements, photograph all the documentation and proceed as follows:

  1. Enter the website of Uber Guatemala
  2. Locate the option Register
  3. Choose Sign up to drive
  4. Enter the data that is requested. Do not omit any information.
  5. Upload the requested documents
  6. Upon completing the registration, within one to five days the communication from Uber will arrive via email, responding to your request.
  7. To activate your vehicle, go to the activation center of your choice. When you complete it, you will be able to download the Uber app and start working as a partner and generating income.

Vehicle requirements

Vehicles must meet the following characteristics or conditions:

  • It must be a model with a maximum of 10 years old
  • That they have four doors, in addition to a trunk or trunk, all in good condition
  • Have a valid circulation card
  • With current electronic sticker

Among the models, they can be vehicles:

  1. Toyota Brand, Yaris, Hilux, Land Cruiser Models
  2. Hyundai brand, Accent model,
  3. Nissan brand, Tiida model,
  4. Suzuki brand, Dzire model
  5. Honda brand, Pilot model
  6. Nissan Frontier model
  7. Daihatsu brand, Terios model
  8. And finally that of the BYD F3

UberX Driver Partners

It is one of the categories that you can be part of as an Uber Driver partner.

We already know that as a general condition, you must be over 21 years old and the documentation that you must present:

  • The Police Record Certificate
  • The IPR or personal identification document, legible
  • Valid driver’s license

Documents for vehicle fleet owners and independent partners

Within the driving partners, there is the option for car fleet owners and as independent partners, who must present the bank details corresponding to an account in quetzales, such as: the full name of its owner, it can be a natural or legal person. Also your physical address and NIT number.

If applicable, the date of birth is entered. The IBAN and the name of the entity.

Electronic billing

Complying with tax commitments is one of the characteristics of Uber. Encouraging this responsibility to be honored, it makes available to its partners, a platform for electronic invoicing.

In addition to the ease it generates, It allows the partner to keep their accounting database updated and thus speed up the identification of their obligations in the tax area.

Which are mandatory to enable the sending to your bank account of the respective payments on a weekly basis.

With the observation, in addition to very important and that must be taken into account, that Uber is not a withholding agent for any of its partners, so the tax liability falls on each driving partner. Who must carry out the process correctly and completely, to be able to exercise the travel or mobility service of the users, billing them electronically.

In the following link you can consult the steps to join the electronic billing. If you want to verify that you are already enabled for issuance, enter here, place your NIT and consult.

Uber VIP Guatemala

The UberX VIP service was implemented in Guatemala since the middle of 2019. In order to create a space service where the transfer requestor will be served by the driver partners with the best service ratings issued by other users.

With the good news, there are no additional charges for this special service.

The person who wishes to use this service must follow the instructions indicated by the application and meet a few conditions:

  • You must have used the Uber transfer with a minimum of 15 trips in the last 30 days, prior to requesting the VIP Service.
  • Your average user rating, which is issued by the driving partners, must be at least 4.6.

It does not require any type of activation. It will be enough that after meeting the minimum conditions set out, open your Uber application, then select the destination of your interest and choose UberX VIP.

If these requirements are met monthly, the VIP option is automatically activated in your application view..

The purpose of the Uber organization with the offer of this VIP service is to provide added value to the frequent traveler experience.

Happy journey!

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