Requirements to Be a Deputy: Documents, Steps and MORE

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The requirements to be a Deputy They will explain one of the most representative figure and that is part of the structure of the State. The purpose of this figure within political activities is to represent citizens in these matters.

The Guatemalan Congress has several deputies trained to exercise their role within the chamber. Do you want to be one? Know everything here! In this article we will talk about everything you need to know if you want to opt for this position. We will talk about requirements to be a Deputy, their duties, how long they serve, and more. Keep reading!

What are the Requirements to be a Deputy?

The Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala establishes what is needed to elect for the post of deputy. The article that talks about requirements to be a Deputy of the Congress of the Republic is the Article 162 of the Political Constitution.

The organic law of the legislative body mentions that each deputy, both individually and as a group, has the purpose of ensuring and seeing that the dignity and prestige of the congress are maintained. Taking responsibility before the plenary and the nation for each conduct that they adopt.

These are elected by the people and dignitaries of the nation of the Republic of Guatemala. Among the requirements to be elected deputy we have the following:

Requirements to be a Deputy:

  • Be a nationalized citizen of origin, that is, be Guatemalan by birth.
  • Exercise their rights as citizens in the exercise.

Documents to Consign to Be a Deputy

In 2016, specifically on November 25, a new regulation. The requirements are estimated for anyone who wants to opt for the post of deputy. At article 53 of this regulation the requirements to be a Deputy. We will present these documents to you below so that you know them in more detail:

Documents to be a Deputy:

  • Sworn declaration: This consists in the guarantee of the person who aspires to the position. It states that it has not been a contractor of the State or any other entity. Also, you must guarantee that you do not receive public funds during the last four (4) years. Including his commitment to abstain from receiving the position of contractor during and after his registration, if elected.
  • CGC Certificate: this document is requested by the TSE. The delivery of this is to certify the applicant, not having his name in a contract or being the legal representative in a company. Here also enters the verification of the execution of contracts of some public work.

  • Proof of the Registry of Prequalified Works of the Ministry of Communications, Infrastructure and Housing (CIV): The purpose of this certificate is to indicate that the political person does not appear in a registered company. This in conditions of project manager or legal representative.
  • Document legalized by the Commercial Registry: the popular election candidate must indicate through this that he or she does not own a company. Also that it does not legally represent an individual company or commercial company.
  • Letter from the Ministry of Finance: This will be proof of the disqualification as a contractor of the State. In addition, it must be up to the date of submission of the registration form. Demonstrating that it does not have any current contract with the State or pending liquidation. This letter is requested by the TSE.

To conclude with this point, we must mention that the applicants for this position of popular election, must attach proof. They must show that they do not have a criminal or police record. These certificates are issued, respectively, by the Judicial Organism (OJ) and the General Directorate of the National Civil Police (PNC).

Steps to Follow to Be a Deputy

These steps to become a deputy in the Guatemalan Congress are nothing more and nothing less than meeting the requested requirements. Sayings requirements to be a Deputy what, and were already mentioned previously in one of the sections.

You simply have to collect the requirements to be a deputy, attach the respective documents. After that, you will go on to register on the website of the National Congress (click here). You must verify when you will be directed to present your request formally. So belong to the governmental body you want to apply for.

Term of the Charge

The duration of the mandate of a Guatemalan deputy is established by law. The deputies to the Congress of the Republic of Guatemala have a durability of five (5) years.Apart from establishing in that law the time in which a deputy can exercise and remain. Also, it gives him the option to have the possibility of being reelected.

Functions of Being a Deputy

As we have already read, the purpose of a deputy is to represent the citizens, that is, the people. Their representation will be foreseen for political or public activities, in which the population is responsible.

We can highlight as primary functions, of the Guatemalan deputies, that of raising, discussing and approving laws for conduct. These laws will regulate society so that order is maintained in it. They represent the citizens and the nation at the same time. There are countries where the congress is bicameral. Usually and commonly, this is delivered by a lower house. The upper house will be made up of the senators respectively.

Just as the deputies have functions, the Guatemalan Congress also has established functions. Next, we are also going to present the functions established by law that belong to this governmental body:

Congress functions:

  • Derived, constituted or reform constituent function: this belongs to the power that is had for the reform of the Constitution, this by means of project.
  • Representation and political leadership role: related to social representation in general and political direction. Guiding the main goals proposed by the government. In addition, the tools to carry out these activities are selected.
  • Legislative or regulatory function: it is the training to carry out, enact and raise. It also covers the reforms and derogations of norms with respect to what the law says. It also includes the presentation of development projects.
  • Public control and inspection function: Basically, this function refers to the control and to provide for the exercise of the Executive Organism. It ensures that the laws are observed in all respects and that public reports are made.

  • Political control function: it indicates that they have the power to communicate with ministers and other authorities. To monitor all your actions, if necessary.
  • Judicial function: refers to giving or not giving a place to judicial, criminal or other processes. This when it refers to officials in the matter of pretrial.
  • Elective function: this function is based on the Constitution. It is stated that officials must be elected by procedures within the same regulations.
  • Protocol function: it is the authorization of this body to receive heads of state and other governments. It also includes the oath of the president of Congress and other state officials.
  • Administrative function: the person in the position of deputy can establish its organization and operation. It does this through legal regulations.
  • Budgeting function: This is the task of approving, rejecting and changing the budget of income and expenses presented by the executive.
  • Role in military matters: the declaration of war or peace is attributed to him in some cases. Grant permission to a foreign army in Guatemalan territory. Additionally, he can also ignore the president in his institutional term if it is warranted.
  • Other functions: These are contemplated in the Constitution and the rest of the laws. Among which we can mention are: the call to elections in case the TSE does not do so, etc.

What is it?

As we have already been talking about, a deputy is that person who represents the people in a governmental body. The term deputy refers to that citizen who is elected by the people. This to be their representative in the Chamber of Deputies of the Congress, Assembly or Parliament of their country. The main task of this, as we have been talking about previously, is to ensure the integrity of the nation. It is to elaborate, discuss and promote regulatory laws for society.

In the case of the Republic of Guatemala, its Congress is made up of 158 deputies in total. These are elected by a national list and distribution system. This is established by the Political Constitution of Guatemala.

Citizens elected once as deputies have a term of five (5) years in office. Adding to this they also have the option of being re-elected and being able to continue exercising their position for a longer time.

Now we will talk about the amount of the payment that the person who decides to opt for the post of deputy in Congress receives. This is provided for in the Law on Access to Public Information, with regard to Disc. 57-2008.

Through this law it is known that a deputy can receive a salary of approximately Q.29,000 on a monthly basis. In addition to this, that person in charge can enjoy employment benefits, all provided and in accordance with the law.

Currently in the Guatemalan Congress, among the 158 deputies, we can see the positions of relevance. It is important to be able to publicize these positions, since they constitute fundamental functions within Congress. Some of them are the following.

Current relevant positions:

  • Block bosses: Erwin Enrique Alvarez Domínguez, Eduardo Zachrisson Castillo. Aníbal Estuardo Rojas Espino, Amílcar de Jesús Pop Ac, Alvaro Enrique Arzú Escobar, Javier Alfonso Hernández Franco, Carlos Rafael Fión Morales.
  • Block sub bosses: Haroldo Eric Quej Chen, Carlos Enrique Chavarría Pérez, Edna Azucely Soto Juárez de Kestler, Carlos Napoleón Rojas Alarcón, Aracely Chavarría Cabrera de Recinos, Héctor Leonel Lira Montenegro, Fernando Linares Beltranena, Carlos Alberto Barreda Taracena, Héctor Leonel Lira Montenegro, Haroldo Eric Quej Chen.

Do you want to be a Deputy in Guatemala?

Meets all requirements!

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