Requirements to be Mayor: Functions, Prohibitions and MORE

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In Guatemala the figure of the mayor is representative at the municipal level. In the following article we will talk about the requirements to be Mayor and choose this position and everything you need to know about it. As well as, is an authoritative figure of importance, he must follow rules for his good performance and that he fulfills his tasks successfully.

If you want to expand on all aspects and requirements to be Mayor In Guatemala, we invite you to continue reading and thus, take into consideration each point in case this is one of your areas of interest in the future. Keep reading and find out.

What are the Requirements to be Mayor?

These are not unique and exclusive requirements for those who wish to elect for this position, they are rules that all Guatemalan citizens carry out on a daily basis, it is a general rule that everyone has imposed by law.

The requirements to be Mayor in the Republic of Guatemala, or this political position is also known under the name of the Registry of Citizens. This position receives this name, since it is basically in charge of everything that has to do with the candidacies for mayors.

Next, we leave you the requirements to be Mayor and so you have them clear and inform yourself better about this topic for future occasions:

List of requirements for mayors:

  • Write the respective names and surnames, is what to do first. This process will be carried out on a payroll that is delivered promptly by the Citizen Registry.
  • Next you must have the personal identification document, this must be current, that is, with the current number and not present problems with the physical version.
  • As well as the previous one, the citizen must have the registration number correctly in the Citizen Registry, this according to the jurisdiction in which you are registering.
  • In the same way, you must specify putting that you are opting and have an interest in run for office of mayor belonging to the municipality in which he currently resides.
  • At the same time, we must also consider that whoever registers the citizen must be and must have a political organization. A person cannot be registered in his own capacity. This way, you will have someone to sign you up and back you up when you apply.
  • The birth certificate of the candidate, which must also be in force and current government entities must verify that it is duly approved.
  • In reference to the personal identification document must carry, at least, a copy. Said copy must be legible and in good condition for the authorities to review it.
  • Following this, you should also carry the temporary proof of non-existence of charge claim. This requirement is for those people who have handled public goods and must be submitted in writing.
  • Finally, it is essential to bear in mind that any citizen who is interested in the position must be Guatemalan by birth. If it is the case of having nationality by naturalization or similar, you will not be able to opt for the candidacy.


Previously we present the requirements to be Mayor, now you must know the functions that this should have during its mandate. As we can well see, this is a representative figure at the level of each of the municipalities. The person who goes or wants to opt for this position, must take into account and know the functions that it must fulfill.

They are duties and obligations that are assumed at the time of receiving the candidacy and the execution of the position. These duties are as follows:

Powers of the Mayor:

  • In the first place, the person with the position of mayor is in charge of directing the municipal administration, being the one who represents the municipality and the municipality in charge.
  • Next, we must also take care of and guard the compliance with the public policies established for the municipality. As well as the programs and projects for the development of this.
  • Being the voice of command and reviewing public services along with works of the same nature.
  • Distribute expenses, this taking into account that it is within its powers and the limits placed on it. Also, to give permission for payments and to render accounts to the process that is established at the legal level.
  • With respect to the administrative personnel of the superior leadership, the figure of the mayor is the figure that leads. It is responsible for the appointment, sanctions and accepting resignations and dismissal or transfer according to the law, this referring to municipal employees.
  • At the head of municipal policy, he is the one who exercises it, including in the appointment and functions of officials
  • Execute judicial and administrative actions in the event of irregularities and that are warranted.
  • In case of emergencies and risks, such as disasters and catastrophes, the mayor of the municipality must personally take the measures that are pertinent and responsibly. This giving an instant account to the plenary session of the Municipal Council.
  • Between the Municipal Council and both officials and public authorities, the figure of the mayor is the intermediary in communication matters.
  • With regard to the annual budget of the municipality, this is the one who must present it to the Council, so that it knows and approves it.

Prohibitions to be Mayor

Just as being mayor has its powers with respect to its functions and rules, here are also some rules that help define those duties and the profile that a mayor should have. Next we are going to present you what is prohibited, or may prevent you from being a candidate for this position.

It is not complicated to be able to comply with the requirements to be Mayor that they request, because they are simple rules to comply with. In order to be mayor in the Republic of Guatemala you should not have the following:


  • If you, at any time, were judicially disqualified, you will no longer have the option of running for the candidacy of either mayor, trustee, or councilor.
  • It may not have a relationship of any kind, directly or indirectly, with public services. Here also enter the concessions from the municipality.
  • Related to the funds of the municipality, if you have a debt for bonds, you can no longer opt for the position of mayor, trustee or councilor.
  • If you have any kinship, be it blood or family, that are veiled in the law with respect to the elected mayor, you are immediately prohibited from opting for the position.
  • If you provide any service to the commune, be it directly or indirectly, you can have total availability to be elected.

How to Vote to Choose Mayors?

After gathering the requirements to be Mayor In the Republic of Guatemala, what follows is to run the elections. This process is to obtain the new municipal representative, this process is given by means of the vote.

As it is such an important process, it is essential that everyone knows what to do so that the process can proceed smoothly and calmly. Due to this ignorance of some sectors of the population, the Guatemalan government annually produces instructional bulletins on this process.

This process is easy, practical and takes place quickly, structured in such a way that all citizens can fulfill their task without inconvenience. An electoral system, simple and practical, has been maintained to vote for years for the good fulfillment of the right of each person.

The only requirement that the citizen has to carry with him is the valid identification document. For the rest of the steps, below we present a series of procedures that you have to know to exercise your right to vote.

Voting process:

  1. As the first activity you are going to go to voting center that corresponds to you.
  2. After entering your center, go to a table in which you are going to exercise your right and you are going to participation.
  3. After doing the two previous steps, the table managers will verify your identification. They are going to deliver a ballot so you can vote.
  4. Once you get your ballot, you will indicate, by an X, the candidate of your choice. You will do this in the options that are presented to you.
  5. Now to finish, you are going to deposit the ballot filled in one box. The box will be marked with a specific color.

As you can see, it is a simple and fast process through which you have the possibility to choose the candidate that you choose to be the mayor of your municipality.

Municipal Code

Citizens who meet the requirements to be mayor and present the required profile, should have knowledge of the Municipal Code. The latter represents all the guidelines in the legal field, which are of utmost importance. In addition, this code is fundamental in the political aspect in Guatemala today.

Likewise, it is a legal decree where all the laws by which the municipalities are governed are exposed. As well as, it is the document by which the municipalities are ordered and organized. In it is everything that refers to jurisdictions. In this, all the matters and concepts of the municipality and the general atheists are defined.

The function of the Municipal Code is regulate nature in itself of each municipality of the territory of the Republic of Guatemala. Also, in it are the requirements for mayor and to be eligible for the position.

It defines what a municipality is and what it currently attributes to it. Despite this, there were people who did not agree to this. Despite this, it was possible to reach a definition regarding the jurisdiction belonging to a municipality in comparison to the rest of the authorities.

Concluding with this point, it is worth mentioning that the municipalities have been confronted when enforcing the authorities belonging to them. This compared to the rest of institutions on a higher scale at the governmental level. If you want to have more information and go deeper into this matter and know the Municipal Code you can enter here.

What is it?

The figure of the mayor in Guatemala represents the highest authority in a municipality. One of the main and fundamental tasks of this position is administration. In addition to the mayor, the municipal government body is made up of the municipal council. Mainly, with regard to the administration of resources is what is attributed to it.

Both the mayor, as well as the trustees and councilors who make up the position, are elected by direct and secret vote. The duration of these in the mandate is 4 years and they have the possibility of being re-elected. Finally, the document by which it is governed is under the name of Municipal Code, there is everything related to its functions and requirements.

Do you feel ready to be the next Mayor of your Municipality?

Don’t wait any longer and it meets all the requirements!

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