Requirements to Get a Driver’s License: Types, Costs and MORE

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The Requirements to Obtain a Driver’s License They are essential to ensure the lives of drivers and pedestrians in Guatemala. For this reason, the Vehicle Traffic Center raised a series of documents and precautions to issue any type of license.

Likewise, in Guatemala there are varieties of licenses according to the preferences and conditions of the future driver. As well as, it has several costs associated with the validity or contracting of the license. You want to know more? So, enjoy this article and find out everything you need to know!

What are the requirements to obtain a driver’s license?

Guatemala has the best services to process any type of document thanks to the efficiency and quality of citizen service. In this case, this Central American country has the best procedures to process the “Driver’s License”.

The transit authorities of this country guarantee the safety of drivers and pedestrians, controlling the service to process the driver’s license. As well as, they have various mechanisms to carry out the passing exam and issue the driving license document.

Are you of legal age and want to start driving? Or do you already know how to drive but your license has expired? So, you should inform yourself about all the Requirements to Obtain a Driver’s License. Likewise, if you comply with these precautions, you will drive your car safely and legally.

Next, we will tell you all the documents requested by the country’s transit agency:

  • Not possess any fine.
  • To obtain the type A license, the applicant must be over (23) years old.
  • The type B license must be (21) years old.
  • Applicant’s Personal Identification.
  • Driver’s license application form.

Attention! In the event that the applicant is a minor, they must be (16) years old. In addition, you must include the personal identification documents and the application form.

Steps to process the license

  1. Locate the closest offices to process your driver’s license.
  2. Request an appointment to carry out the procedure
  3. Provide all the data and Requirements to Obtain a Driver’s License set out above.
  4. Take the corresponding exam.
  5. Wait (5) business days to remove this document.
  6. Before withdrawing the document, you must cancel the type of license requested.

Documents Needed to Obtain a Driver’s License

If you bought a car and want to drive it, remember that you must have all the Requirements to Obtain a Driver’s License. The latter will make it possible to protect the safety of pedestrians by having drivers certified by the traffic authorities.

Then, Guatemalan citizens of legal age must provide a series of mandatory documents:

  • Applicant’s personal identification (DPI).
  • Ornate ticket valid in the last (5) years.
  • Driving course certificate tested by a traffic school.
  • Invoice of payment from the Automobile School.
  • Proof of payment of the commitment of the type of license you wish to acquire.
  • Medical report from the ophthalmologist, which meets the requirements of the Department of Traffic.
  • In the event that the applicant acquires the type E license, he must have the commercialization document in Guatemala.

Similarly, having all these documents you must present each one of them at the central transit offices closest to your home. As well as, guarantee that the documents mentioned above have an adequate presentation:

  • Original and photocopy of each of the documents.
  • Passport size photo.
  • Each of the documents may not be presented with deletions or omissions.
  • Manila folder with each of the collections.

How to Get a Driver’s License as a Minor?

On the other hand, if you are a young person and you want to drive for the first time, you must comply with the Requirements to Obtain a Driver’s License. Similarly, the applicant must have 16 years and older. Do you want to know the rest of the documents? Don’t wait any longer and keep reading with us!

Next, we will tell you each of the requested documents:

  • Approving document of the driving course issued by the Motor Racing School.
  • Proof of payment from the Driving School certified by the Guatemalan Traffic Police
  • Medical report certified by the National Traffic Department.
  • Type E license application.

  • Valid Personal Identification.
  • Identification card of the guardian or legal representative.
  • Guardian or representative letter signed and stamped by a lawyer.
  • Document of reasons “License Responsibility” available on the website of Transit in Guatemala.
  • Proof of payment of driver’s license of Q. 100,000.

Subsequently, the minor applicant must go to the central offices of the Guatemala Transit. As well as, provide each of the documents to the certified operators. Finally, you must wait for the approval days (approximately 5 days).

Emission Centers to Obtain a Driver’s License

In Guatemala, there are several points to deliver the Requirements to Obtain a Driver’s License safe and easily accessible. In addition, each of these offices has a staff trained to respond to all the doubts and concerns of the applicants.

For this reason, if you have the need to issue your new driver’s license, we recommend that you go to any of these offices and show your interest in this document. As well as, make sure you have all the documents up to date and without printing problems. Read here all the available offices and choose the ones closest to your home!

Highway to El Salvador

Km. 13, Center
Comercial Metroplaza, 2nd. level, local 222


Cobán, Alta Verapaz.
10 avenue 1-11, zone 2.
Plaza San Martin, Local 9


4th. Av. 15-64 Zone 1.
Mary Center Shopping Center, Local 24


Kaibil Balam road.
Km. 259 Cambote zone 11.
La Pradera Shopping Center, 1st. Level. Local 134


KM. 158 route CA-2

Plaza Las Américas Shopping Center, 2nd. local level 208


Km. 5 Highway to El Atlántico.
Metronorte Shopping Center, 2nd. level, local 402


Santa Elena, Peten

Mundo Maya Shopping Center

Local 209Quetzaltenango

19 avenue 2-50 zone 1


5th. Avenida 0-60 zone 02 of Mixto
Colonia Cotió, at the end of the Roosevelt Causeway


Estanzuela, Zacapa. Km. 140.5 route CA-10.
Mega Plaza Shopping Center, local 45 Zone 9
6 avenue 1-60, zone 9.

Is there no office near your home? Don’t worry, we invite you to enter the official Guatemala Transit page and find another option for you!

Likewise, we want to remind you of all the steps you must do once you choose the headquarters to carry out this procedure:

  1. Locate the central office closest to your home.
  2. Request an appointment by Web page, or on the contrary, you can go to the offices at once.
  3. Ask for “Customer Service” and then provide all the data related to your license.
  4. Cancel the cost associated with the type of license requested.
  5. Wait for the confirmation days (approximately 5 days).

Validity of Licenses

On the other hand, it is important that you know all the costs associated with a driver’s license in Guatemala. The latter will allow you to have more information and be prepared with the money that is needed. So, check here the cats associated with this procedure!

  • First year of license: Q. 100.00
  • Second year of license: Q. 185.00
  • Third year of license: Q.260.00
  • Fourth year of license: Q.320.00
  • Fifth year of license: Q.390,000

Payment Centers
Attention! The only sites available to make this payment for your license are:

  • Banrural Agencies.
  • Maycom Offices.

Types of Licenses

The Vehicle Traffic body, in addition to offering information about all the Requirements to Obtain the Driver’s License, lets you know the types of licenses available. Consequently, in Guatemala there are several types of licenses, since each of them has different specifications and functions.

In the same way, this document is divided into several branches because each of them has a different cost and procedure. Do you want to know more about the type of license? Don’t waste any more time and read everything you need!

Type A

  • The applicant may drive any type of vehicle weighing 3.5 tons.
  • In addition, you can incorporate school and collective transport into this type of license.

Type B

  • Citizens who want this type of license can handle up to 3.5 tons with respect to the weight of the vehicle.
  • Likewise, another of the key points of this license is that they can receive remuneration for driving.

Type C

  • The Guatemalan who wants this license must be aware that he can drive any type of car, minibus, trailer or other less than 3.5 tons.
  • Attention! Applicants for this type of license they wont be able get paid for driving.

Type M

  • Citizens who wish to request this license may drive all types of vehicles, also including motorcycles and others.

Type E

  • This license can only be enabled for those workers who work with agricultural and industrial materials.
  • Attention! This document is not available or enabled to use with another type of vehicle.

To continue with this section, we invite you to know again the main Requirements to Obtain a Driver’s License:

  • Valid Identification Card,
  • Request form for the type of license you want,
  • Proof of payment,
  • Other relevant,


Likewise, after you have all the Requirements to Obtain a Driver’s License You can go to the certified Banrural centers or offices and pay the expenses associated with this type of procedure. Don’t wait any longer and request the type of license that best suits your conditions!

Finally, it is crucial that you know all the costs associated with this type of procedure. In addition to paying the costs associated with the validity of the license, it is also important to bear in mind other costs associated with this document. Find out about all costs here!

License validity

  • First year of license: Q. 100.00
  • Second year of license: Q. 185.00
  • Third year of license: Q.260.00
  • Fourth year of license: Q.320.00
  • Fifth year of license: Q.390.00

Associated procedures

  • Renewal of personal identification (Original and photocopy): Q. 50.00
  • Driver’s license application form: Q. 100.00
  • Other relevant Q. 100.00

Likewise, having your license recently issued by the traffic authorities, you will want to buy the car of your dreams. Therefore, it is important to associate the expenses related to your vehicle in this section.


  • Vehicle purchase Q. 300,000 approximately
  • Gasoline Q. 50.00
  • Repairs or maintenance Q. 100.00

Do you want to drive in Guatemala?

Set all the Requirements to Get the License and drive safe!

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