Requirements to Obtain the American Visa: Steps, Reasons and MORE

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This is a very important document since it allows you, when traveling, to have the authorization you need to travel to another country. This document is conditional, so the country to which you are going to mobilize requires you. We will explain everything you need to know for this document in this article.

The Requirements to Obtain the American Visa They are simple and the process is easy to carry out, what this document is, what you need to obtain it, the process to obtain it, costs and the benefits it offers you. If you want to know more about this, keep reading and find out.

What are the Requirements to Obtain the American Visa?

It is important that you take into account that several documents must be presented at the moment of making the application for the business or tourism visa, now it must be taken into account that these documents must be in good condition. Said documents or Requirements to Obtain the American Visa, are the following.

Requirements to obtain the Visa:

  • Confirmation of electronic application for a non-immigrant visa, which will be delivered on a sheet, along with a form DS-160. This prior to the appointment at the embassy, ​​said form must be filled out and submitted online.
  • Valid passport to travel, with at least six months after you are going to stay in the United States, this with respect to the expiration date.

  • Photograph of 5 cm by 5 cm that corresponds to the last six months.
  • Non-refundable payment receipt that will correspond to the non-immigrant visa application, paid at a fee in local currency.
  • For the interview you must bring a sheet to confirm that it was scheduled.

Documents Needed to Obtain the American Visa

Now, apart from these documents already mentioned, we have to take into account these others, which are the ones that will provide support when providing the consular officer. Said documents, or Requirements to Obtain the American Visa, are the following.

Support documents:

  • Of the economic income, tax payments, property possession, you must present an updated proof.
  • Letter from the employer giving details of the job position, salary and time to work.
  • An authorization giving you a vacation.

  • A document in which you can specify for what purpose the company requires you to make the trip, if this is your case.
  • Local medical diagnosis in which an explanation is given of the reasons why treatment is required in American territory, if so.

Steps to Obtain the American Visa

Now we are going to explain how you are going to carry out the application process, and once you have the Requirements for obtaining the complete American Visa. This is a simple and easy process. You only have to follow about 4 (four) steps in which you will be doing consecutively so that they give you the visa.

How to apply for the American Visa:

  1. First, you must fill out the electronic visa application, to access it click on form DS-160.
  2. Then you will continue with the next step and this will be to pay the visa application fee.
  3. Once you have paid, you will schedule the appointment (click here) with this information: passport number, bank receipt number and the 10 (ten) digits of the barcode from the configuration sheet of the form that you filled out previously.
  4. Once you have completed these steps you will go to the embassy of the United States on the day and time with all the corresponding documents.

Valid Reasons for Obtaining the American Visa

The reasons you have for obtaining the visa can be several, it will depend on the intentions you have to travel, you have to present them together with the Requirements to Obtain the American Visa business or tourism. The reasons for traveling to the United States and for you to be able to apply for your visa may be the following.

Reasons for obtaining the visa:

  • Give or receive advice to companies.
  • Go to scientific, educational, or professional conventions and conferences.
  • In the case of having properties in the United States, you can go and liquidate them.

  • Do contract negotiations.
  • To recreate and take a tourist walk.
  • Go to visit a family member or friend who lives there.
  • Carry out fraternity, social or service activities.
  • For some medical treatment.

It is also important to know that, when applying for a business or tourism visa, proof must be given, taking into account the Immigrant and Nationality Act, this act means that you are requesting a B-1 / B-2 visa and that you are a possible immigrant. So that this does not happen to you and you can avoid this situation, you must demonstrate to the consular officer that you qualify for the visa in the United States the following.

  • The trip you are going to make to the United States is for a temporary visit, for whatever reason, either for business, tourism, medical treatment, among others.
  • That your planning in the United States is to stay for a limited time and not permanently.
  • To cover certain expenses while you are traveling in the United States, you must show these economic funds.
  • That you have residence, social ties, such as family and friends, and economic ties outside the territory of the United States, that will ensure the return when issuing your visa.


In order to do this process you must make a payment. Which you can do and process it in the agency of your preference of Citibank or Banrural de Guatemala. The procedure to pay for the visa is very simple, and here we will tell you how to do it and how much it costs.

Payment process:

If you are going to make the payment in person, this is what you should do:

  • You will have to print a ticket so that you can make your payment in cash.
  • At the time of printing, do not make several copies of it, you should only have, for each transaction, a single payment slip.
  • They will give you a receipt which you must keep in case something unusual happens, or it is lost or in case of theft, said receipt comes from the bank. This has no way of replacement and if something happens, your appointment cannot be scheduled.

If you decide to make your payment online, that is, online, this is what you have to do.

  • First enter click here.
  • Only Visa and MasterCard cards will be accepted.
  • The email address you used to make the payment is the same as the “Payment reference” to be able to schedule your appointment.

Now, since we talk about the forms of payment and the way in which you can do it, now we are going to give you the information about the cost that this procedure will have to do in order to obtain the American Visa. It is worth noting that the cost will depend on the type of ticket you have and the values ​​are set in US dollars. Prices are between $ 160 and $ 265.

What is it?

The visa or visa is the authorization that a country gives you as a foreign citizen, this document allows you to enter and temporarily stay within the territory and also to leave it. Visas are the norm between countries and thus legalize the access and stay of the person, whose nationality is not that of that country or free transit.

This document, which we know under the name of Visa, is attached to the citizen’s passport, who are in charge of this are the authorities to indicate that it has been examined and is considered valid for those who enter or leave a country.

The person can stay in this country thanks to bilateral agreements between the two nations, that is, the agreement has to be between the person’s country of origin and the country where they are going to visit. The reasons for this citizen to obtain the visa must be well founded.

There are several types of visa, and this will depend on the type of trip you are going to make and if you have any position, work, treatment to do in the destination country where you are going to travel. Among the different types of visa we have the following:

Types of visa or visa:

  • Transit: frequently used for the person who does a stopover to move from one country to another, their stay is generally 3 days.
  • Tourist: This is the most frequent since it is used by people who are going to know another country, it does not include that this person negotiates within the resident country or works in it. Its duration is 1 to 3 months.
  • Job: its sole purpose is to provide work to the person, certified by a company located in the recipient country. Its duration is long and you have the possibility of renewing it.
  • Student: used for that person enrolled in an educational institution that is located in the territory of the country of destination.
  • Diplomatic: This visa is for people who have a diplomatic position, their visits to the country of residence are official visits by leaders or ambassadors.
  • Journalist: This visa is given to people whose profession is journalism and they have the opportunity to practice for a time, either to cover some events or to do research.
  • Marriage: Those who marry a citizen of origin of the visited country will be given this visa.
  • Entry: It is the authorization that is given to the person to appear, in an immigration customs, and request in it to enter the country of destination in a formal way.
  • Departure: Not all countries require it, but in the case of those that do, this visa is needed to be able to leave the destination country when it is in political, social or economic situations that are not adequate for permanence in it.

We hope that the information has been useful to you and that you are already well informed for your trip.

Apply for your Visa and visit the United States!

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