Requirements to obtain the NIT: Documents, Steps and MORE

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Welcome! In the following article we will teach you and develop what are the Requirements to obtain the NIT.

The Requirements to Obtain the NIT, will be explained throughout this article. In addition to this, we also develop in detail What are the necessary requirements to obtain the NIT? The documents necessary to process it, the steps you must follow, how to consult the NIT, its importance for the citizens of Guatemala and the NIT for educational centers.

It is important to us that you first know the meaning of NIT. Likewise, NIT means: Tax identification number, and is defined as the number allocated for each individual who pays taxes. It should be noted that this number is set by the SAT, Superintendency of Tax Administration.

What are the requirements to obtain the NIT?

To start with, you have to know that they exist two ways to request the Tax identification number, and it will depend on whether you are a natural person without obligations, or, if instead, you are a individual person with obligations.

Next we will tell you what are the requirements that you will need for either of the two options:

  • Natural Person without Obligations:
  • The main requirement and the one you must have and carry is your -DPI-, Personal Identification Document.
  • If you are a foreigner, you must present your passport, with original and copy.
  • This formality must be done at any agency of the -SAT-, Superintendency of Tax Administration.
  • Individual Person with Obligations:
  • As we mentioned at the beginning, this procedure must be done introducing yourself personally.
  • And, you must go to any agency that is in the Superintendency of Tax Administration.
  • You must take with you the Personal Identification Document.
  • Now if you are Foreign, you must bring your passport original and in turn a copy of it.
  • Also, you must include a invoice original and copy (recent) of any of these four options: home phone, business address, electricity or water. Apart from these options, you can also bring the original and the copy of your rent invoice, rental contract or, failing that, another document where you can prove that you have right of use on that property.

If the case arises where the exact location of the property is not identified in the rent invoice you submitted, you must:

  • Present the certificate of registration in the Real Property Registry.
  • Show proof of IUSI.
  • And finally, bring the property property receipt given by the Government.
  • After you have taken the documents to the agency where you completed the procedure, you will be given the proof of registration and the update of the Unified Tax Registry.

Documents Needed to Obtain the NIT

Next, we will show you which are the documents you will need to obtain the Tax Identification Number:

  • As a main requirement, you must enter your Updated Identity Document.
  • Then, you must carry a receipt or notification of consumption of electrical energy from your fiscal and habitual domicile. It is important that the date of your invoice does not present a age greater than 60 days after registration. However, this invoice will not be required if you proceed to enroll through mobile platforms.
  • A sketch or drawing of fiscal housing and habitual residence.
  • Finally, you must fill in the form MASI 001 that will provide you with the Procedure Number. This requirement is required in the event that the address of Fiscal or Habitual Living is not the same as the one registered or consigned in the Holder’s Identity Document (natural person).

In the event that the dwellings or addresses are in border areas, including rural areas, they will have the benefit of being able to present the receipt, which may count up to 180 days after the date of issue.

Regarding the form MASI 001, We explain how to access:

  • First, or you should Enterokay to the next Web page offered by the SIN:
  • Then you must access option: Virtual office.
  • You proceed to to select: Tax Procedures Portal.
  • Later, you will choose the option: Registration to the Biometric Register. After entering the registry, you have to create your user and in turn, place a password that has at least 8 characters, where one letter must be in uppercase, another in lowercase and you must also add a number in it. When you finish registering, you will be able to access and log in to the option: Register with the Register.

Steps to Follow to Remove the NIT

Now, we will teach you in an organized way what are the steps you must follow so that you can execute your application and thus obtain the Tax Identification Number (NIT). Remember that the first thing you should do is complete the online form which is completely free. It should be noted that each of the fields in said form are mandatory.

Also, these are the steps you must follow:

  • To start with, you must register your email. Since that is where you will receive the confirmation link.
  • After you have received the email with the link, and you have confirmed it, you will receive the application for registration. But, if you could not consign your email, you must write down the number of the form shown. In either case, you must go with the necessary requirements to any tax office or agency.
  • Then, you must write your name as shown on your Identification Document, or failing that, in the passport. If you have more than two names, you must place them in the same box where you occupied your middle name.
  • Finally, you must enter the complete information of the place where you live, and also, you must include information according to your official address. Remember that in this step you should avoid placing abbreviations.

NIT consultation

At this point, we will explain what steps you must follow so that you can consult the Tax Identification Number from the website of the Superintendency of Tax Administration:

  • First you have to Enterokay to the following SAT website.
  • Then, you must press the option: CUI / NIT query.
  • Later, you will have to choose if you are going to enter your number CUI or failing that, the number of NIT.
  • And, finally, you must write all characters that appear in the image provided by the captcha code. Here, it is necessary that do not get distracted, as these characters may include uppercase letters, lowercase letters, or numbers.

When you manage to correctly enter both the CUI number and the captcha code, the following will appear instantly:

  • Your CUI number.
  • The NIT number.
  • Your full name.
  • The date and place of birth.
  • And, the date on which the NIT was issued.

In addition to this, they will tell you if the two record numbers have been associated. Likewise, you will be told whether or not you have a registered user in the Virtual Agency. Now, if the case arises where none of this is indicated to you, you will find a link that will allow you to get your password.

Why is it necessary to remove the NIT?

The objective that the Tax Identification Number meets is set out in the Guatemalan Tax Code of the Congress of the Republic. This code states that any action issued by Guatemalan citizens, such as the purchase of articles or products and their sales, be carried out through the SAT, that is, before the Superintendency of Tax Administration, and also on invoices or receipts.

In the same way, this will be applied in other types of documents which are issued with the law of each tax. In addition to this, the Article 120 of the Tax Code of Guatemala declares that before starting any type of economic and labor activity all participants have the obligation to register with the Superintendency of Tax Administration. When a NIT is assigned to a taxpayer, the SAT will be able to keep a count of the tax paid by each citizen.

As of January 2017, both the Unique Identity Code and the Tax Identification Number are together and stable in the SAT database. In addition, you can review your information from the web portal.

NIT for Educational Centers

To finish this article, we will present you what are the requirements that you will need to process the Tax Identification Number as a non-profit legal individual for educational centers:

  • The first thing that you are going to necessarily need is the Personal Identification Document of your legal representative. Now if you are Foreign, you must take the original passport of your legal representative and a respective copy thereof.
  • You must include a invoice original and copy (recent) of any of these four options: home phone, business address, electricity or water. Apart from these options, you can also bring the original and a copy of the rental receipt, the rental contract or, failing that, another document where it can be shown that you have right of use on that property.

  • Also, you must carry a resolution issued by the Ministry of Education or, failing that, by the Departmental Address.
  • The appointment of your legal representative or a legalized photocopy.
  • Besides this, the legal representative is the one who must carry out the registration process.
  • And, finally, the legal representative must go to any agency that is in the Superintendency of Tax Administration.

If in the rent invoice that your legal representative delivered location not identified exact property, must:

  • Present the certificate of registration in the Real Property Registry.
  • Show the proof of IUSI.
  • You can present any other payment receipt either for fees or for contributions that you have made to the municipality of your locality.
  • After taking the documents to the agency where the procedure was carried out, your legal representative will be given the proof of update to the Unified Tax Registry.

We conclude this article, dedicated to Requirements to get the NIT, inviting you to enjoy and share it.

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