Requirements to Obtain the Sanitary License: Steps, Costs and MORE

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It is crucial to know that this is a very important document, since it allows companies to grant a sanitation approval permit for its operation. This is sent to be issued by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance of Guatemala.

In the following article we are going to indicate the requirements to obtain the Sanitary License, how to remove it, what it is necessary for and more. Keep reading to expand the information and so that you have it at your fingertips and know what to do to obtain this license. Stay with us!

What are the Requirements to Obtain the Sanitary License?

First of all, we can say that these requirements may vary, if you are a natural or legal person. Another factor that can influence the requirements to obtain the sanitary license is the type of company or establishment that you own.

It is worth noting that you must download the requirements to obtain the Sanitary License, along with a guide. These are available on the platform of the Ministry of Public Health. You can also look for them at the Service Window, physically and in person, at the DRACES Registration and Authorization Unit. We’ll talk later of this.

Next, we will present the requirements to obtain the license in case of being a natural or general person:

Requirements to obtain the License for a natural person:

  • As a first requirement we have that you must bring a proof of payment for paperwork rights. This right to pay is for a health license.
  • Then you will proceed to download and fill out a form. This will be filled out, signed and sealed and you must verify that everything is in order. Click here: Form DRCA-004 Version 4.
  • Together with these, you will deliver a photocopy of the Resolution of the environmental diagnostic instrument. This resolution will be issued by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.
  • You must also bring a photocopy of the commercial patent of the company from which you are going to obtain the health license.
  • And finally, you are going to deliver a copy of the microbiological, physical and chemical analysis of the potability of the water.

These are the requirements to obtain the Sanitary License in the case that you are a natural person.

Requirements for Legal Persons

As we mentioned before, the requirements to obtain the Sanitary License they may vary depending on the type of person requesting it. Next, we will present the requirements in the case of being a legal person. The requirements are as follows:

Requirements to obtain the License for a legal entity:

  • First, you must submit a photocopy of the company license.
  • Then you will deliver, together with the previous document, a photocopy of the appointment of legal representative. This will go along with a reason registered in the Mercantile Registry, duly verified.

Steps to Obtain the Sanitary License

As we have already mentioned in one of the previous sections, to carry out this process you must download the requirements to obtain the Sanitary License. These requirements will be attached to a guide, which you will actually download. You will be finding these two documents on the web platform of the Ministry of Public Health of Guatemala.

Also, you have the options to carry out this process in person. You are going to go to the DRACES Registration and Authorization Unit service window. We had also mentioned this in one of the previous sections. Now we are going to explain exactly how you have to carry out this process so that you can deliver your requirements and the procedure is smooth, fast and easy:

Procedure to obtain the License:

  1. As we already said, you have to download both the requirements and the guide on the page of the Ministry of Public Health.
  2. Then, in a folder with a hook, you must submit the form, mentioned in the requirements (Form DRCA-004). This form will be attached along with the other documents and will be delivered to the Service Window.
  3. Go to the Health Center that corresponds to you, in the case of being a food distributor. This is for the license to be delivered to you.
  4. Subsequently, a health inspection is requested. The inspection must be done in a time that exceeds 20 business days. This starting from the point of entry of the application already made.

The inspection prior to the processing of the license is to be able to define and review if the establishment complies with the locative hygienic guidelines. Also to verify if it complies with habitability and make sure if the equipment, machinery, furniture and materials are in optimal conditions for the job. The supervision will last approximately five (5) business days.

After due review, in the case of complying with what is established, the certificate of habitability is attached to the file. This extends through the Headquarters of the area or the closest health center. This indicated by the jurisdiction.

Costs of Obtaining the Sanitary License

Like any important document and its due procedure, this one has a cost. It is important to have this type of information to be aware when it comes to getting our documents and permits in a correct way. The purpose of this section is to indicate to you the cost involved in obtaining your health license, so that you have all the information at your disposal.

Registration and Sanitary License costs:

  • If we go to the page of the Ministry of Public Health of Guatemala. The cost of obtaining a sanitary registration, or license, and per file, is Q160.
  • If this is the case, for monitoring the mutual recognition of health records and licenses, they have a cost of Q1,650 and Q300. This in the case of new or renewal of said documents.

It is worth explaining what that mutual recognition is about, basically it is a permit that in any country of the region the license or sanitary registration is accepted. This allows the mobilization of products without any inconvenience. The conditions are also set by the country that imports the merchandise.

Why is it necessary to obtain the Sanitary License?

This is a requirement that, as we have been able to observe, is of the utmost importance for any company or industry in the national territory of Guatemala. This is a document that allows and facilitates a greater control of the healthiness of the products. It also ensures the health security of the population.

Taking into account and in consideration what the page on legal documents in the Republic of Guatemala mentions, any company or industry that is a packaging and that processes and fortifies food must have the license and sanitary registration. This license is also needed to be able to move the products you make throughout the national territory.

Even, as we mentioned earlier, this registry gives you the facility to move your merchandise through other countries in the Central American region, this is due to a treaty between them. This agreement between countries is known under the name of mutual recognition of health registrations and licenses, which validates your documents in those foreign territories.

Now we move on to another important point related to the health license, and that is of great importance for Guatemalans. One of the main clients in the market of the Republic of Guatemala is the United States. Which incorporates controls in manufacturing and other sectors of producers, processors and transporters into its markets. Having the license is essential, apart from it, other attached control papers.

What is it?

To conclude with the sections, in the latter we want to finalize what a health license is. It is a document required and requested by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance of Guatemala. In said license, the guidelines for the development of some economic activities and establishments are verified.

It is a document that authorizes a company, industry or establishment, to manufacture, process, transfer, distribute, modify products. It also allows storage, packaging, spreading and dispensing what each one of them makes, their products themselves. Within this, it also includes the activity of exporting or importing the merchandise.

It is worth noting that, the products that will be veiled and placed in the license are the that are directly related to the service and health importance. The services include health services, carrying out an inspection to verify that all the requirements ordered by the jurisdiction are met and that it is within the law.

In general, health licenses or operating records have a duration and are obtained up to approximately two (2), four (4) or six (6) years. After this time, you have to renew it. In Guatemala, in the Health Code, it talks about this document (Article 140 of the Sanitary License Law).

ANDIn this article they mention that any person, who has the purpose of obtaining and establishing a food establishment, must apply for a Sanitary License. This license must be given by the Ministry of Health and must comply with the provisions of the law.

Later in the same article, they refer to another (Article 130), in which they have several sections. In them there are several points in which the durability of the license, which will be for five years. And if at any time the regulations are breached, they will be sanctioned.

Request your license!

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