Requirements to open a company in Guatemala: Everything they haven’t told you

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Would you like to know what are the requirements to open a company in Guatemala? Well, here you can find everything related to it.

If you want to know more about the Requirements to open a company in Guatemala, just keep reading!

Requirements to open a company in Guatemala

For all those people who want to create a company in Guatemala, they are recommended to know the Requirements to open a company in Guatemala. In fact, this is one of the ways in which people can know if the company complies with the regulations required by law.

Since 2018, the parameters to open an account were modified, so it can be said that now people have to contribute a capital of Q 200.00 to the Commercial Registry of Guatemala.

This is done in order to create one of the societies that can become autonomous. Which comes from a patent. This is known as Commercial patent, which today is used for many purposes.

Among some of its functions is that it serves as a permit before the Guatemalan government to operate. And thanks to this, people can carry out each of their errands regarding services or products.

One of the simplest and most efficient ways to register society is through this medium. Since it is one of the portals owned by the Guatemalan government, it is only necessary that they meet the Requirements to open a company in Guatemala.


Some of these are as follows:

  1. Present each of the testimonies that are placed in the public deed.
  2. Have the notarial act with each of the appointments that the legal representative has.
  3. Likewise, people must have each of their personal documents, with identification.
    1. They can also present the DP, in case they are the legal representative.
  4. Have the ticket of each of the ornaments that are related to one of the partners or the requesting notaries.

Once the people have met the requirements that were listed in the upper part, they must follow these steps:

  1. First, people must enter each of the portals of
  2. Then, they must create a user and notary account, respectively.
  3. Complete each of the data that is reflected in the application.
  4. Attach each of the documents that are necessary and for this they must be scanned.
  5. Once the steps above are complete and consolidated, individuals must make a payment.
    1. This payment must be first for Q 30.00 for the publications.
    2. Then they must make another payment for Q 200.00 for the mercantile registry.
  6. Finally, what people have to do is send the application, so that it can later be approved.

These are the steps and requirements that people must comply so that they can approve the opening of the company in Guatemala.

Steps to follow

The steps that people must follow are always the same, but some of them vary depending on the modality in which they are.

Individual Company

Those who decide to create an individual company have to complete the forms for the registration application of said merchant. In the same way, they have to buy the application form for the registration of the company in mercantile and for the same, people must pay Q 75.00.

Those people who for their part who only want to register, must pay Q 100.00.

After people have been able to make the aforementioned payments, they must carry a pay slip.

In the same way, when the form is filled out, it must be delivered with each of the files of the windows of said registry.

Therefore, people have to remember to carry identification documents and certifications that may be compatible with the signature of one of the authorized accountants.

This is one of the procedures that usually takes 3 days to complete, but if it takes a little longer, nothing happens. Once the term expires completely, then what do people have to do to withdraw the patent from the trade. Then they must take it prepared to pay Q 50.00 in terms of tax stamps for the same patent.

It should be noted that once the registration process is complete, people can return to the the Superintendency of Tax Administration. So that in this way they can register their name within the company and thus request each of their accounting books, as well as the authorization of the invoice.

Once this is ready, what the person has to do is print it out and start their activities once and for all.


For society, people must:

First of all, they must be registered in the company, which allows the person to purchase each of the forms for the registration application of the commercial company. Likewise, people must go to the bank and pay Q 275.00 for its registration.

Additionally, people must pay Q 6.00 for every Q 1,000.00 of the authorized capital, plus a Q 15.00 for the edicts of the publications.

Once people have already canceled everything related to bank payments, they must have the file for the windows. Where each of them must have the content of the form and at least a photocopy of the testimonies of the deeds of the constitutions of the same company.

Where each of them must have been provided by one of the notaries. It can be said that if they can authorize the registration form, then people can publish the edicts that were canceled.

And in this way, individuals must present one of the minutes with the appointments of the legal representatives that a notary will carry out.

In addition to this, each person must comply with the tax stamps that add up to a total of Q 100.00. They must also buy one of the forms and pay at least Q 75.00, respectively.


People for their part have about 8 business days after it has been published.

For the same reason, each of the individuals must present the commercial registers, together with the corresponding memorials that have been requested in the definitive registrations of the company.

The same page must be completed by means of where the publications of the provisional inscriptions appear.

In general, it can be said that these testimonials are original as they are within writing.

But at the same time, they must present a photocopy of each of the appointments that give rise to the previously registered legal representatives.

It should be noted that once the registration process is complete, people can return to the the Superintendency of Tax Administration.

What is the commercial register

For those people who do not know what the commercial registry is, they should bear in mind that the registry is one of the processes that basically consists of complying with the process and registering.

It can be defined as one of the actions of observing and describing something, in order to take a note and specify some of the information in the documents.

This is one of the concepts that are generally used to name some of the systems, instruments or papers.

In the same way, it is usually known as one of the commercial registers where institutions are usually registered in contacts and in commercial acts.

In addition, they are some of the entities that usually publish the scope limits that are set by law.

This is one of the institutions that have an administrative nature, which in turn allows people to disclose some of their legal status. merchants.

Usually, it can be said that people are the ones who are dedicated to each of the commercials that in turn are informed of certain data.

What for its part is in charge of carrying out the commercial register, in short, is to make known each and every one of the data about the people involved in commercial operations.

In the same way, it can be said that thanks to each of these records, people have become potential investments, which today meet the demands of professional and public operations.

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