Requirements to open a school in Guatemala: Everything you need to know

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The requirements to open a school in Guatemala It is a fairly common search among the educational community of this important Central American nation. And it is that every day there are many people who are interested in starting the process to start school activities across the nation.

This has many reasons, but one of the main ones is that the school is a stable source of employment anywhere you are. Do you want to know more about the requirements to open a school in Guatemala? Are you interested in knowing how these institutions currently work?

Then continue in this article why we will tell you!

Private educational center

Before starting to talk about the requirements to open a school in Guatemala, it is necessary to explain what are private educational centers actually. And it is important to start by clarifying that the only types of schools that can be opened today They are only the private ones.

The reason for this is that public schools are treated as part of the state and therefore they are managed by it. In this way, it is necessary that private educational centers at all levels in Guatemala are subsidized by parents of those who are studying there.

The reason for this is that this type of educational institution is taken as a private company regulated by a specific owner.

This is why private institutions they do not receive any kind of help nor of subsidy on the part of the state of Guatemala at present.

Of course, despite this, there are some types of schools that, being private, receive subsidies from other agencies that are neither governmental nor public.

In general, these educational centers are financed by institutions like the catholic church that pays part of the tuition fees of the students who study.

How to open a new school

The truth is that opening a new school is about something that is not complicated due to new national legislation.

This legislation has everything related to how to open new schools, including the data that must be provided by those interested in the opening.

However, it is not a set of old laws, but on the contrary, they are quite modern, since came into effect in 2015.

In this way, it is one of the educational models more advanced which currently has the entire Latin American region.

The reason for this is quite simple, since it is that be the simplest and achievable for all to reach education.

This is how, for example, it is stipulated by this new educational law that most of the process is done online.

Thus, instead of the person having to take several trips to the ministries, simply I should only take one trip.

In any case, in the following sections we will tell you all you have to do so you can open a new school without problems in Guatemala.

Requirements for authorization

As in all procedures it is necessary meet the requirements to open a school in Guatemala, these requirements being the ones that we are going to mention now:

  • First of all is deliver general data from the private center, as well as a digital copy of the identity document and no criminal record.
  • In the same way, it must also be delivered a proof of location that must be delivered by the municipality where the school will operate.
  • Must have a copy of the deed of the property or of the lease as the case may be.
  • You must also deliver a risk mitigation plan according to the rules and guidelines established by the government,
  • It is important to carry a analysis of what the impact would be in the environment.
  • It must be certified that the building has the minimum hygienic conditions to establish the school population.
  • You must also have all floor plans in which are the learning conditions according to the Classroom Manual.
  • It must be given all information about human resources who will work on campus.
  • You must deliver all the information regarding curricular project and extracurricular services.
  • You will also have to submit the proposal for cost of educational services according to government guidelines.
  • Finally they must have a description of the school furniture that is going to be used.


The process to open a private school It is very simple, being able to consult it here, although in any case we will tell you in an easy way:

  1. Once the request has been entered, the digital system will send it to the Departmental Directorate of Education so it can end up being reviewed.
  2. In this instance the documents delivered will be reviewed, if the project has the minimum curriculum and will send the final opinion.
  3. Once you have done this, before authorization, an opinion of attributions will be issued.
  4. In the event that all of this is favorably accepted, then will be sent to the Departmental Director of Education that is corresponding to it.
  5. When it is received it will be done a physical check of the file will be responsible for approving all the data contained in it.
  6. Once the corresponding validation of the file in question has been done, the Departmental Director of Education it will make it legal.
  7. When this has been done the code assignment that corresponds to him through the registry of Educational Centers.
  8. Finally the departmental direction of education will have to publish the list with all the codes corresponding to the private educational centers that it has approved.

It is important to note that all private educational centers must renew your authorization annually to work without problems in the corresponding jurisdiction.

Requirements to revalidate the operating authorization

  • The first thing to send is a report with the progress in the improvement plans, if they were completed or if any changes were made.
  • You must attach the Work memory that corresponds to the year of operation of the operation authorization or of its last valid revalidation.
  • You must also attach the current proof of not having a criminal record and the identity document of the legal representative of the educational institution.
  • The Quality Assurance Section of the Departmental Directorate of Education shall be in charge of verify the updating of the information of the institution.
  • You will need to submit complete information related to human resources that they are working at that moment in the school or that they are going to work.
  • The Consumer Care and Assistance Directorate has to authorize the current resolution of adhesion before this body to be able to work legally.
  • DIACO must also certify that there is a complaint book in which all the problems of this are settled.
  • You must also submit a legalized copy that the property where the school is located is yours or the lease of the same.
  • A certificate delivered by an authority must be delivered competent that the building has the minimum accepted conditions to be a school with population.
  • Finally, you must also deliver the blueprints of the floor where are all the conditions for learning established within the Classroom Manual.


Once you have the requirements to open a school in Guatemala each year must be revalidated, for which this is the procedure:

  1. The first of all is that the Technical Pedagogical Subdirectorate will examine the file that it has to accept that all required information was included.
  2. The Planning Unit of the Departmental Directorate of Education shall publish an opinion in which are the data of the revalidation in question.
  3. After both institutions have approved all the documents for revalidation, the Departmental Director of Education will revalidate the school.

It is important to mention that all revalidations must start six months earlier the validity period expires.

How a private educational center works

Another question that many people have when looking for the requirements to open a school in Guatemala is how private schools really work.

And the truth is that this is a good question, since not many people know what is the method or mode of business implemented.

However, this is something simple, since the parents of the students are charged for good quality of studies in the areas.

In the same way, it is also assumed as implicit that they have all facilities of the school in good level of maintenance in general.

Finally, it should be mentioned that private schools work through punctual payments of the monthly payments of the parents of the students.

As you could have seen it is not something very complicated meeting the requirements to open a college in Guatemala.

And with this guide until revalidation will be easy!

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