Steps and Requirements for a criminal record

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The criminal record They show the criminal history of a person, that is, they show if there has been no conviction or crime. These background usually include misdemeanor and felony convictions, pending charges, acquitted charges and any other process penal in progress.

In the event that you need this document we will help you with the Criminal record requirements that you must take into account to obtain these documents necessary for certain financial developments such as for those who are looking for work. Although on some occasions it is also useful for those who want to renew a contract.

In Guatemala the process is carried out with the Civil national police, who need these requirements important

Requirements to obtain a criminal record

Below we will reflect the requirements to choose to obtain the documents:

  • Payment slip: cancel Q 15.00 at any branch of the G&T Continental, Banrural or Banco Industrial banks.
  • Present Personal Identification Document —DPI— and passport if you are a foreigner.
  • Adornment ticket: This is a tax that all residents must pay annually to contribute to the adornment of the city. You acquire it in the treasury of the municipalities or in any bank of the system. The cancellation of the corresponding amount must be made during January and February of each year. The extensions cannot be exceeded until the last day of March. It is possible to acquire this document in the rest of the year. However, a fine will be charged when this is the case.

Required papers for criminal records

In the development of the process, the following papers will be requested:

  • Cancel Q 30.00 in the agencies located within the facilities of the Criminal Records Unit or in any agency of the G&T Continental, Banrural or Banco Industrial banks.
  • Present a Personal Identification Document —DPI— in good condition or a photocopy recently authenticated by a notary public. If you only have the photocopy, also bring the original Birth Certificate issued by the National Registry of Persons.
  • Voucher.
  • In case of being a foreigner, present a valid passport.

Steps to process a criminal record

This procedure is personal or family and you must present the Personal Identification Document (DPI) in good condition or a photocopy recently authenticated by a notary. In case of photocopy, accompany original Birth Certificate issued by Renap.

Q30 must be paid at the agencies located within the facilities of the Criminal Records Unit, located in 6th. Avenida «A» 9-23 Zone 9, Jade Building Annex.

If the person does not have a criminal record, 2 ballots are delivered to record it, and if they do, a detailed report of the criminal record is delivered.

Companies can also request the criminal records of the employees by means of a letter, signed by the person responsible for the procedure, indicating their full names based on the DPI identification document.

If a minor needs a criminal record, they must present themselves to the Chamber of the Court of Appeals for Children and Adolescents, so that a free record can be issued. There it is indicated that a proof of lack of criminal record cannot be issued because they are minors.

Criminal record cost

After the issuance of Government Agreement 172-2015, the Ministry of the Interior agreed to increase the price of police records, so now you will have to pay 30 quetzals to obtain them.

How to make a criminal record payment

In the agencies located within the facilities of the Criminal Records Unit or in authorized banks: Banrural, Industrial and G&T Continental.

Venues to process criminal records

The criminal records can be obtained at the central offices, located in the 6th. Ave “A” 9-23 zone 9, Jade Building Annex or in an authorized court. The Judicial Branch shared that you can obtain them through the mobile unit. The same that is installed on assigned days, in different places in Guatemala City and Mixco. You can find it like this:

  • Monday at the Municipality of Mixco – Parque Central de Mixco.
  • Tuesday at the Atanasio Tzul Shopping Center – Avenida Petapa 51-57 zone 12.
  • Wednesday at the Metronorte Shopping Center – kilometer 5 Carretera al Atlántico, zone 17.
  • Thursday at the National Civil Police – 29 calle 13-36, Colonia San Pedrito, zone 5.

Through social networks, the Ministry of the Interior shared that Guatemalans can obtain their Police Records in 27 police stations:

  • Central region
  • Police station 11: 11 Avenida 4-01 zone 1.
  • Police station 12: 16 avenida 14-00 colonia Cipresales, zone 6.
  • Police station 13: 29 calle 13-36 zona 5, San Pedrito.
  • Police station 14: 31 avenida y 4a. Colonia Centroamérica street, zone 7.
  • Police station 15: 12 avenida 7-51 zone 1, El Tabloncito neighborhood, Villa Nueva.
  • Police station 16: Calzada San Juan 1-67 zone 7, Colonia Belén, Mixco.
  • Guarda Viejo Sub Station: Avenida Bolívar 40-34 zone 3.
  • Northeast Region
  • Police station 22: 6a. Barrio La Democracia street, zone 6, Jalapa.
  • Police station 51: 1a. street 5-12 zone 2, Alta Verapaz.
  • Police station 52: 7a. avenue 6-36 zone 1, Salamá, Baja Verapaz.
  • Police Station 53: Las Joyas neighborhood, next to Guastatoya Central Park, El Progreso.
  • Southern region
  • Police station 31: 4a. avenue between 8a. and 9a. streets zone 1, Escuintla.
  • Police station 32: 3a. avenue u 4a. street, La Parroquia neighborhood, Cuilapa, Santa Rosa.
  • Precinct 34: 6a. avenue and 5a. street, zone 1, Retalhuleu.
  • Police station 33: kilometer 157.5 Ruta al Pacífico, in front of Plaza América, Colonia El Compromiso, Suchitepéquez.
  • East Region
  • Police station 21: 1a. avenue 5-30 zone 1, Jutiapa.
  • Police station 23: 8a. and 6th. street «A» end, zone 1, in front of the Stadium, Chiquimula.
  • Police station 24: 8a. street 3-05 zone 2, Barrio La Reforma, Zacapa.
  • Police station 61: 6a. avenue between 5a. and 6th. streets, Puerto Barrios, Izabal.
  • Northwest Region
  • Police station 71: 3a. avenida 1-40 zone 5, Santa Cruz del Quiché.
  • Police station 72: 6a. avenida 1-10 Barrio El Calvario, Sololá.
  • Police station 73: 1a. and 1a. avenue zone 1, Chimaltenango.
  • Police Station 74: Colonia San Pedro el Panorama, lot 11 and 12, section “S”, Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez.
  • North Region
  • Police station 62, 2nd. avenue between 8a. and 9a. street zone 1, Barrio La Ermita, San Benito, Petén.

Can it be processed online?

The Judicial Organism shared the news through its social networks, where it announced that the Criminal Record process in electronic form is carried out in less than 24 hours from the entry of the application. You can perform the procedure through mobile devices and any computer with internet access.

You can complete the procedure from the comfort of your home or office, just follow these steps:

  • It is necessary to make the payment of Q30.00 in the authorized banks.
  • Login to
  • If you do not have a user, register. Otherwise, enter user data and do click in Login.
  • Do click in Requests and then Make Request.
  • Enter the details of the payment slip.
  • Then do click in Request Evidence.
  • In less than 24 hours, the lack of Criminal Records will be available and will be sent to the user’s email to print it.

If you do not have an email, the system will generate a code to download the lack of criminal records. If the user has a history, they must go to the central office to collect the file. The process can also continue to be carried out personally in the authorized delegations of Guatemala. For more information, it is recommended to contact the phone 2290-5264 or email:

How long does the delivery of criminal records take?

  • No criminal record: 3 minutes.
  • Criminal record: 1 hour
  • Online: 24 hours

Time of validity of background criminal

According to agreement number 6-2015, «the validity of the record related to criminal records will be six months from the date of its issuance.» Before this agreement, the document was valid for two months.

What do you need a criminal record for?

The act of processing criminal and police records is necessary for those who are looking for work. Although on some occasions it is also useful for those who want to renew a contract, as it is also an essential document if you want to opt for a residence permit in other countries or a work permit. In Guatemala the process is carried out with the National Civil Police.

Being up to date with your legal documents is the best option to avoid unforeseen events that may be unnecessarily extended, being irresponsible and leaving the legal aspects at the mercy of time.

To check the background, you can do it very easily by doing click In the following link

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