Steps and requirements to renew the passport

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As the passport is not permanent, it must be renewed from time to time, which by international law must be every 5 years. To renew your passport in Guatemala you have to do certain steps and requirements for the passport renewal and those steps will do like this:

Requirements to renew passport

The requirements to renew the passport are similar to the requirements to obtain the passport for the first time. For process the renewal this document, you need these requirements to renew passport:

  • Personal identification document (CPI) in original and copy, if you do not already have it, you can present your identity card in original and photocopy, the proof of pre-registration or procedure issued by the National Registry of Persons (RENAP) that make it known that said identity card is legal.
If you have lost your Personal Identification Document (CPI) or have been stolen, file the complaint with the corresponding authorities, the certificate of the Personal Identification Document (CPI) and the certificate of the DPI process issued by the National Registry of Persons (RENAP )


  • Ornate ticket, if you are over 65 years old, you do not need to look for it
  • Passport fee payment receipt

If you are Guatemalan by birth, you will present the following:

  • Original and photocopy of the birth certificate

And if you are, you were not born in Guatemala, but you already have Guatemalan nationality, you need these requirements to renew passport:

  • Original and photocopy of the certificate of Naturalized Guatemalan, issued by the National Registry of Persons (RENAP) within the six months prior to the request.

Guatemalan nationality you need these requirements to renew passport:

  • Original and photocopy of the certificate of the resolution of declaration of recognition of Guatemalan Naturalized, issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the previous six months.

Guatemalan passport renewal for minors

In the case of minors, to renew their passport they must have these requirements. The process for the renewal of the passport minors must do the process in the company of representatives. The requirements to renew passport are:

  • Birth certificate, in said certificate to appear the name of the legal representative, this document must be in original and a copy, it must also be valid for 6 months before the appointment.
  • Personal Identification Document of the minor’s father or parents, the names or the name that appears in this document must be the same or the same as that appear on the minor’s birth certificate.
  • The Certificate of judicial resolution authorized to the legal representative issued by the competent judge in original and photocopy thereof, this document must be valid for six months before the appointment of the renewal.
  • Ornate ticket must be from only one of the minor’s legal representatives, if there are both parents, in original and photocopy.
  • Proof of payment for the passport renewal process.
In the event that legal representation is exercised by an official of the Home accredited to the CNA, the respective appointment certificate must be presented.

Renew the passport without the authorization of a parent

This type of renewal is in the case in which one of the parents of the minor who leaves renew the passport, the parent who is going to process the passport must obtain these documents for the Guatemalan passport:

  • Original and photocopy of the birth certificate issued for a maximum period of 6 months
  • A certificate issued by a competent judge, where the father is authorized to appear only at the passport issuance appointment.
  • Ornate ticket of the parent who is going to renew the minor’s passport, in original and photocopy.
  • When it is not the parents who process the renewal, legal representation must do so with the certificate that proves the family bond.
  • And as expected, the receipt for payment of the passport fee.

Renewal of the Guatemalan passport abroad

The General Directorate of Migration of Guatemala announced that Guatemalans living abroad must begin the passport renewal process at least six months before the expiration date of the passportDue to the difficulty that the Guatemalan consulates abroad have and thus can process the passport normally, although it is recommended that you visit the Guatemalan consulate of the country where you reside for more information.

To renew your Guatemalan passport in New York for example and other specific cities in the United States, the appointment must be requested on the website of the Guatemalan consulate of the North American state where it is located.

Requirements to renew the passport abroad

The renewal of the passport abroad must be processed by the passport holder at the Guatemalan embassy or consulate of the country where he is, to carry out the detailed interview on identification and personal information, also to take his personal photograph and register his personal signature and fingerprints. The requirements to renew passport abroad are these:

  • You must be of legal age.
  • Possess the original birth certificate with two copies.
  • Have the Neighborhood Certificate in original with two copies.
  • Present the passport about to expire in original with two copies
  • The consulate or embassy where you are going to renew your passport may ask you for proof of the address of the country where you are staying. In any case, check with the consulate.

If you have a valid residence card, you will have to present a certificate of residence card, issued by the municipality where you were registered or registered as a neighbor. This can be processed by a relative in Guatemala.

Steps to renew the passport

Step 1

You must have all the documents mentioned above 6 months before going to the appointment to renew the passport, appointments are only given at the foreign Guatemalan consulate.

Step 2

Go to the Migration Office in Guatemala with all the required documents, if you are a minor, your parents or your legal representative must be present with the documents that show the family ties they have. If you are going to renew your passport abroad, you must go on the day of the appointment with all the documents and their two copies.

Passport renewal cost

The cost of the renewal of the passport has an equivalent value of 50 dollars if you are going to process them in one of the Immigration offices in Guatemala, it must be canceled at any BANRURAL agency and the receipt of payment must be in the name of the person that he will process the passport even if he is a minor.

The renewal abroad of the passport has a value of 65 dollars, since the passport has a value equivalent to 50 dollars in Guatemala and he sent the passport to the country where the person who is going to renew the passport is located has a value of 50 dollars , which can be paid in cash or by means of a bank deposit in the name of the Guatemalan consulate.

How to renew in case of theft or loss?

In case your passport has been stolen or you have lost, you must issue a complaint at the police center near the residence where you are, go to the Guatemalan Immigration Office if you are in Guatemalan territory or to the Guatemalan consulate or embassy in the country where you are, so that they give you the corresponding indications to obtain the passport again.

It is also recommended that you have duplicates of the documents mentioned above so that I can obtain the passport again

How to withdraw the renewed passport?

To withdraw the renewed passport, you must ask the entity where you processed the renewal of it, if they are going to send you an email indicating the date and time in which you must withdraw the passport, if you have to go days after completing the procedure to be able to withdraw the passport or the process that is most convenient to withdraw the passport. Regardless of how you are going to be informed that the passport is ready, you must collect the passport with the original identity card at the entity where you did the process to renew the passport.

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