You get married? Get the marriage certificate at RENAP Guatemala

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You get married? Get the marriage certificate at RENAP Guatemala do not stop reading us, we show you in a simple and clear way, the steps to obtain the certificate.

What is the marriage certificate?

Is he document that validates the data of a marriage certificatewhich has complied with the legal requirements to be registered in the database of the RENAP National Registry of Persons, which in turn is the body in charge of issuing it through electronic or face-to-face means.

The one issued electronically has the validity, security and certainty that if it is issued in person, it has a correlative number and authorized electronic signature, in addition to a unique identification number.

on the marriage certificate the date and place of the event, the folio number, the book and the item where it was registered in the Civil Registry are confirmed corresponding, in addition to the partner’s personal data contracting partyfrom their full names, place of residence, identity documents, the type of economic regime adopted, whether or not there were capitulations.

What is it for?

For confirm that a person has complied with all the requirements that the law imposes and their Marital status is married.

Why should I process it?

It is required in many procedures: for the registration of affiliates and beneficiaries at the IGSS Guatemalan Institute of Social Security, to process a divorce, for death registrationto manage inheritancesamong many others.

How to get the marriage certificate?

The Civil Registry of Persons, through the National Registry of RENAP peopleoffers certificate services for via electronicsfrom its official internet portal and from your smartphone, by downloading the application for Google Play and App Store.

also in a way face-to-facein its different Offices located throughout the national territory.


The main requirement to apply for the Marriage Certificate is to have completed the Registration of the Marriage Certificate.

This registration is made from face-to-face in any of the offices of the RENAP National Registry of Persons.

To make the registration of the Marriage Certificate, the law establishes a maximum time of thirty (30) days after the event takes place, in case of making the registration after this period, a form assigned by RENAP.

There are four situations in which the event took place and each one has a document requirement:

Before a Notary or Minister of Worship

  • Submit the circumstantial notice, with the identification of the marriage agreement document and the economic regime adopted, if applicable.
  • Authorization to celebrate the marriage in the event that the contracting parties are minors.

In the Republic of Guatemala Municipal

  • Submit a certified copy of the marriage certificate, with the identification of the marriage agreement document and the economic regime adopted, if applicable.

Abroad Consular

  • Present the notice of the marriage taking place before the consulate of Guatemala located in the country where the event is held
  • Submit the original of the form sent by the Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Civil Registry of Persons for the corresponding registration.

Abroad Notarial

  • Submit the original and a copy of the protocolization document of the marriage certificate from abroad, with the legal passes and the corresponding translations, if applicable.

The Registration of Marriage Agreementsmust also be done in person at the RENAP offices, with the following documents:

  • Present in original and copy, the public deed of marriage agreements, or the certification of the fractional act before the official who has authorized the marriage.

For all registrations and annotations of civil events, in accordance with the Directory Agreement Number 104-2015 in its article 16 of the Regulation of Registration of the Civil Registry, it is mandatory:

  1. Submit the valid Ornament Ticket of the applicant, except for those persons exempt from payment or by court order.
  2. Complete and sign the form provided by the RENAP National Registry of Persons, if it exists, in accordance with the registration or annotation to be made
  3. Proof of payment, if the registration is outside the maximum time set.

Then, having completed the registration of the Marriage Certificate, to make the electronic request for the Marriage Certificate, it is also necessary to have:

  1. Unique Identification Code CUI
  2. User in RENAP
  3. Internet connection
  4. Electronic Payment Instrument (Credit or Debit Card)


To get it electronically, steps are very simplebut first you must have a user:

Register in RENAP

  1. Enter the website of RENAP
  2. Locate at the bottom of the page Citizen Portal
  3. Click on GET INTO
  4. Locate CHECK IN
  5. Complete the requested data
  6. Place Password
  7. click on TO REGISTER
  8. Registration is complete you have a username and password

Request electronic marriage certificate

  1. Enter the website of RENAP
  2. Locate SERVICES
  3. In the Online Column select All the services
  4. Click on Electronic Certification Application
  5. Select the option that suits you according to the device you are using: PC, Lapto: The Citizen Portal and with Smart Mobile Phone: Download Action for Android
  6. Locate the option Marriage certificate
  7. Complete the requested data
  8. Make the payment of the procedure
  9. Clever, the certificate will be sent to your email and you can print it at your convenience


With the issuance of the Electronic Marriage Certificate, the Renap National Registry of Persons, offers citizens facilities in their paperwork from the comfort of your homewithout having to leave your house, avoiding the collapse of people in their offices, as well as long hours of waiting.

You also have the document validation from the same RENAP web page, placing the unique identification data that is printed on it.

We emphasize that the Marriage Certificate can be requested to carry out various procedures in other national or international entities, its validity will depend on who requests it.

Anyway, the electronic procedure generates peace of mind and speed in obtaining the certificate and thanks to technological advances enjoys authenticity and securitysince it has an electronic signature and barcode, as well as unique correlative and identification numbers of the document.

These safety instruments allow the verification and validation Web waythrough the official website of the RENAP National Registry of Persons, extending the scope to citizens for procedures related to civil events.

Tips and recommendations

After knowing the procedure and the importance of having the Marriage Certificate, we allow ourselves to advise you that:

  • Avoid paying third parties for the processis very simple and fast, in addition to being available to all applicants.
  • keep up your updated personal identification document and current, as well as your CUI number.
  • When requesting any document related to civil facts, consult the official website of the RENAP National Registry of Persons
  • Avoid unnecessary transfers, as well as long queues or stays at the venues.
  • Comply with the established times to make the inscriptions and avoid being penalized.
  • Confirm that you have the availability of financial resources for the payment of the process.
  • Make sure to gather With everyone the requirements for the certification process to be successful.
  • The optimal operations of the services offered by government agencies are also our responsibility, use them with common sense and make the necessary alerts to improve them.

We hope we have been of help to you, are you getting married? Get the marriage certificate at RENAP has tried to make it easier for you to obtain the certificate in Guatemala.

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