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Steps and Requirements for a Mexican visa for Hondurans

Since Hondurans do not have permission to enter Mexican territory without a visa, some procedures have to be done to be able to obtain the visa they need according to the activity they are going to carry out in Mexico. To obtain the visa follow these procedures and Mexican visa requirements. Requirements for Mexican visa … Read More

Steps and Requirements to embark on Honduras 2018

When we talk about shipping we refer to commercial products, It is important to note that most of the time shipments are made in significant quantities of materials to be shipped depending on the different types of products. When using ships, the shipment is transferred in containers or different extra-large metal containers in which tons … Read More

How to know if a car is stolen: Online Mode

If you want to buy a car, you probably have a big question, know if it’s a car lawful or has been Stolen. Both because of the difficulties it could have, even because of how uncomfortable it may be that after the purchase they can take it off for the Stole. Although you are not … Read More

Requirements to be Mayor in Honduras: Read us and find out everything you need to know

A Mayor He is an important and representative figure, who is in charge of the control of the municipalities. It is necessary to meet certain requirements and characteristics established to apply for this position and thus contribute to the development of the country. For this reason, this time Procedures and requirements brings you a content … Read More

Requirements to withdraw Surpluses from the RAP: Find out what you need to know

Some countries within their framework of social responsibility they have created various social protection agencies. In this way, basic needs in different areas are efficiently attended to. However, this is evidenced in the creation of the Private Contribution Regime (RAP) in the country of Honduras. In the same way, this entity functions as a regulatory … Read More