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If you want to buy a car, you probably have a big question, know if it’s a car lawful or has been Stolen. Both because of the difficulties it could have, even because of how uncomfortable it may be that after the purchase they can take it off for the Stole. Although you are not guilty of it, for this reason it is better to make sure before the purchase.

So here we will explain how to know if a car it is conveniently stolen from the internet. for this we invite to continue reading.

What is the Vehicle Registry

The call vehicle registration of what is the property institute in its initials the IP. He was in charge of announcing that he is responsible for the delivery of the plates individuals that the vehicles have but will be governed by the termination of the same.

The order It will go from zero to nine. This institution was in charge of assuming everything related to the administration of the respective vehicle registration since the year 2014.

WHICH to date actually maintained the arrears of approximately 5 years without delivering any license plate. For this very reason he property institute in order to be able to comply with the cancellation of the previous default.

He was in charge of making massive efforts for the deliveries of the plates through the opening of the largest offices in the country.

These are fully operational in the streets with all the police institutions. With this they achieved in a period of weather in only six months the delivery of only 212,994 plates.

which would end up being figure that would exceed the previous 5 years. The document that was presented showed the execution of the main activities that are scheduled per year.

In this way, the function which is obtained by being an entity in charge of imparting legal certainty. This for all owners real estate and movable property, in particular automobiles.

How to know if a car is stolen

Before you can know how you know if the car is stolenyou have to know how a vehicle is locked and unlocked. For this, you have to be able to appear in one of our Offices in the vehicle registration.

You also need to know that the actual procedure is as follows:

  • You have to present the receipt of your IP-160 classified payment, which is a receipt which is available at the following link

It is found in the forms pre-printed, this payment can be made from any bank.

  • You must complete and submit the form IP -421 with photocopy and original, the format is also available in the following link

You will find it in the forms pre-printed. Both original and copy must be filled out and signed by the owner of the car.

  • The request made by the owner of the vehicle to be reported.
  • This can be by hand and the signature must coincidesince if not, an unlock cannot be guaranteed easily.
  • The copy of the record tax by the acronym RTN, of the person making the request
  • copy of your identity card that is legible and very clear from the person making the request
  • If he Procedure It is done by a third party, you have to present the power of attorney of the person who owns the vehicle.

What do I need if I am going to claim my Plate

In order for owners to claim the plates all owners must present these documents:

  • The respective voucher of your single annual rate on each registration of your vehicle, which is the inspection ticket.
  • Photocopy of your identity card, in the event that it is the owner and also the power of attorney that is authenticated.

This will be in the event that a third whoever claims the plate.

  • You have to bring the original of your permit provisional to be able to circulate without the plates this is the DEI-649

What is the IP

Property Institute by its acronym is known as the IPThis is the government entity in Honduras that can be in charge of executing and ensuring compliance with the property law.

This has as a general objective that the nation can have a system in which inclusive property allows the general population.

Be a part of all the activities economic that the state can recognize and that is a way to contribute to the eradication of all causes of poverty.

In the same way its factor that is major it is to promote property as the real source of wealth and promoter of the security of human development.

This is assumed as legal security in the property, in this way to be able to achieve the security legal of the citizen

the institute of property It is also in charge of complying with the functions that are related to the respective regularization in the property.

Its modernization in these records, application of diverse and new techniques for surveying, administration of the mapping in the nation.

And it is in charge of updating all the systems cadastral from this country.

In the same way, the property institute is also responsible for the implementation, administration and execution of the National Property System. Management of Property SINAP.

This is a system that is integrated and that is in charge of constituting the platform of the telecommunications.

Giving in this way coverage to the nation in order to offer access to the data that leads to ownership.

The rules and also the mapping that are regulating the order in the nation.

How to register in the IP

There are certain requirements to be enrolled in the IP

must have the documents that could be raised with the public deed.

With the necessary protocol as indicated by the public notary, it also has to be formalized with the sealed paper of the quadrennium.

  1. have the date valid on the date of your request, make the payment of taxes register.
  2. This with what corresponds to the purchase, sale and payment of the taxes of tradition.
  3. This has to be in the three days that corresponds to the authorization of the writing.
  4. In the Registration You must present the original and its photocopy


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