How to know if I am in the Risk Center: Everything you need to know

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If you have ever done the credit application You have to know that if this has not been totally canceled you could go to the risk center being a debtor If you want to know if you are in it, here we will explain how. Keep reading!

What is the Risk Center

It is known as CNBS, through what is the Protection Management for the financial user for its centuries GPUF. He was in charge of installing his office of the mobile that the Lobby of the administrative building in the IHSS is located in Barrio Abajo.

This with the aim of be in charge of providing all the staff of the institution, being the right holders who attend there. With the opportunity to be able to acquire and also review your history of credit. This is located in the credit information center by its acronym CIC, it is popularly called as Risk center.

In this central It is in charge of registering only what refers to the credit information that the institutions possess. But only the ones under the supervision of the CNBS. It is also interesting that you know that apart from what is the CIC belonging to the CNBS.

There are also two other types of central private companies that belong to credit information, which are EQUIFAX and TRANSUNION. It is also recording the information that have the entities of the system that is the national financial that are found together with the data of the credits in stores and commercial stores in Honduras.

Just as there is no single risk center.

There are also so-called Credit Bureaus, which are popularly called risk center private. These are the ones who are collecting and consolidating all the credit information of the debtors of the institutions supervised finance. Also from the no supervisedwith state companies and those of commerce in general.

This information can also be consulted in the institutions in which they provide the data of all their debtors.

What information is available in the CNBS Risk Center (CR)

In this you will find the information with all the details information about the balances, the statutes of your debt. It refers in this with its validity, delinquencyexpired, penalized or judicial execution, thus reflecting the history of behavior in the payment of obligations.

In this case, the financial institutions will be allowed the evaluation that corresponds to the credit risk owned by debtors.

In order to be able to take the respective decisions in future granting of credits.

How can I request and obtain information about my credit history?

with what corresponds to the central of your credit information, in this the system is fully administered by the National Commission of Banks and Insurance

Through this, it is consolidating the information that was provided through the institutions that are supervised. This is about the legal persons and the natural ones who are acquiring the commitments and the obligations. This is the system which will allow all institutions that have the quality of supervised financiers.

To obtain general information regarding the character of the credit in each person. Thus, the consultations in which the financial institutions carrying out the effect of the analyzes in the credit. All the information of credit that is reporting to the CIC, this can only be delivered to the owner.

In case of having an inconvenience, it may be required by a agent that is authorized, making the request for the report. Which is called confidential report of debtor to the Financial User Protection Management by its acronym GPUF belonging to the CNBS

How do I know if I am in the Risk Center?

First, you need to know when your information is included in the CR. It will be there from the moment in which the financial institution that is supervised is in charge of granting the credit. It also deals with report who has acquired it, in addition to what would be their guarantee.

Second, could a user ever stop appearing as reported in the CRwithout having fully paid off the credit obligation?

The answer is no. This information will be displayed by a maximum of 5 years but it can be reduced to 3 if you cancel all the debt.

How long can I stay in the Risk Center?

Your information may appear on the risk center as long as your debt has not yet been cancelled. Information credit It will begin to show until the guarantee or debt is fully paid. The record may still remain for a period of approximately 12 months from the time of payment.

With the exception of the credits that have not been paid by the debtor, they may remain for up to 5 years.

If the case that the unpaid debts also have a balance that has been due equal to or greater than 15 thousand dollars.

Equivalent to the United States, or in such case their equivalent to that of the national currency.

This may stay for an indefinite period of time.

Where to get my Credit History

the history of credit It is the document that is in charge of providing you with the information considered primary in credit issues. which is a tool for education and orientation of a financial nature in the entire population, especially in financial users.

In order to get it, you have to file a Serie of documents, these are the following

Natural people

If your process is done in person:

  • Your document in original for your personal identification, this can be the identity card, the residence card or the passport.

If your procedure No will do it in person:

  • The letter can granted by the debtor.
  • Also The copy of the debtor’s identification document.
  • Copy of what is document of ID of the person who is the authorized representative.

For the Legal persons

  • Photocopy of the RTN of the business.
  • Your original document for identification staffin this case of the representative.
  • Copy of the writing that it is public that it is registered and that in turn designates the representation of the company


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