How to know where I have to vote: Through the Internet

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The elections are approaching again but it is likely that you do not know where you belong vote. This may be due to a change of residence or even because it is a new voter. Whatever the case, you do not have to worry, since here we will be explaining how you can easily carry out the query. And even this can be done through Internet, from the community of your home, therefore we invite you to continue reading.

How do I know where I have to vote?

So that all citizens know where they can go to find out where they belong vote the Supreme Electoral Court by its acronym TSE. I make available to all citizens what is the census electoral national. through that census they will be able to find out more easily where it belongs vote at the time of the elections.

This can even be sectorized if you have doubts about its effectiveness, there are two ways through the internet and through text messages. Due to the option that is enabled, thanks to this electoral body, in either of the two cases that we present, you can do it only by digitizing your card of identity

After the operation is carried out then the consultant will be able to visualize what is the center of voting and also the number of the table. In addition to the line, in this way the objective to be able to expedite the entire movement through the receiving table in the election.

In the same way, all citizens can also choose to send a text message with the number of identity. This must be written without any space or hyphen to the number 107 of the Tigo or Claro telephony.

It is therefore a totally free service that will be fully available until the day that the corresponding elections which are general

In the digital process, the same option is placed at the service of the voters, through which they can find out where they belong vote

It can be done by consulting all the data through the national census final election

Access to it is simple only You have to go to the following link.

There you will be asked for some information so that you can continue with the search of the information, and a small image may even appear on the map for reference.

Via Internet

It is the supreme electoral court by its acronym is better known TSEin the objectives of expediting and also making the electoral process transparent

This with a view to the general elections that are going to be held, for this reason the respective thing to the National Electoral Census digitally.

All citizens who have the desire to know in which polling placethe respective number of the table and also that of the ballot box.

That correspond to you to be able to exercise the right to vote at the time that the authorities participate. This query can be made from this moment until the day of the elections.

For this, it is only necessary to direct to the next address Web.

On the page you will be asked for some information to be able to correctly process the query of your voting center.

What is the body in charge of elections in Honduras?

The body that is in charge and empowered for the elections is the Supreme Electoral Tribunal for its acronym the TSE.

You should know that all those Honduran citizens who are registered in the national electoral census They must participate in the elections.

The only ones who will not be able to participate in the process They will be those that are included in the framework of what is established by the prohibitions in the law.

But who can not participate?

According to what is established in article 10 of the law, it is established that people who will not be able to exercise their right to vote are the following:

  • Those who are totally deprived of the Rights politicians for what corresponds to the final sentence.
  • Those who are in the act of imprisonment for any crime to which a penalty or punishment of more than 5 years corresponds.
  • Those who are deprived of their liberty through a final conviction, which was handed down because of a crime and those who are fugitives.
  • All people who are under civil interdiction
  • and those who are military who are registered either in the armed forces of Honduras, the state police.

The security forces and the custodians of those who are in the centers penalties.

Query National Electoral Census

We already explained to you at the top that to carry out the query the national census electoral should only go to the following link

Or you may also have the option of making the query by text message in the way that we will explain later

How to do it through the website

To perform the query through the web page you have to enter the link that we leave you at the top.

Once you are on the page, you will first be required some information to know if you are authorized to exercise the vote.

Then it will direct you to another screen in which it will show you what center corresponds to it, the table and also the urn.

It’s a process really simple.

Telephone companies that help to know where to vote

There are two telephone companies that could also help you to know where you belong vote, These are Tigo and Claro.

In either of the two you can send a text message your phone number identity which must be written without any dash or space to the number 107

This is a completely free service in which you may request this information until the day the operations must be carried out. elections.

Now you know all the ways by which you can know where it is your turn vote. So you are free to consult it at any moment before the elections. We wish you that everything turns out very well and because of this you can do more agile The procedure.


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