Procedures and Requirements to travel to Spain from Honduras

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The mother country is one of the preferred destinations for Hondurans. If you are in this group we will give you all the Requirements to travel to Spain. We will also make a list of the most beautiful and significant places in the country; visit them and create the best memories of your stay in Spain.

Requirements to travel to Spain from Honduras

The first thing you should know is that Spain is within the so-called «Schengen Zone»; This is an area in which there are no internal border controls and that is why all the countries that comprise it demand the same entry requirements.

Hondurans do not require a visa at the moment to enter the Schengen Zone as tourists as long as their stay is 90 days (3 months), every 180 days (6 months). But in May of this year the European Union approved a system of travel permits that they hope to start implementing in 2020; this system imposes a fee of seven euros on all foreigners who do not require a visa.

You can enter Spain for multiple reasons but let’s talk about the most common reasons for this trip. The first and most common is tourism and although as a Honduran you do not need a tourist visa if you need to meet some requirements:

  • You must have an invitation letter or paid hotel reservation. The invitation letter must be made by a Spanish citizen, from the European community or a legal resident. If it is a hotel reservation, it must cover all the days of your stay.
  • The dates of the invitation letter or the reservation must coincide with the dates of the air tickets to and from Spain.
  • You must have your return ticket to Honduras.
  • You must prove that you own at least 70 euros per day for the entire time you will be in Spain. This amount is for each person and proves that they can cover their expenses during their stay.
  • Airport officials may also ask you questions about your trip. Simple questions like which cities will you go to and which are the places you intend to visit; the important thing here is that you must be able to answer them.

There are two more options but in these cases if you need to apply for a visa and legal residence in the country because your stay will exceed 90 days. You have the possibility of entering for work reasons or some business or conference and in this case they may require you:

  • Be of legal age if the work activity is self-employed and over 16 if it is with a company.
  • An invitation made by the company or the authority that has invited you to participate in the meeting, convention or any other commercial or industrial event, etc.
  • Any document that proves the existence of a commercial, industrial or employment relationship with the company or individual that invites you. The access card or identification of the event or company to which you will attend.
  • Any document that clearly specifies the reason for your visit and the duration of your stay. These documents must have the name of the organization or company that invited you to Spain; as far as possible, include a program of activities, reservations and specific indications of the event or work to be carried out.

Another possibility of entering Spain is for studies, whether university or any training program:

  • You must have the registration of the educational center or University in which you are going to enter either for undergraduate studies, theoretical or practical courses.
  • Certificates of the courses you will follow.

You must remember that part of the sovereignty of countries is the fact of being able to allow or deny access to their territory as they deem appropriate. So if for some reason an official or several do not find the information you are giving honest or something does not seem coherent, they can ban you from entering the country.

How to travel to Spain from Honduras?

Well, as you may have noticed If the trips are for specific periods and sustained, you will not have a major problem to travel to Spain the question is how you should do it. So here we go with an explanation as specific as possible about how to travel to Spain according to the reason for your trip.

Travel as a Tourist

Being from Honduras you have the advantage of skipping the visa, but as you have already seen, it is not simply showing your passport and entering as if it were your home. As in most countries, you must demonstrate that a tourist visit is really yours and you have no intention of staying illegally in the country then:

  • You should schedule your trip in detail. When we tell you in detail, we mean from the route of your trip to the dates of entry and exit from the country; remember that you must agree with the dates of stay arranged in the invitation letter or in your reservation.
  • Speaking of stays, you should plan it especially if they are hotel reservations.
  • Be honest with the officials at the airport. Being honest you will avoid bitter drinks and you will be able to enter successfully.
  • Make sure you have all the necessary requirements.

as a worker

Here are some things to clarify in this case. You already saw the requirements but you must also prepare your trip. If it is a job for a long time you will need to request some additional things:

  • The company or person that is offering to hire you must obtain prior authorization so that you can reside and work in Spain.
  • Once prior authorization is obtained You must apply for a long-term visa for work reasons.
  • After this, you simply must have the requirements that we mentioned above.

If it is a convention, some course or training for a short time you will not have big problems. You simply have to meet all the requirements that we mentioned and be honest with any questions they may ask you.

As student

As in labor cases To study in Spain you need a long-term visa which is added to the requirements that we mentioned. To obtain the visa you will need an initial authorization for your stay in Spain.

This case applies if you want both to expand your studies and pursue university studies; as well as conduct research and training. This includes student exchanges, unpaid internships, volunteering. If your studies will last for more than six months you must apply for your foreign student card. You request this at the Police Station or at the Foreigners Office and you have one month from when you enter the country to make this request.

Cost of traveling to Spain

You must cross the pond and for this the safest thing is that you will take a flight. So the main thing is how much does a flight from Honduras to Spain cost? Well, prices vary according to stopovers and airlines. we can get flights from 346 euros to 1795 euros but they are one-way flights. If your trip is round trip, the price will be between 692 and 3590 euros.

Now if it is about stays, prices in hotels and rentals vary greatly depending on the city, area or hotel. Let’s talk about rents first in case you want to work or study in Spain: the average cost per the rental of apartments in the country of about 670 euros per month. As for the hotels, If it is an average hotel, let’s say, the night is between 40 and 60 euros.

Food expenses are somewhat more difficult to average and this is because they depend on the restaurant and the dish you choose and it will be around 10 euros, this of course if you are on vacation. Now, if you were to stay at a friend’s house or move for studies or work, these expenses depend on the diet you are used to.

Regarding transportation, we can tell you that in buses and metro the ticket cost is 2 euros. A taxi for an average trip will charge you from 8 to 10 euros.

Conclusion: Traveling to Spain is expensive.

Places to visit in Spain

The mother country has a lot to offer tourism but without a doubt Its architecture is one of the things that most attracts to the tourists. So we will make a short list of 6 of the places that in our opinion you should visit either for its history, for its architecture or for the unforgettable nature of the experience.

  1. Holy Family of Barcelona
  2. The Alhambra in Granada
  3. Alcazar of Seville
  4. Aqueduct of Segovia
  5. The quarry in Barcelona
  6. Monserrat Monastery

When you visit them you will know why we recommend you go. But being a tourist in Spain, like anywhere else in the world, is a personal experience. Decide which places attract you, what you want to see, what experiences you want to live, make a list with all of them. Make your own list. You will realize how difficult it is to choose which places to go. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, we can anticipate that in Spain there are some locations for the filming of the series.

Well, you already have our advice and the details of the requirements to travel to Spain. You just need to plan your trip and enjoy everything that the mother country can offer you. If your idea is to study dare and investigate that there are great options. You want to work? So prepare your papers and legally see that opportunities abound. If you just want to vacation, it is the easiest option. Go and enjoy the history, the landscapes, the architecture, the food, the dance and its people.

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