Requirements for UNAH career change: Read us and find out what you need to know

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Due to the cultural and technological advances that society is going through education is something very important to it. This is due to the great factors that depend on it and that makes today’s society what it is and will be in the future.

Notwithstanding college level education it is essential to open our way to the workplace. In at least 80% of the professions currently practiced.

It should be noted that there are different types of careers, each of them set or appropriate to the type of activities to be developed. On the other hand, the decision to take a university degree is usually very worrying when it comes to knowing which to choose.

That is why today we bring you a comprehensive and complete guide on what you must do and know to change careers at UNAH. As well as the necessary requirements to carry it out satisfactorily.

What is the National Autonomous University of Honduras or UNAH?

As well you will ask yourself the National Autonomous University of Honduras or better known by its acronym UNAH is a university level educational institution. Being one of the few institutions autonomous, secular and state that exist in the great variety of universities in the world.

However, it is the main house of studies in the nation of Honduras and one of the most influential in education in that country. It enjoys the power of organize, manage and develop the different aspects of higher education in Honduras.

In addition to offering different specializations within the educational framework of the country. By obligation of the Constitution of Honduras, it has the duty contribute in a visible way to the participation of the socio-economic development of the nation.

What careers the UNAH offers us

Although you may wonder what faculties and careers exist in this important university. You will surely get an idea of ​​some, below we will share a large part of the careers offered by said campus:

  • Science Faculty:

    • Biology (Bachelor).
    • Chemistry and Pharmacy (Degree).
    • Microbiology (Bachelor).
    • Physics (Bachelor’s).
    • Mathematics (Bachelor’s).

  • Faculty of Economic, Administrative and Accounting Sciences:

    • Business Administration (Bachelor).
    • Administrative Informatics (Bachelor’s Degree).
    • Customs Administration (Degree).
    • Public Administration (Bachelor).

  • Faculty of Space Sciences:

    • Astronomy and Astrophysics (Master).
    • Geographic Information Systems (Diploma).
    • Astronomy and Astrophysics (Master).

  • Faculty of Legal Sciences:

    • Legal and Social Sciences (Degree).
    • Maritime Law and Port Management (Master).
    • Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure (Specialty).
    • Political Science and State Management (Master).
    • Commercial Law (Master).
    • Human Rights and Development (Master).

  • Faculty of Dentistry:

    • Dental Surgery (Doctor).
    • Oral Rehabilitation in Prosthesis (Specialty).

  • Faculty of Medical Sciences:

    • Medicine and Surgery (Doctorate).
    • Pathological Anatomy (Specialty).
    • Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Pain (Specialty).
    • General Surgery (Specialty).
    • Dermatology (Specialty).
    • Gynecology and Obstetrics (Specialty).
    • Internal Medicine (Specialty).
    • Other careers.

  • Faculty of Engineering:

    • Electrical
    • Civil.
    • Systems.
    • Industrial.
    • Mechanics.
    • Chemistry.

  • Faculty of Humanities and Arts:

    • Architecture.
    • Philosophy (Bachelor).
    • Letters (Bachelor’s degree).
    • Music (Bachelor).
    • Pedagogy (Bachelor’s Degree).

  • Faculty of Social Sciences:

    • Anthropology (Bachelor).
    • Demography and Development (Master).
    • Local Development (Master).
    • Social and Cultural History (Master).
    • History (Bachelor).
    • Journalism (Bachelor).
    • Psychology (Bachelor).
    • Other careers.

As you know, most of the careers offered within the UNAH educational program are named here. However we urge corroborate the courses taught on the university website.

What are the requirements to be eligible for a career change at UNAH

Already mentioned the different careers that are offered to the public at UNAH, below we will mention the requirements to be able to change careers:

  • Have completed at least 3 periods consecutive academics.
  • Have minimum 8 subjects approved of the career he is currently studying.
  • Possess the appropriate academic index to pursue said career and that it can be evidenced in the Academic Aptitude Test (PAA).
  • Comply with the statutes in the Academic Standards of the UNAH in terms of the average stay.
  • Proof of payment of career change fees.

As a recommendation we urge applicants to inform the corresponding faculty and school about the change request process. As well as consult the specific requirements for the career to which they will change.

How to process a career change at UNAH

Although you now want to carry out the career change process, below we will show you step by step how to process said change:

  1. In the first instance, you must verify that you meet the aforementioned requirements and those that are requested by the faculty and school belonging to the career you will study.
  2. Therefore, you must go to the faculty corresponding to the career to which you will emigrate and submit the application along with proof of payment of application fees.
  3. After this, a file will be opened where they will evaluate your application to emigrate to said career. After this, you will be notified electronically or by visiting the corresponding faculty on the scheduled day if your application for a career change has been approved.

What is the importance of applying for a career change at UNAH

Concluding with this guide, we must emphasize the great importance that this process influences today’s students. Mainly due to the fact that things are not always the way we think they are and it may be that when we realize what the race really is, we no longer like it.

Therefore There is this great and useful option that will allow us to opt for a career change and experience other things that in the end if we end up liking it. And it is the career that we had wanted so much to know and practice within the workplace.

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