Requirements to be a Deputy in Honduras: Everything you need to know

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The existence of a deputy it is extremely essential for every nation. This is an entity in charge of ensuring that the needs of citizens, that is, the people, are heard, being a representative of the same before the government.

On Honduras deputies are elected through popular vote, where candidates must meet certain requirements and possess certain characteristics to be eligible for this position.

Considering this, Procedures and requirements brings you an article that contains everything you need to know about the deputies, their functions, the necessary requirements and other information that will surely interest you.

What is a Deputy?

Deputy also know as legislator It is the name given to a person who has been elected by means of an act of popular vote, in order to be part of and be a representative of a legislative chamber.

In this sense, a deputy It is the citizen of a certain country who has been democratically elected by the people, to represent the people in front of the government of the nation.
A deputy is part of the a Chamber of Deputies or legislative Assembly, where he must perform a series of established functions and meet certain characteristics and requirements necessary to be appointed deputy.

What are the functions of a Deputy?

A deputy He must be a representative of the citizens before the government of the country, watch over the people and amplify the voice of the citizens, to favor the communities by making the best decisions that guarantee the satisfaction of the different needs of the people.

perform the following functions:

  • Listen and collect the expressed needs of the citizens mainly.
  • Make, propose and approve different laws that guarantee a harmonious coexistence.
  • Approve the government budget, after due review.
  • Monitor public spending, sanctioning government deviations in this regard.
  • A deputy is also responsible for the appointment of certain required officials.
  • Support to the people and specific sectors in solving different problems that they may present.

The fulfillment of these functions favors the social development of the nation.

What are the requirements to be a Deputy in Honduras?

There are a number of fundamental requirements to be able to choose to be a deputy in Honduras, which are:
  • Be a Honduran citizen by birth.
  • Be 21 years of age at least.
  • Comply with the exercise of citizen rights.
  • Belonging to the secular state.
  • Be from the department for which the candidate is applying. It also applies if the candidate has resided for at least 5 years prior to the election date.

Who cannot be elected Deputies in Honduras?

There are certain people who cannot be elected deputies in Honduras, which are:

  • The president of the country.
  • Vice President of the country.
  • Military chiefs with national jurisdiction.
  • Secretaries belonging to the state.
  • Magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice of Honduras.
  • Titular persons belonging to the higher bodies in the management area.
  • Titular persons belonging to the higher bodies in the area of ​​government and administration of the different decentralized institutions.
  • Military who are focused on the provision of service.
  • Members or members of the security forces or of any other armed entity in the country.
  • Public officials belonging to the executive branch of the nation.
  • Officials and public employees of the Judicial Power that are determined by law.
  • Magistrates of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Honduras.
  • Director and deputy directors of the National Registry of Persons.
  • Attorney for the Environment of the country.
  • The Attorney and Deputy Attorney General of the Republic of Honduras.
  • Members of the Superior Court of Accounts of Honduras.
  • Attorney General of the Republic and Deputy Attorney General.
  • People considered as delinquent debtors of the Public Treasury of Honduras.
  • Superintendent of concessions and the National Commissioner for Human Rights.
  • The spouse and relatives of the heads of the military zones.

How are the Deputies elected in Honduras?

On Honduras there is the National Congressl, which is an organ that is in charge of the legislative power of the country. This organism is made up of 128 deputies, previously elected, by popular vote.

The deputies in Honduras they hold office for a period of 4 years and the number of deputies is determined based on proportional representation according to the departments.

These entities are elected by direct and secret ballot of a universal nature.

At the time that suffrage is to be exercised, each citizen is issued a ballot to elect the candidate, choosing between different political parties.

Primary elections

In the primary elections A simple election method is used, that is, those with the highest number of votes for each department will be the candidates who will participate in the general elections.

General elections

In this phase, the representatives of the people are elected in the legislative chamber.

A method of choice known as electoral quotient and best residual, which consists of the following steps:

  1. The first step is to determine the quotient and then the best remainder, which serves or functions as a ceiling.
  2. Remove the parties that do not reach the subconscious or the best residue.
  3. Distribute seats for best residue.

This is a necessary process to elect deputies in Honduras, ensuring that the voice of the people is heard.

What is the importance of the Deputies?

The deputies are important to Honduras and any other nation, because it is the representative entity of the voice of the citizens before the government of the country, which is beneficial for every nation because the needs of the people can be known and operate in favor of them.

A deputy It is responsible for ensuring the needs and interests of citizens, performing the assigned functions so that coexistence in society is harmonious and problems are reduced, which favors the integral development of the nation.

Every nation must possess a certain amount of deputiesThis will help to carry out the management and control of the country’s government in a more feasible and functional way, through the development of its functions, which are summarized in discussing and approving laws that regulate the conduct of society.

Remember to take into account the content of this article to be successful in your process.

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