Requirements to be Mayor in Honduras: Read us and find out everything you need to know

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A Mayor He is an important and representative figure, who is in charge of the control of the municipalities. It is necessary to meet certain requirements and characteristics established to apply for this position and thus contribute to the development of the country.

For this reason, this time Procedures and requirements brings you a content full of all the information you should know about mayors and the requirements requested in Honduras

What is a mayor?

The Mayor It is the person who is considered the highest authority, who presides over a town hall at the municipal level. In other words, it can be understood that the mayor is the public official who holds the highest position or rank in an administration at the municipality level.

In earlier times, throughout the history of humanity, a mayor was considered a magistrate or a judge, and as democracy developed, this became an official, who has different functions and is elected by the people. .

According to the city, region or country where he is, the mayor has different rights and obligations. For example, a mayor can be reelected or not, or the time of the work can also vary.

On Honduras a Mayor He has been in office for four years, is elected by popular vote, and is subject to municipal corporations.

What are the functions of a Mayor?

The functions, duties and powers of a Mayor they vary according to the regional legal organization and the type of election. Below we proceed to present some basic functions, with which any mayor must fulfill:

  • To be present in the sessions of the Municipal Government.
  • Comply with the departmental and municipal regulations established.
  • Enforce departmental and municipal regulations.
  • Take control of the administrative activity of the Municipal Government.
  • Be a representative of the Municipal Government.
  • Based on current regulations established, order payments in accordance.
  • Take the necessary measures, apply strategies to do the due fulfillment of the municipal tasks.
  • If necessary, request support and help from the security forces.
  • Obtain, renew and establish a term for municipal permits.
  • Bring local administration matters to a plebiscite.

What are the requirements to be Mayor in Honduras?

To aspire and be able to become a mayor, it is necessary to meet certain established parameters, requested requirements, among others.

There are some basic requirements, among which we can name:

  • Be Honduran by birth. Otherwise, you must have resided in Honduras for more than 5 years.
  • Be of legal age, that is, over 18 years of age.
  • Know how to read and write, in other words, not be illiterate.
  • Possess some secondary education or some type of equivalent study.
  • Reside just in the area to which the communes or communes belong, at least have 2 years in the region.
  • Be up to date with the military situation.
  • Not possess any type of legal disability.

How are mayors elected in Honduras?

The mayors They are elected through a popular vote, where each person chooses the candidate of their choice.

According to Electoral Law and Political Organizations, the elections must be carried out based on the established parameters and principles, which are: Legitimacy, universality, freedom at the electoral level, impartiality, honesty and transparency in each phase of the electoral process, equality, secrecy, non-transferability, incentives to the practice of suffrage, legality, responsibility, good faith, accountability, respect for the phases of the process, procedural impulse ex officio and fairness.

Electoral process

Next we proceed to explain how the election of a mayor is developed. Three phases are presented that constitute the electoral process.

Phase I- Integration

In this first phase, the Municipal Electoral Court, in each municipality, made up of an owner and a substitute, for each political party, as well as alliances and independent candidates.

The Municipal Electoral Court, will be in charge of assigning the position of president, secretary and members in each political party, alliance or candidacy.

The parties must make the candidate known and present, and then go on to the elections. The Municipal Electoral Court will make known to the population the electoral list and all the information that should be known about the electoral process.

Phase II- Elections

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal, will issue all the necessary material for the electoral process, the voting tables will be established and the election process will be carried out for a whole day where each person will choose and vote for the candidate of their choice.

At the end, when people have completed their voting, the voting table is closed, and the registration and report of the electoral process carried out before the Supreme Electoral Tribunal is issued. Said entity together with the Municipal Electoral Court, They will be in charge of obtaining the certificate of the minutes where the results of the elections are found.

Phase III- Results

Once the result is verified, the results are issued to the population.

It is important to clarify that the election methods vary according to the country where you are. In this case it is Honduras.

What is the importance of Mayors?

The mayors are important, because they are of great support to the development of the country. A mayor is responsible for ensuring the welfare of a municipality, and if his work is loyal and correct, as a whole, the entire nation benefits.

A mayor has influence in society, therefore it is very important to know how to choose the ideal candidate, so that he transmits leadership and order, bringing benefits to the country.

It is also important to highlight the fact that a nation cannot be governed solely by the country’s president, but there must be positions and representatives in charge of watching over, caring for and protecting certain specific sectors, for greater effectiveness in national development.

In this sense, being a mayor requires a great commitment, the established requirements and characteristics must be met, and also have the purpose of caring for and ensuring the interests of the people.

Remember to consider the content of this article to obtain successful results.

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