Requirements to join the IHSS: Find out what you need to know

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When meeting the needs of the population Governments have generated various entities in charge of this aspect. However, it is important that they have certain norms and criteria in order to offer the best service to the population.

On the other hand, this type of organization in favor of social protection by the State it tries to improve the quality of life of the population. This through various methods such as offer health services, education and even financial aid.

That is why these institutions are so important to the population of that nation. Notably part of the income from this service comes both from the state and from contributions made by citizens.

That is why today we want to enlighten you in everything you need to know to be able to join the IHSS in Honduras. In addition to providing you with all the necessary requirements to do it.

What is the Honduran Social Security Institute or IHSS?

Starting this guide, we must be clear about all the terms that we will mention, starting with the IHSS. The Honduran Institute of Social Security is an organism dedicated to providing the corresponding benefits of a social nature.

This means that your main objective is to offer the Honduran population benefits in favor of social security and protection. In this way, achieve a better quality of life for Honduran citizens.

On the other hand, it covers the economic part in relation to the pension fund that is offered to people who fulfilled the stipulated time to work. In the same way, to employees who have died, give compensation to close family members.

What services the IHSS offers

According to the objectives imposed for the creation of this institution, the IHSS It has the task of ensuring and providing services of a social nature for the Honduran population.

Through various services that are generated in favor of and in favor of improving the quality of life and economic status of citizens. Services such as pension funds for the elderly, health institutions and services, facilitation of national literacy.

In addition to generating projects that ensure national sufficiency and sustainability with reference to services of a social nature. As well as fulfilling the main objectives for which this institution was created.

What are the requirements to join the IHSS

Below we will mention all the necessary requirements to be able to register or join the IHSS:

  • Employee worksheet to be registered.
  • The payment or quote form for the previous month.
  • Original and copy of the National Identity Document.
  • A new payment or quote form.
  • Proof or form of payment made or quote made.
  • The employee’s enrollment application (commonly known as a green card).
  • Document that evidences the validity of the workers’ rights to register.
  • Proof or invoice of the issuance of the IHSS card.

Remember that This process must be carried out by a legal person if it is on behalf of a company or industry. Since this procedure must be carried out at the time of employment in a company, if you wish to enter personally, you must consult with the IHSS staff.

How to join IHSS

Although we have already mentioned the necessary requirements to register or join the Honduran Institute of Social Security. Below we will show you step by step how you should make the affiliation to said entity:

  1. First of all, you must gather all the aforementioned documents and request the registration of the employee at the IHSS offices.
  2. Subsequently, you will receive the employee’s return already registered, which you must attach the payment of the contribution sheet and request the document that proves the validity of the employee.
  3. Finally, you must submit the requirements to formalize the affiliation and issuance of the IHSS card, remember that this card must be canceled upon request. Once the card has been delivered, you will already enjoy membership in said entity.

Who can join the IHSS

Currently there are certain doubts about who or who can join the Honduran Institute of Social Security. This is due to the little information that is handled regarding this institution so important to the nation.

However this organism offers citizens different types of affiliations adapting to the type of activities in which the applicant operates. As for example a public or private employee, independent worker, domestic worker, among others.

This is due to the fact that Honduran laws urge the population to register or join this entity in a compulsory manner. In this way, provide total control and assurance regarding the social protection of the nation.

What are the benefits of being enrolled in IHSS

To conclude, and knowing all this, it is pertinent that you know all the benefits that you acquire by being registered or enrolled in the institutional regime of the IHSS. Among the different benefits we can find the pension fund for older adults, widows, orphans and ascendants.

To this we can add the benefit of help with the payment of funeral services, as well as some health services. Not to mention that this can cover not only the member but also some direct members of their family.


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