Requirements to open an account at Banco Atlántida: Here you will find the information you need

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The Atlantida Bank is a bank with a prestigious reputation, established in Honduras. In this article, we proceed to present everything you need to know about the bank, and the requirements requested to open an account.

What is Banco Atlántida?

The Atlantida Bank is an institution intended for banking purposes, which has a successful and solid track record at the regional level. This bank was founded on February 10, 1913 in Honduras, beginning its work in the city called La Ceiba.

In the same year, in August, Banco Atlántida was accredited by the State of Honduras as the first institution approved and authorized to issue official banknotes in Honduras. Currently, the Bank has expanded all over the world. the territory of Honduras, through the foundation of branches. This banking entity focuses on innovation and diversification of services.

At Banco Atlántida you can find trust and closeness. The attention given to consumers is of quality, presenting a large number and variety of financial banking products and services.

Currently the Atlantida Bank It is the only bank in Honduras, which has offices throughout the Honduran national territory, having a large market share, with 188 agencies, 24 autobanks and more than 900 Atlántida agents.


The mission of Banco Atlántida It is based on being a solid financial institution that can generate trust in customers, offering a wide portfolio of quality and integrity services, with nationwide coverage.


The Banco Atlántida has as its vision the power to become the best bank in the region and the country, which can respond efficiently to the trust placed by its customers, through the care of a highly qualified and committed staff.

What services does Banco Atlántida offer?

The Atlantida Bank offers the best solutions in finance, guaranteeing, guaranteeing the support that clients and affiliates need, through a group of executives and qualified personnel with experience and knowledge that satisfies the needs of users. efficiency and quality, which has the purpose of generating the personalized assistance required when the client requires it.

Products and services

Savings and Investment

The Atlantida Bank offers its clients the necessary tools to manage money and save. It offers a wide variety of savings accounts, designed to provide what is necessary to be able to control finances with the greatest efficiency.

Credit Products

The Atlantida Bank offers services and products in terms of credits, among the products offered are:

  • Loans: PYME Atlántida, Microentrepreneurial Atlántida, Entrepreneur UNITEC-ATLÁNTIDA and Automotive Loan Atlántida.
  • Atlántida Credit Line.
  • Credit Preference.
  • Atlántida Visa Credit Card.

What are the requirements to open an account at Banco Atlántida?

At Atlantida Bank Different types of savings accounts are offered, which are a type of tools designed for the correct management of money and savings. To open a savings account it is necessary to meet a series of requirements, which are presented below:

  • Complete the Savings Account Application.
  • Identity card, in original and copy, in case of being Honduran.
  • In the case of foreigners, you must issue an original and a copy of the passport and residence card.

With these requirements you can apply to any of these savings accounts of Banco Atlántida: Atlántida Lempiras Savings, Atlántida Dollars Savings, Atlántida Euros Savings, Atlántida Kids, Atlántida U Savings, Atlántida Remittances, Atlántida Easier.

How to open an account at Banco Atlántida?

To open an account in the Atlantida BankIt is necessary to complete the savings account application form or form, which can be found directly on the official website of Banco Atlántida. The steps for its completion are presented below:

  1. To get started it is necessary to enter the bank’s website. To do this click here.
  2. Once inside the page, you must select the type of savings account you want to open.
  3. Then according to how the form indicates, you must enter the full name of the owner, and his identification number. In this case, the identity card or the residence card applies.
  4. After that, you must select the department and the city in which you are based on the options presented.
  5. You must supply the address of the residence.
  6. Add contact information, such as the residence telephone number, cell phone number, indicate the company where you work, with its respective address. You will also need to enter a valid email address.
  7. Once all the fields are completed, you must accept the terms and conditions
    To finish press where it says «Send».

What types of accounts does Banco Atlántida offer?

The accounts offered by the Atlantida BankThey are savings accounts that allow to provide support to clients, to manage their money and to be able to save. Next, we proceed to explain in detail the savings accounts offered by this bank, which have already been mentioned in this content.

Atlántida Lempiras Savings

This account allows making deposits in Lempiras, having immediate availability of the money, which proceeds to generate interest on a monthly basis, on the average obtained per month, in a capitalized manner. It is ideal to meet the needs of security and profitability.

For more information about Atlántida Lempiras Savings, click here.

Saving Atlántida Dollars

This savings account allows you to save in dollars, having the immediate availability of the money you have. This account receives capitalized interest on a monthly basis based on the monthly average. One of the advantages of this account is the fact that it maintains purchasing power against possible devaluations that may exist.

For more information about this account, please click here.

Atlántida Euros Savings

This account allows you to make deposits in euros, having the immediate availability of the money deposited and also generates capital interest on a monthly basis. Said interests are generated based on the monthly average available.

For more information you can click here.

Atlántida Kids Account

The Atlántida Kids Account It is a savings account that allows saving on behalf of the children, either in lempiras or dollars.

For more information, enter here.

Atlántida U Savings

The Atlántida U Savings Account It is a virtual account, which is issued by the bank for those young university students, who are pre-paid and post-paid students of prestigious universities in Honduras. This account allows you to carry out university and banking operations.

For more information about this account, click here.

Savings Account Remittances

It is designed to offer an alternative way of saving, where remittances are received. Interest is generated on a monthly basis, based on the available monthly average, paid on the last day of the month.

For more information click here.

What are the benefits of being a Banco Atlántida client?

The Atlantida Bank offers a wide variety of benefits to its customers, among which we can mention:

  • Strength and Bank Support.
  • Immediate availability of the money deposited in the accounts.
  • Coverage nationwide.
  • You can make inquiries and transactions through the electronic banking of Banco Atlántida.
  • Among others.

To obtain successful results in your process, remember to consider the present content.

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