Requirements to withdraw Surpluses from the RAP: Find out what you need to know

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Some countries within their framework of social responsibility they have created various social protection agencies. In this way, basic needs in different areas are efficiently attended to.

However, this is evidenced in the creation of the Private Contribution Regime (RAP) in the country of Honduras. In the same way, this entity functions as a regulatory body to collect and manage the funds of the contributions made by its affiliates.

It should be noted that this institution It is one of the largest financial centers of social interest in Honduras. For what makes it the main and most used by Hondurans who reside in this country.

That is why we bring a very complete informative guide on everything you need to know to remove the RAP surplus. In addition to all the requirements and documentation that this process entails.

What is the Private Contribution Regime or RAP?

To fully enter this topic we must specify what the Private Contribution Regime is. What we can basically define as a financial institution with social purposes and interests for the Honduran population.

This regime is aimed at entrepreneurs who wish to make their way to the Honduran business market. Which must meet certain criteria where one of them is to comply with this regime.

However this is required from 10 employees that the company has hired and minimum accepted 5 employees hired by a company. These can be affiliated with this regimen in two ways, Business and Individual.

What are RAP Surpluses?

At the time that the person is affiliated to the RAP, as the years go by, in many cases an excess of savings accumulates. This It is generated due to the surplus earnings received by the scheme for lending the savings of each affiliate.

There are many people in Honduras who are not aware that they have a surplus in their RAP balance. Therefore, it is important that you have the necessary information to be able to consult the amount of Surpluses of the RAP.

Turn these surpluses are delivered to affiliates once they have been totaled in the event of being unemployed, the money saved plus the surpluses can be withdrawn. Generally used by people at the time of becoming unemployed.

What are the requirements to withdraw the Surpluses from the RAP

According to the statutes exposed by the Private Contribution Regime In order to withdraw surpluses, the following requirements must be met:

  • National identity document.
  • Surplus Withdrawal Request Form.
  • Possess between 23 and 31 years or with the time established to be able to withdraw this surplus.

Remember that The RAP has a web page where you will find in detail the requirements to remove surpluses. You can visit it to corroborate the information provided here or have more details on this topic.

Who can withdraw your Surplus?

Next we will mention who can make the withdrawal of surpluses from the RAP:

  • Ex-affiliates who have withdrawn their contributions and who have not contributed to any other provisional scheme.
  • Unemployed or inactive who keep their contributions for more than 12 months.
  • Relatives or heirs of members who have died.

Yes, in your case you are affiliated but you are contributing to another scheme such as social security you will not be able to withdraw the surplus. It will only be allowed when it is converted to a pension fund, so it is You can withdraw after reaching 60 years for women and 65 years for men.

What is the importance of withdrawing the Surpluses from the RAP

The importance of this process lies in the evident need to maintain the economic status of the applicant. In addition, it is part of a right due to the constant payment of savings that was made.

It is worth mentioning that people who enjoy this right must comply with the rules and statutes imposed by the RAP in order to fully enjoy this income opportunity.


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