Steps and Requirements for an American visa in Honduras

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Entering the United States requires a visa. Regardless of the reason why a Honduran goes to the North American country, there is a visa that adapts to the need to visit the United States. If you want a visa you must meet these American visa requirements.

Requirements to apply for the American visa in Honduras

The American visa requirements are the following:

  • The passport with a validity period of 6 months more than the time that you will spend in the United States.
  • Electronic application form obtained on the website of the US embassy.
  • A 5 cm x 5 cm photograph that is valid for a maximum of 6 months.
  • Payment receipt to process the American visa.
  • A document specifying the reason for which you are going to the United States.

Steps for American visa in Honduras

For each type of visa, you must follow a few steps depending on the type of visa you are going to apply for. You can apply for the visa if you have the American visa requirements

Like a tourist

Step 1

Pay the value of the visa in the corresponding bank agency.

Step 2

fill out the electronic visa application, for this case you must fill out form DS-160

Step 3

After filling out the electronic application, you must schedule the appointment to apply for the visa and you must have this information:

  • The passport number.
  • The number of the payment receipt that the bank said when I canceled the visa process.
  • The ten number of the barcode on the confirmation page of the DS-160 form.

Step 4

Go on the day and at the time of the appointment with a copy and original of the DS-160 form, also with the appointment request form, plus the payment receipt to request the visa.

Documents to apply for the American tourist visa

  • Document showing monetary income.
  • A document showing the payment of taxes.
  • A document where you can see the companies, properties and assets that the applicant has.
  • Criminal and judicial file that the applicant has even if they have already served their sentence.

For work

The steps to apply for the American visa are the same as those that must be followed to process the tourist visa, but the documents are different.

Documents for the work visa

  • Labor evaluations with their respective diplomas.
  • Evidence of current employment and previous previous employment that must contain the following:
  1. Salary earned or earned by the visa applicant
  2. Name and contact number of the company where you work and also the current one.
  • Your resume.

As student

Since the steps to obtain the independent visa, whatever the visa, are the same, for a Honduran to study in the United States, they must have these documents:

  • Document showing reasons to return to Honduras.
  • Document showing the resources to stay in the United States
  • If the student has a sponsor that helps finance the studies, they must have a document that proves it.
  • Documents that show all the academic information about the applicant such as certified grades, titles, certificates of public studies.

General steps to get an American visa

Apart from the steps mentioned above, there are some general steps that must be followed for all visas.

Step 1

You should read the specifications of each of the visas offered by the United States embassy to find out which visa is needed.

In the page contains the specifications of each visa.

Step 2

If you already know what type of visa you are going to apply for, you must pay the cost of the procedure at the corresponding banking agency

Step 3

You must enter the page to fill out the DS-160 form, you must fill it out carefully, if you do not handle the forms very well, it is recommended that you ask an immigration lawyer for help.

Step 4

If you already have the DS-160 form, you can schedule for the visa process. You must create a profile page of the embassy to be able to schedule the appointment to get the visa.

step 5

When you already have the appointment you must go to the embassy of the United States on the day and time that corresponds to you to go to get the visa.

step 6

If the visa is approved, it will be sent to the address that you present on the day of the procedure to obtain the visa.

Cost and payment options of the American visa

The cost of the American visa is 160 American dollars and the payment options of the process are with a deposit in the corresponding bank.

Where to apply for the American visa in Honduras?

The visa application is made electronically on the page of the United States consulate and you must go to the embassy of the North American country on the day of the scheduled appointment.

If I need to advance the appointment to obtain the American visa

In order to advance the appointment to obtain the American visa you must have a reason to make said request. These are the reasons why the embassy considers that they are important to advance the date of the visa application:

medical necessity

This type of need is in case a person requires American medical attention, also in case the visa applicant is going to accompany the patient to the United States. The patient’s companion can only be a family member or their employer.

The requirements for this American visa are:

  • A letter from the doctor who is treating the patient in Honduras that explains what the person is suffering from and why he has to be treated by American medical care.
  • A letter from the doctor or hospital where the patient has to be treated in the United States, indicating that they are prepared to receive the patient.
  • A document that reflects the financing of the medical treatment to be performed on the patient.

By death or by funeral

This type of visa is so that a person can see their deceased for the last time, to carry out the procedures for moving the body to Honduras. This can only be done by direct relatives of the deceased such as the father, mother, spouse or child.

The requirements for this American visa are:

  • A letter from the funeral director specifying the information of the deceased, the date of the visitation and the contact information of the funeral home.
  • A document that shows the type of link you have with the deceased.

urgent business trip

This is in case the Hondurans have to be in the United States for business and they cannot wait some time before the trip to process the visa.

The requirements for this American visa are:

  • An invitation from the American company where it is indicated that it is essential that the Honduran be in the United States as soon as possible, because the American company may have significant losses if the appointment is not made in advance.
  • Evidence that a Honduran is going to receive a training program that lasts three months or less.
  • Letters from both the Honduran company and the American company that explain the training that the person who is going to apply for the visa is going to carry out, in addition to showing that if the company from the North American country does not carry out said training, it may have significant losses if it does not He trains the Honduran.

Student or exchange visitor

The visa for this type of student who has to start or resume a study program in the next 60 days and there are no available dates within that period of time.

The requirements for this American visa are:

The original L-20 form or DS-2019 form indicating the start date of the study program within the next 60 days

The document indicating the payment of the SEVIS fee, if applicable.

We hope it has been of interest to you! Follow the steps and Requirements to obtain the American visa in Honduras. It is essential that you have it.

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