Steps and Requirements to embark on Honduras 2018

When we talk about shipping we refer to commercial products, It is important to note that most of the time shipments are made in significant quantities of materials to be shipped depending on the different types of products. When using ships, the shipment is transferred in containers or different extra-large metal containers in which tons of packages can be mounted. Ships equipped for cargo can carry hundreds of these containers when talking about these, we are talking about ships specially designed for this specific task.

One of the vast majority of boarding and disembarkation identifications of ships, trains, planes have a large size, seeing a large number of services and being the arrival and departure center of thousands of daily trips due to high international and regional traffic that there is throughout the world in Latin America.

Requirements to embark in Honduras

Currently, National and International Regulations cancel liquid and gel loads in the hand luggage of passengers on board both National and International flights, unless it meets the different characteristics:

  1. All types of containers containing liquids or gels are prohibited, which must contain up to a maximum of 100ml.
  2. Shipments must be transported inside a sealed transparent plastic bag measuring 20.5cm X 20.5cm or 25cm X 15cm.
  3. It is essential that each passenger have a bag

Steps to embark in Honduras

The steps you must take to join this program require you to have some considerations, although they are not necessarily mandatory, but they will help you a lot to enjoy this type of job.

For that, we invite you to follow the following requirements in detail:

  • Possess identity card
  • Current residence card
  • Age between 18 to 30 years

Shipping companies in Honduras

Currently, the number of shipping companies that exist is at least 300, and thousands of Honduran sailors looking for a job opportunity in the different types of cruise ships and ships that currently request the different types of personnel to be part of their work team in the coming months of the year.

One of the main recruiting agencies is called by the name of Seven Seas Group and it is one of the links to connect individuals with the company who come with the desire to obtain a decent job.

There are different areas of work, one of them is at the hotel in the shipping company MS Cruises. These have the service areas that the prestigious hotel highlights for all its users.

For the hiring of personnel, not only their level of experience will be taken into account, but also what level of the different languages ​​not native to their nation, dominates and executes fluently, depending on this the person will be able to go up in different areas. , either in the different stores, photographer, or charges at the reception.

This agency has a lot of prestige and has spread in various parts of the world, several of them are Colombia, the United States, Spain among others. And this year, it is expected to open many more locations worldwide.

The company Seven Seas Group is one of the agencies in charge of recruiting and offering development and guidance to applicants to enter and become part of the company in order to satisfy the demand of the large industry in the world of cruise ships.

Due to her great example of perseverance and performance, she was intertwined and hired by the company MS Cruises to recruit Honduran personnel, since in previous times, many well-known agencies did not set an example for the Honduran nation and did not allow users access thanks to the high fees they charged seafarers, so they could obtain a job within of the cruise

That is why the agency is exclusively in charge of guiding the so-called arriving sailors.

This process includes an interview and then they go through a test to see their abilities and then a classification process begins until they can board.

There is a large number of Hondurans who dream of finding an opportunity, different people arrive from different parts of the Honduran territory and who, through the interview, state that they can find a job within the cruise ship to give growth to their children and provide for their families.

Currently, they are carrying out their recruitment process for people who wish to be part of the work team in the different types of tourism cruises, where mastering the English language is required as an essential requirement, people with the desire to be an applicant of the company must be free of having any type of criminal record, and must have his resume where all his academic preparation is recorded.

To date, at least 300 people with Honduran nationality have gone through the recruitment process. and interviews, although there are a number pending, to verify their life daughters in the system and once it is verified, the contract can be started to be part of the boarding staff on tourist cruises.

work on a cruise ship

In order to work on a cruise ship, you must receive preparation and training through the different types of courses offered by the company. These courses will guide you and help you obtain skills in the different areas that you aspire to obtain in your growth within the company. And thus be able to solve any type of difficulty in any of the trips.

It should be taken into account that in case of obtaining this job, the employee must have a small investment within the company to be able to take the corresponding courses and are essential to start working in it and obtain their degree.

These are the different types of studies or titles that the company will request:

  • Take a boat handling coursesaid course is carried out with an estimate of 900.00 Honduran Lempiras (proof of title)
  • Take Crowd Control coursesaid course is taught with an estimate of 600.00 Honduran Lempiras (proof of title)
  • Carry out Awareness course for all Peoplethis course has an estimated value of 600.00 Honduran Lempiras (proof of title)
  • Carry out the Passenger Ship coursethis type of instruction is carried out for an estimated 600.00 Honduran Lempiras (proof of title)
  • Take Crowd Control coursesaid course is taught with an estimate of 600.00 Honduran Lempiras (proof of title)
  • Take a Basic Maritime Safety coursesaid course has an estimated value of 1,100.00 Honduran Lempiras (proof of title)
  • Conduct awareness course for all peoplethis course has an estimated value of 600.00 Honduran Lempiras (proof of title)

Merchant marine licenses

The Merchant Marine Licenses are important, since these are obtained at the Central American Maritime School, It is at this school where applicants to work on the cruise ship are certified with one of the courses you can take to become a sailor.

Through this institution, a large variety of licenses are offered, in compliance with the agreement that Honduras maintains with the International Training Degree and Guard for Seafarers, among them we find:

  1. The basic maritime security course
  2. The Deckhand Course
  3. The Engine Sailor course
  4. The Awareness course for all seafarers
  5. crowd control course
  6. The Emergency Management and Human Behavior course
  7. Roll on-roll off course (ro-ro),
  8. Proficiency course in boat handling
  9. Tanker familiarization course
  10. Oil tanker course
  11. Chemical Tanker Course
  12. Grease Ships, Radar and Harp Course
  13. Advanced course for officers
  14. Ship Stability Course and Teamwork on the bridge

The academic level that a sailor reaches will depend on the course he takes, although they will have the option of aspiring for official or gmms.

How much do you earn on a cruise?

In these cruise companies, a sailor can earn between $772 and $1,200 per month, which translates to approximately 17,756 to 27,600 lempiras.

This office turns out to be very profitable, with the correct advice and if you know how to speak English you can earn much more.

Obviously, everything varies from company to company and depending on the position that is being performed on the ship or cruise.

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