Steps and Requirements to incorporate a company in Honduras

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If you are one of those who wakes up every day with the desire to dream big and take on the challenge of starting and creating your own business, here we will guide you on how you can do it.

In these times, we see how many people’s desire for entrepreneurship has awakened. If you are one of those people who dreams of creating and opening your own company in Honduras, here we will guide you and give you each of the options you can take to start Your own business.

Although sometimes it is complicated by the large number of procedures and requirements, or by knowing aspects such as the cost of renting the premises, or the abundant amount of competition that exists in the different categories, do not discourage! None of these factors should prevent you from making your dream of starting a reality come true.

Here we will help you and we will put at your disposal all the necessary and detailed information that you should know and that step by step you can create your own company. The time is now!

Requirements to create a company in Honduras

In order to prepare the processing and registration of your company, you must have all the following requirements:

  • Search and reservation of the authentic name that represents your business idea and venture in the Mercantile Registry
  • Preparation in writing before the notary of all its attached elements
  • Take all the requirements to start the procedures in the Mercantile Registry that consists of the elevation of the Public deed; only for legal persons.
  • Notarial Procedures; It consists of the acceptance by the notary of the name and the document to be registered accordingly.
  • Publication in the respective Official Gazette
  • Get proof of payment.
  • Request for favorable opinion of the sector
  • Application for special permits
  • Photocopy of identity document of each of the partners
  • Indicate in which region or city of the country the company will be established.

How to build a company in Honduras

To start the opening of a company, whether medium or small, that generates employment for its population in Honduras:

Although there is no type of official data, Honduras has approximately 950,000 companies that are mostly officially engaged in commerce. That is why the entrepreneurs or owners of the company must take the legal form to adopt.

How the company is built will depend a lot on the financial capital that it has for this, how many workers they want to employ, the size they want to give the company and how many owners make up the company.

The procedures to register the company can be carried out in one of the three institutions that we will name below:

  1. Honduran Property Institute
  2. Executive Revenue
  3. Tegucigalpa Chamber of Commerce

In any of these institutions you can start the entire procedure to register your medium or small company, assisting with all the requirements that are required by the authorized institutions to proceed with this registration.

legal statutes

The aspects that the Honduran authorities consider for a company to be formed as established by the laws of the nation are the following:

  • Mainly, it must be verified that the company is legally constituted in compliance with the laws established by the country.
  • Verify and verify that in accordance with the laws and regulations, branches can be created with the requirements that the code indicates, verifying the relative decision.
  • One of the legal owners must remain in the country, to comply with the necessary business and legal acts in the national territory.
  • Carry out a patrimony where the commercial activity that must be carried out within the country is defined. The reduction may be carried out observing all the requirements for the capital reduction and the permission of the Secretary of Industry and Commerce of the Republic.
  • Legally demonstrate that all procedures are lawful according to the laws established by the national government, and that it is not deviated from public order.
  • Protest submission to the laws, authorities of the Honduran Republic that have suffered the same effect
  • Make a formal letter where the legal representative is authorized with the authentication of a Notary, the formal letter must include a telephone number and address where all labor and professional matters will be dealt with.

Types of companies in Honduras

In Spain there is a wide variety of companies that can be formed, there are several types of entrepreneurs, here we will detail the category of each one of them.

  1. Individual entrepreneur: The person or company through shares was created as a way to simplify special corporations for those companies with venture capital.
  2. Limited society: This is related to legal persons that originates through the Constitutional where a unique heritage is related by the different partners. These entail a responsibility that is limited to the amount of each of the contributions that each individual made.
  3. Community of property company: This is related to those who associate and share commercial activity in common.
  4. Collective society: For this company, the partners must intervene in the management and respond in an unlimited or personal way for any type of debts before the company, and they can even respond to the debts with any of their assets.
  5. Society in Civil: This type of Company is made up of two types of partners: Managers and Limited Partners, the Managing Partners manage the company and respond unlimitedly.
  6. Limited Liability Companies: These are made up of companies with limited senses. And they are made up and established by a single person.
  7. Simple Category Limited Partnership: It is characterized by being personal, its main partners contribute work, capital, in addition to subsidizing the debts of their partnership or social relationships that only contribute capital, their contribution being unlimited, unlike those.
  8. Consecutive Limited Formation Corporation: It does not require a prior disbursement. It is common to the limited liability company protecting third parties with certain mandatory laws established. There are benefits or retributions to the participants involved-
  9. Anonymous society: Corresponds to a single partner. The contributions or contributions divided among the shareholders make up its capital. Taxation is determined by the social tax.
  10. Limited Partnership by Shares: The responsibility falls on the general partner who assumes the administration of the corporation, being the one who responds to the debts in such a case. Its capital is formed and supported by the partners that make up the company divided equally.

Investment to open a company in Honduras

At the time of registering your company you must have investment capital, you must also comply with all the expenses and payments generated by carrying out all the processing, the investment can be divided among the assets required by the company.

The capital that is required to form a company counts from the moment where the management of the different types of documents begins, since in the different institutions, the various payments that correspond to obtain the necessary paperwork are required. In addition, it is necessary to have the capital required to buy and maintain the expenses that this corresponds to.

Apart from the investment that is required, to obtain the material goods, the establishment, and all the necessary materials for its setting.

  • Publication of commercial company notice in the Gazette of the Official Gazette 26 Euros
  • Payment of Public Deed corresponding fees adding the amount of capital 903 Euros
  • Registration in the Mercantile Registry before the Chamber of Industry and Commerce 37 Euros
  • For the commercial registers of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry:
  • For capital companies 14,931 Euros is summarized in 32 Euros
  • For capital companies 26,130 Euros is summarized in 69 Euros
  • For capital companies 26,130 Euros is summarized in 112 Euros

Register a company in Honduras

There are two ways to register a company, one is before the Notary Public and another way is to register it in a practical way via Internet. This decision was made through the Legislative Decree which seeks to encourage and formalize the world of business and entrepreneurship.

To register your company through the Internet system, we recommend taking the following steps:

  1. You must click to make a new request, the system is only open to form companies in the offices of Cortes and Francisco Morazán
  2. You must add an email to receive your notification if you did the correct procedure
  3. From clip where it indicates to fill out the form
  4. When entering the form option, you must fill out the three questions requested by the page
  5. At the end of the form you must click to create a contract
  6. Once everything is in order, the clip is sent to be reviewed and confirmation is awaited by email.

Special permissions

Special permits are granted to companies so that they can handle certain tasks without any type of inconvenience, with the permits required by the corresponding institutions authorized by the State.

  1. Sanitary permit in almost having some type of manipulation with food
  2. Safety and Health Permit
  3. poster permit
  4. Housing occupation permit (among others)

Having all the permits that must be delivered to comply with the registration of your company, you can formally start the start of your small or medium-sized company.

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