Advertising Media: What they are, Types and MORE

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The Advertising media, They are those instruments of advertising that most human beings have in mind when thinking about it. They are also the channels used by companies to display their products or services.

For this reason, in this article we dedicate ourselves to explaining in depth: what is advertising, the advertising media, types of advertising media, types of advertising of each medium, its function, and we culminate with some advantages and disadvantages.

What is Advertising?

Before going into details about the different advertising media or channels, it is important to define the term advertising. Which is nothing more than a way of communication that includes a series of objectives, such as, for example:

  1. Increase the consumption of products or services offered by companies.
  2. Insert a new brand or product within the consumer market.
  3. Improve the image of a brand.
  4. Reposition a product or service in the mind of the consumer.

What are the Advertising Media?

Once the advertising explanation is completed, it is up to us to give continuity to the article with the development of the advertising media. Thus highlighting that they are instruments used by companies to advertise a service or products.

In this way, we can define that the advertising media are all those spaces or places where companies or companies pay for placing an ad to seek to attract visitors or buyers to their respective stores.

Likewise, we must mention a relevant and important aspect. And it is that, the advertising media are essential for companies or companies to publicize their products or services and thus satisfy their needs and that of their customers.

Furthermore, it is precisely for this reason that, over the years, the world of media has constantly evolved. For this reason, there are various means of advertising that allow companies to choose the best one for their product or service.

  • TV.
  • Printed.
  • Internet.
  • Radio.
  • Outside media.

Types of Advertising Media

As we have mentioned in previous points, advertising media are those tools or channels used by companies or individuals to advertise the product or service that they have to offer to a particular audience.

Likewise, the means or advertising channels are all those places or spaces where a company or company pays to place an advertisement. And, in this way attract more visits and potential buyers to the service or products that they offer.

However, it is convenient to highlight an important aspect about the different advertising media or channels. And it is that, there are various means by which a company can advertise its product or service. Among them we can highlight:

  • TV.
  • Radio.
  • Printed.
  • Outside media.
  • Internet.

Types of Advertising Provided by Each Media

Now, investing in advertising is something that all brands continuously perform by being aware of the need to show the public what they offer. Therefore, investing in digital and non-digital media is something they always keep in mind.

However, choosing which medium best suits your product or service will depend solely and exclusively on your future goals. For this reason, it is up to us to clarify what type of advertising provides each medium.

Digital Media Advertising

Nowadays, the media have noticed the importance and necessity of have the presence of the Internet to advertise of products or services. For this reason, both newspapers and radio can also be found on the Internet.

Likewise, these media made the decision not only to offer the possibility of making advertisements on paper, but to include banners, gifs and articles in their web portals promoting all those companies that wish to reach their audience through this medium.

Advertising on Social Networks

There is no doubt that this type of advertising does not require large investments, and it is also generally known that it is one of the preferred and most used both by companies interested in promoting and users willing to buy.

Through this medium, companies can carry out various actions, such as: segmenting their audience, personalizing the message and reaching their target audience very easily. Investment by this means grows by leaps and bounds.

Video Advertising

Now, advertising through this medium is highly required by large brands and companies. Making use of important platforms such as YouTube has become one of the best advertising investment options for companies.

SEM Advertising

On the other hand, SEM advertising, and ads on smart devices, also is considered one of the most used by companies. Including keywords, and generating a campaign for this, has created an impact on the messages for users.

Radio Advertising

Advertisements on the radio have been changing over time. Although advertising continues to be used on the radio, the well-known podcasts have entered this medium with force, so much so that they have become the best option to advertise.

Television Advertising

This type of advertising in particular is quite usual and common, although it is also it is usually one of the most expensive for companies. However, it is still one of the most used channels and media by large companies.

Newspaper Advertising

For its part, advertising in newspapers is currently maintained. Today, they continue to be advertised in paper newspapers, which although they have digital versions, retain the option of translating them. Being like this:

  1. Featured Ads.
  2. Banners.
  3. Full pages.
  4. Sponsored reports, with the most common options that use this medium to advertise.
Advertising on Billboards or Outdoor Media

Finally, we have advertising on billboards or outdoor media. In this case, we must mention that even though they continue to be used, it is done to a lesser extent. Typically they are used for elections or large events.

What are the Advertising Media for?

With all this, it is convenient to publicize the function of the advertising media. Since in many occasions its importance or relevance for companies is unknown. For this reason, we will explain in depth their purpose below.

Well, to begin with, it is up to us to mention that these media and advertising channels they are essential for any company since they are an indirect way of getting your message to the public that they have as their main objective.

Also, and through the use of its own and different characteristics make it possible to reach the senses of your audience and thus provoke sensations and emotions that fix the experience of buying the product or service that they offer.

Making correct use of the advertising media will allow others to know your company, business, product or service. In addition, it will generate that said company is recognized in its target market.

In addition to all the above, the importance of the media also lies in the fact that they lead to promote the message of a company to the public. And, in this way, they can position the product or service offered in the market.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertising Media

Now, to end this report, it is up to us to outline some advantages and disadvantages of the advertising media. It should be noted that these advantages and disadvantages are aimed at the basic advertising media. Attentive!


Advantages of Television Advertising:
  • In the first place, it reaches 98% of households, and television is watched for approximately 8 hours a day.
  • In turn, it is an efficient medium for large advertisers who need to attract a mass audience.
  • Another of the Advantages of this medium is the power to choose the focus group based on: type of programming, time and geography.
  • It is a powerful advertising medium with great visual impact.
  • Finally, it is an information medium that reaches all audiences.

Disadvantages of Television Advertising:
  • Well, to be able to make an advertisement on television, the interested party has to hire a producer.
  • Added to this is the fact that both production and advertising costs are extremely high for many advertisers.
  • Likewise, television can be complex for small advertisers.
  • And, in addition to the above, they may not be easily impressed.


Advantages of Radio Advertising:
  • First, we must emphasize that the radio has a local appeal.
  • The information or message has a voice, it can be friendly, serious, sad, or it can fit the message.
  • In addition, the purchase of a space for advertising on the radio is cost-efficient.
  • This type of medium moves with its audience, that is, they can be heard from the beach, workplace, shops, among others.
  • Finally, the message can be transmitted as often as the listener selects.
Disadvantages of Radio Advertising:
  • One of the most obvious disadvantages is that radio advertising does not contain visuals.
  • There is no such thing as a print publication, simply put, the ad is broadcast instantly and then lost.
  • The advertising produced by radio stations uses the talent of that station.


Advantages of Newspaper Advertising:
  • First, the audience is usually concentrated in specific regions.
  • Advertising through this medium reaches a fairly diverse and wide audience.
  • In addition, it allows you to reach certain segments at a low cost.
Disadvantages of Newspaper Advertising:
  • The newspaper is not considered the best known or most popular medium for certain ages.
  • Furthermore, it is static and two-dimensional.
  • And finally, production costs are often high.

To end our writing, we invite you to help us share the information.

See you soon!

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