Application Form before APVIDA: Format, Filling and MORE

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The Application form before APVIDA corresponds to the Application for Standardized Basic Insurance. You can also request the group, but we will focus on the first as it is the most common. We are talking about a very important document for those who want to become part of AP Vida.

For this reason, we have brought you this article. Today you will learn how you can access this and other forms, what data it includes, and the guidelines that you must keep in mind when completing this document. Also, we will tell you a little about the Patrimonial Life Insurer, So that you do not miss anything! So stay with us and learn everything you need to know.

How to Obtain the Application Form from APVIDA?

Let’s start talking about Steps to Obtain the Application Form from APVIDA. It is very practical that you know what you must do to access the forms of this insurer. In this way, in the future you will be able to know where you can get them by yourself or by yourself, and the process will be faster.

With this document you can request membership, but to go further into what

e is actually the form, we first have to explain to you how you can get it online. Let’s see!

  • To begin, you must enter the web portal of AP Vidto.
  • Once there, you must locate yourself in the section of Formats. This is located at the top of the page, between the sections of Financial information and Contact.
  • Click on it. An options menu will be displayed, in which you will find the following formats:
    • Claims Procedures.
    • Compliance.
    • Of request.
  • You must enter Request form.
  • You will be redirected to a new page, where you can access the Standardized Basic Insurance Request Form and the Group Life Insurance Application Form.
  • Click on the one that interests you. In this case, in the first.
  • That is all! As a result of the process, you will have accessed the form you were looking for and you can go on to know it in depth, in order to print it and fill it out.

As you can see, it is something extremely easy to do. Anyone interested can get it. The best part is that you do it from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are, just one click away.

Of course, the affiliation must be done in person. However, if you fill it out before, it is a step that you will be saving.

APVIDA Application Form Format

Now that you know how to access the form, we can move on to talking about How is the Application Form before APVIDA. Specifically, of the data it includes and how it is constituted itself. The result is that you can have an idea of ​​how to fill it out, since you will know the information they are asking for.

First, you should know that the form consists of four (04) pages, of which you only have to fill out three. The last one corresponds to the signature of the applicant, as you will see below. It is in PDF and you can download and print it, or print it directly.

Now yes, what you will find there is:

  • First, you will see the section corresponding to the Applicant details. It is nothing more than the basic data, such as the full name, address, work information, and so on.
  • Next are the Contractor data. It is only filled out if this is a person other than the applicant. Again, only the basic data of the person is requested.
  • The Plan Data correspond to the name of the plan, the sum insured (which must be selected), and the form of payment (annual). The plan lasts for 5 years, but the insured has the ability to request renewal.
  • Then there are the Beneficiary Data. There is a warning about not placing a representative of legal age for a minor as it could be counterproductive. Only the full name, the relationship and the percentage of participation that they would have on the insured sum are requested.
  • When the previous section is filled, the data of Other Life Insurance. It is convenient to write the insurers that have been contracted or with which the insurance contract is still in force.
  • The Medical Questionnaire it is very easy to fill. You only have to enter the weight and height, and then mark with an x ​​the conditions you have had.
  • Almost finished, you will find the section of Authorization. This is very relevant. It must be read completely and then signed by the contractor and the applicant. It is authorized to make use of the exposed data, and of clinical and background information with other insurers, and so on.
  • The Internal Aspects of the Company they must be completed by the insurer. Specifically, the agent responsible for serving the applicant.
  • Finally, there is the Notice of Privacy. You have to read it in its entirety and, if you agree, you only have to sign.

This is the data that will be included in the form. As you can see, it is a document that contains in an organized, concise and clear manner all the data of the applicant, the contractor and their context. So that? So that the agent can make use of them. We’ll talk later of this.

For now, we will explain the aspects that you should take into account when filling out the form. When you’re done, you’re ready to go.

Filling the Application Form before APVIDA

To conclude the practical aspects of the procedure, we will tell you about the Filling out the Application Form before AP Vida. There are a series of guidelines or instructions that you must follow to fill out this form correctly.

Next, we explain what you should do and not do when filling out the form:

  • First of all, you have to use block letter to fill out the form. This is so because this is the most legible typeface and will avoid difficulty in directing the information.
  • It is filled with a black or blue ink pen only.
  • At the same time, this can not contain amendments or deletions. It will not be valid if it is presented with these characteristics.
  • It must be filled out completely and provide all the information Of course, clearly and concisely, always to the point.
  • Finally, we recommend read it in its entirety before filling it out. Not only will it be known in advance exactly what needs to be placed, but the doctor will do it in an organized way. You will avoid mistakes.

Remember to inform yourself very well about the procedure you want to do. The guidelines of the insurance contract will be discussed, but you can always take advantage of asking your pending questions about insurance well in advance.

Remember that the affiliation is done in person. His office is at Aristotle 77 Desp. 104, Col. Polanco Reforma, CP 11550, Miguel Hidalgo Mayor’s Office, Mexico City.

What is it for?

The Application Form before APVIDA corresponds precisely to the document that is used to Apply for Standardized Basic Individual Life Insurance. People who want to purchase this insurance must complete the procedure by presenting certain documents, including this one.

More specifically, the form is used as a tool at the service of the applicant and the insurer. It allows the applicant to capture their data, along with those of the contractor (if he has them) and his beneficiaries. In addition, you will find the details of the agent in charge of assisting you.

For the insurer it is essential to keep track of its policyholders and this document does just that. You can access all this information that we mentioned before and, even more important, you are given the right to investigate the medical history and history that the applicant has had with other insurers, something that is vital.

Why? Because at the Patrimonial Life Insurer corresponds know all these data to determine the policy that can be offered to the person. This must make a risk assessment and raise a series of points to be able to establish an insurance contract in which both parties can see their interests reflected.

What is APVIDA?

The Patrimonial Life Insurer (APVIDA), As its name implies, it is an insurer. That is, it is a company that provides insurance to those who or wish to have one of these.

Primarily you can get the Basic Life Insurance and that of Group. These are the two main products that are offered to people, since the rest are focused on institutions.

It works in Mexico City and from its institutional portal you will be able to know everything about the products it offers, its financial information, the available formats and how to get in touch.

What is the Application Form before APVIDA?

The Application Form Before APVIDA It is a document that the Life Insurance applicant must fill out. Today we have told you about the Individual Standardized Basic Insurance, but you can also request the Group one.

It is completed manually, with a blue or black pen and printed letter. The data contained in it must be true, without omitting information. In it, the insurer is authorized to access information from internal sources, to help it determine the contract that it is going to offer.

You will find in an organized and clear way the data of the applicant, the contractor, the beneficiaries and the agent in charge of carrying out the procedure. In conjunction with it, other documents must be presented that will be indicated by the Patrimonial Life Insurer.

Until next time!

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