Baptism Requirements: Benefits, Minimum Age and MORE

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The Requirements for Baptism, Whether it is a baby or someone older, they are very important and that is why it must be taken into account in a timely manner, before starting the procedures to schedule a baptism. Remember that all these will allow you to carry out this ceremony, so it is very important that you read what we bring you next.

The baptism It is a practice carried out by different churches, not only the Catholic, but also the Orthodox, some Protestants and all the Anglicans. This has the purpose of introducing the person to the Christian religion, because in a rite that unites the being with Christ, among other things.

In this article We will be explaining what you need to baptize, what are the benefits, adult baptism, the minimum age to be able to baptize your baby and much, much more. Do not go!

What are the Requirements to Baptize in Mexico?

The Requirements to Baptize in Mexico they are few, but all are very important. Some you must present some before the date of the baptism and others the same day. Let’s see:

  • The child must be less than 7 years old.
  • Birth certificate of the child, both in its original format and as a copy.
  • Identification document, both of the parents and of those who will be the godparents.
  • Two godparents.
  • Attend the pre-baptismal talks.
  • Pay for mass, if required, or make a donation to the church. In the case of the first, depending on the mass they can be from $ 300 to $ 2500 pesos.
  • The godparents They must be single or married by the church, that is, they can be family members, friends but not a couple without marriage in between. They must be over 17 years old, be baptized, and have made their first communion. Furthermore, they cannot be the child’s mother or father.
  • Fill in the baptism forms.
  • Marriage certificate of the godparents, if applicable, or a copy of the Baptism Certificate of both.
  • Some parishes require that the family live near the parish where the baptism is to take place and be registered with it.
  • Some parishes ask to bring a candle and a scarf on the day of the christening, so you should ask if it is necessary for you to do so.

It’s important to put attention on all these documents must be brought at least two weeks before the christening date to the chosen parish.

What is Needed to Baptize?

To baptize a baby are required to keep in mind a series of things that we will talk about in this section, which include more the spiritual part than the physical one. It is a set of beliefs and dispositions that the family of the person who is going to be baptized, or the same person who is about to be baptized, must have in order to carry out this act.

  • Understand the importance of the sacrament of baptism. It is a rite of initiation to Christianity, to receive God’s love, forgiveness and acceptance, and to be able to integrate into a life based on Christian values.
  • Accept the church’s values ​​as your own and practice them every day.
  • Wanting to transmit the teachings of Christianity, from any church to which the family or person belongs, to the child to be baptized (if applicable).
  • Understand that when baptizing a baby the Holy Spirit is accepted, the one who will generate the Christian virtues in the child.
  • Go to the mass that is celebrated before the baptism and go to confession if possible.
  • The dress on the day of the christening must be modest as it is a rite that carries implicit respect in the forms, both for the family and for the person to be baptized.
  • Have time to perform this act, then It should be a day of celebration for everyone involved.

Do you think that something else is needed, what would you add?

Baptize Adults

If an adult wishes to be baptized, the requirements change a bit. Every day people get to know religion even more, accepting its precepts and finding love and peace in it, so they decide that they want to be baptized in order to enjoy the meaning of baptism.

The first thing you need to do is sign up for the catechesis course, which will teach you about the bible, the values ​​of the church and your role in this world; that is, it will prepare you for baptism.

Second, you need to collect a series of documents and requirements much like the one babies need when they are going to be baptized. Let’s see what they are:

  • You will need to register in the Parish Registry, in the parish where you are going to perform the baptism.
  • You must present the Birth certificate, in original and photocopy, own and of your godparents.
  • Also, the identification document of your godparents and yours.
  • Proof of address, which may be the receipt of a service or a notarized letter that reflects it. You must bring both yours and your godparents’.
  • Confirmation of baptism and godparents.
  • Wear demure, formal clothes.
  • Some cloth so you can dry yourself.
  • Finally, you must attend the talks dictated by the church to perform this ceremony and to pay the required baptism fee.

And that’s it! Attend the indicated day and officially join the Christian religion, following each and every one of these requirements, which, as you can see, are very easy to achieve.

Baptism Benefits

Baptize your baby or do the ceremony yourself it leads to a series of benefits that are not tangible, but just as important. We will mention what they are about, so that you have a clear idea of ​​what will happen once this rite is carried out. Let’s see:

  • You are a temple of the Holy Spirit, which gives you gifts and virtues to live as a Christian.
  • Baptism is a sacrament that makes you a child of God, that fills you with grace and blessing.
  • It forgives you original sin, sanctifies you, and purifies you from all evil.
  • It allows you to intercede for others, inherit the Kingdom of God, and announce the Good News, as it grants you the dignity of kings, prophets, and priests.
  • The Holy Chrism consecrates and the oil of the catechumens, purifies and strengthens. You will be anointed with both.
  • It is only received once.
  • It is a gift, not an imposition, that protects you, or in this case the baby, and strengthens you.
  • In an emergency, anyone can baptize through Conditional Baptism.
  • For children to be baptized is biblical, or you can find it in Acts of the Apostles.
  • It is a day of celebration, for you to be with your family and friends.
  • The Baptism Requirements are very simple.
  • You can do it in the parish of your preference and choose the godparents you want.
  • It will allow you to make Communion and later Confirmation.

What is the Minimum Age to Baptize a Child?

In earlier times this act was carried out as soon as possible from the birth of the boy to girl. Generally, before the first month of the infant’s life passed, this due to the high mortality rate of babies at that time. In addition, there was not so much protocol, but the ceremony was held quickly but with meaning.

Currently, children are generally baptized between their first month of life until their first birthday, which is available to parents. The truth is that the church does not have a limit to baptize a person, because even, as we have seen, adults can do it. They also do not have a minimum, but this is completely at the discretion of the parents.

To tell the truth, anyone who wishes can accept God and Christ, and ask for their love and forgiveness, as a beginning in the Christian life, and that is why parishes can also baptize adults, although these must adhere to a series of Baptismal Requirements. Can you do click here to see the churches at your disposal.

What is the Baptism?

The baptism It is an initiation rite that is performed at any age, although more commonly when it is baby, to give faith to Christianity and start a life under the values ​​of Christianity, whatever the church.

Likewise, we have to do so the baby or the person is purified, receives God’s love and consecrates himself as his child, accepting the Holy Spirit and cleansing himself from Original Sin.

In Mexico most of the population is Catholic, so this rite is very common. It is a very Christian country, with more than two thousand Catholic, Apostolic and Roman associations, more than a thousand Pentecost and Baptists; and to a lesser extent Presbyterian, Spiritualist, Orthodox, Adventist, Jewish, and so on.

If you identify yourself as a Christian, whether you are part of the Catholic, Orthodox or any other Church, know the Baptismal Requirements They are very important. Do not wait any longer and start the procedures to carry out this ceremony that has so much meaning.

See ya!

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