Building Permit Requirements: Documents, Costs and MORE

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If you have some land or you are also an investor in the real estate sector, be attentive to the Requirements for the Construction Permit in México.

If you have in mind to start a construction, a building of a house or also a residential complex, you have to do different steps to process the Construction Permit.

Surely, you are interested in knowing everything related to the procedures to obtain permission to build. I continued reading so that you are aware and you do not need any requirement or required document.

What are the Requirements for the Building Permit?

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It is well known that to carry out any construction, it is important to have the permit that is granted by the municipality or by the city. If you do not have everything as is the norm then you can be fined.

It is an essential permit, since future legal inconveniences will be avoided, it can be sanctioned for not having the permit and fines may be imposed for the lack of it.

Since no one wants to be penalized, then read the Requirements for the Construction Permit in México, that here we show you:

The procedure or permit for minor constructions called Construction procedure article 62. It is for the remodeling, changes in electrical and sanitary installations, among others. That is, any change or modification that affects the property.

Construction procedure Manifestation Type A

This permission must be requested for buildings that have up to 200 m2. The use of the construction is of a single-family housing type and with spaces no larger than 4 meters. This type of management does not apply in cases of land for businesses or multi-family.

Construction process Manifestation Type B

In this case it refers to constructions that reach up to 5000 m2 and the land is for multi-family, industrial, commercial and family use. It is one of the most requested permits.

Construction process Manifestation Type C

This procedure arrives up to more than 5000 m2 and includes all types of floors. They can be supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, etc. As an additional requirement, a study of the environmental impact must be carried out with specialized experts.

Initially, you must have all the corresponding permits, then purchase the construction materials, thus avoiding unnecessary expenses.

The entire procedure for obtaining permits is not expeditious, since a large amount of documentation must be presented, property titles duly registered and endorsed by the Coordination of the Municipality of Civil Protection.

These permissions include the land use approval for construction and location, as established in the Territory Code. In addition, to obtain the permits they carry an implicit cost and they take a significant time to have everything in order.

Externalize for the application the most outstanding data of the applicant and the work:

  • Applicant’s personal identification or the legal representative.
  • Indicate current address.
  • Provide the surface data and location of the work.
  • It must indicate the information related to the director of the work and the correspondents of the same.
  • Give information about the destination or type of construction.
  • Provide the cadastral key.
  • You must specify the kind of Procedure.
  • Demonstrate the classification of the work and important data. Indicating if it is an extension, remodeling, demolition or regularization.

Documents to Consign

Following the guidelines of the Requirements for the Building Permit, These are the documents required to consign to obtain the Construction Permit, a copy of them must be consigned in view of the original document.

They are mentioned below:

  • Present the Property Document, It must be registered in the Public Real Estate Registry.
  • Present Land use permit.
  • Deliver the plan of the work, must be duly accredited by the Coordination of the Municipality in charge of Civil Protection.
  • Likewise, the geometric road design plan, with the entrances and the number of parking spaces and
  • The structure design drawing and foundation, with the signature of an accredited expert.
  • Deliver the receipt of payment of property tax as of the date of the request.
  • Proof of payment for drinking water service must be delivered.
  • Deliver a double copy of the Project of the Work and in compliance with the legal standard of presentation of 60 by 90 cts. on the scale of 1.50, 1.00, 1.75 respectively.
  • A Geotechnical study and plans respective, as long as the work can produce alterations in the stability of the soil.
  • Deliver the approval location according to the Territory Code.
  • The plans of the gas, sanitary, electrical, hydraulic installation and the reports, both description and calculation, must be presented.
  • Submit signed by an expert on structure calculation, also a copy of the professional card.
  • Identification with your photograph of the owner of the facility and the applicant for the building permit.
  • A legalized Power of Attorney in the event that a third party is the person who performs the management.
  • Likewise, deliver signed all the project plans and the official letter of the request by the person in charge.
  • Likewise, the approval of the sewage and drinking water system of the municipality, in case the project has a septic tank.
  • Deliver the visual studies of the public area, roads, sunlight and ventilation of the entire space.

Construction Permit Costs

Following with the Requirements for the Building Permit, the costs to get all the paperwork vary depending on the type of construction. They range from 4.8, 25.41, 50 and up to 57 pesos per unit of square meter of construction.

The cost associated with permits in the State of México is 24,328 pesos Mexicans.

For works whose use of the property is Housing type B, the cost of the procedure is 680.13 and for type C it is 972.82 Mexican pesos.

In non-residential construction works type B the cost of the procedure is 772.82 and for constructions type C the associated cost is 1,113.1 Mexican pesos.

In recent years the cost of procedures to obtain a permit has increased substantially, reducing the profit margins of companies engaged in construction. Representing 8% of the total cost of the work under construction.

Where to Apply for the Construction Permit?

Following the Requirements for the Building Permit, To apply for the Construction Permit, you must go to the Urban Development Directorate and Territorial Organization of the Municipality.

Likewise, in México City, government authorities made possible the digitization of procedures to obtain a building permit in the capital of the country. Thus reducing the number of days to process it, from 300 to 60 days.

Validity of the Construction Permit

According to the Requirements for the Building Permit, construction permits are valid for one year.

What is it?

The Building Permit is an official document issued by the municipal authority of each region, by the Directorate or Secretariat of Urban Development and Public Works, where a construction project is certified and approved, in accordance with the rules of the Administration Code and the Plan of Development of the Municipality.

This permission It is granted to expand, build, repair, modify, install, demolish, dismantle, excavate, among others.

To consent two kinds of building permit, one for major works and one for minor works. Each case with different requirements according to the regulations of the state or locality.

There is a México City special building permit, and is awarded for the construction of works with very particular characteristics. The most common constructions with these characteristics are projects to build on conservation land.

With all the information you already have available in the Requirements for the Building Permit, It is up to you to start the application for the permits and budget the cost and define the approximate time it will take for all the procedures to obtain construction permits and licenses.

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