Building permit requirements: Necessary documentation

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When you want to start a work or remodeling of a building, you need to comply with certain legal requirements. They will allow you to ensure that your project is safe and that it does not break with the harmony of your municipality.

Each of the municipalities of México has different processes, but for all of them here we present the various building permit requirements What are you waiting for to put on your gear and get to work?

What works need a Construction permit

The works that need a building permit to be done in México are all those that do not affect the structures of a building. Such a permit is needed for projects such as changing pipes, opening or closing electricity, water and gas lines, and so on.

This does not include, among other things, bathroom remodels, rooms, furniture integration. Some other works that do not need a building permit can be:

  • The change of floors. Mainly tile cladding or new finishes are not enough modifications to require a building permit. Only in the event that the materials or the reform obstruct the public passage, you will have to process the document.
  • Paint the walls. For this type of work, you just have to program your schedule and the spaces well, since while the work is being done, it should be avoided that the interior air is affected. This is done by maintaining adequate ventilation of the property.
  • Installation, removal or change of columns, mezzanines, roofs and any structure to attach or grow. This project requires that the materials, dimensions and distances of the new structure be correctly calculated. However, it is not a process that requires you to have a building permit.

Necessary documentation

Next we will show you the necessary documentation for the construction permit. So you can get down to business in no time!

  • Original and copy of the land use permit.
  • Original and copy of proof of payment of Property tax. It must be from the current year, that is, in which the request is made.
  • The plan of the work endorsed by the Municipal Coordination of Civil Protection.
  • Original and copy of the property title. This must be verified that it is registered in the Public Registry of Property.
  • Original and copy of the contract or receipt for the drinking water of the facility.
  • The road geometric design plan, accompanied by the entrances and the number of parking spaces.
  • Original and two copies of the work project. This must have the indications that comply with the legal code and be presented in the format of 60 x 90 centimeters, to scale 1:50, 1: 100, 1:75.
  • Original and copy of the structural and foundation design plan signed by an authorized expert.
  • The geotechnical study and its consequent specified plans, in case the work generates alterations in the stability of the soils.
  • Original and copy of the approval of the location as established in the Territorial Code.
  • Original and copy of the approval of the use of sleep in construction as established in the Territorial Code.
  • The plans of all electrical, sanitary, gas, hydraulic and special installations in the building with their descriptive and calculation memories.
  • Original and copy of the structural calculation. It must be signed by an authorized expert, and delivered with a copy of their respective professional license.
  • Original and copy of the identity document with photograph of the owner of the facility.
  • Original and copy of the identity document of the person responsible for the construction permit process.
  • A power of attorney in case a third party is the one who carries out the process.
  • Original and copy of the application form. This must be signed by the expert responsible for handling the case, who must also sign all the project plans with his expert number.
  • The Okay (or Vo.Bo, as it is usually called) of the potable water and sewerage system of the corresponding municipality if the project includes a septic tank.
  • Original and copy of the visual studies of the public thoroughfare, in such a way as to show that the sunlight and ventilation of the space are not obstructed.

Building permit requirements

The building permit requirements correspond to the aforementioned documentation, as well as another even more key: the Construction License Authorization.

This tool is used to include the basic data of the applicant or his legal representative when making the application for the building permit. The information that must be given consists of:

  • The names and surnames of the owner, or failing that, his legal representative.
  • The signature and RFC of the applicant.
  • The domicile.
  • The surface and location of the work.
  • Information regarding the project manager and joint managers.
  • The turn (see if the work is carried out in a home or a business, the type of the latter and its destination).
  • The cadastral key.
  • The type of procedure.
  • The classification and other data of the work. Among them, it is taken into account if it is new construction, remodeling, regularization, demolition, expansion. You can also determine if it corresponds to a fence or fence installation, an earth movement or even the notice of completion of the work.

In addition to the above data, different requirements are needed depending on whether the project constitutes a major work or a minor work.

Once the requirements are completed, the applicant should go to the Directorate of Urban Development and Territorial Planning or its equivalent depending on the address. In this case, the office is located in the Administrative Building, Boulevard Paseo de los Conspiradores, No. 130, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, and is attended by 8:00 am. at 2:30 pm Monday to Friday.

Minor Work

A minor work It is one that is simple at a technical level, and whose construction and cost is not very high. Normally they constitute small works of repair, enclosure, ornament or decoration, since they do not alter the volume, exterior design or safety conditions of a building.

In this case, the requirement for the signature of the director of the work is omitted. On the other hand, the annexes that we present here are requested:

  • Proof of ownership.
  • A plan with dimensions, materials, specifications, names of the spaces and schedule of the work.
  • The cadastral demarcation.
  • The proof of payment of the Property Tax.

Major Work

A major work It is one that requires changes of great technical complexity to be made in the structure of the building.

The requirements for the permit for a major work are all those previously mentioned, with great emphasis on the information of the work manager and the project manager. The following should also be included:

  • Proof of ownership.
  • A plan with dimensions, materials, specifications, names of the spaces and schedule of the work.
  • The cadastral demarcation.
  • The proof of payment of the Property Tax.
  • Depending on the address that corresponds to you, you can request:
    • The authorization made by the fire department and civil protection.
    • The full payment of tax liens.
    • The descriptive memories of the authorization of merger or subdivision, if this were the case.
    • The ruling on land use (if there was previously a construction of a use other than that of the new work).

What is a Construction license

The building permit is the document issued by the municipal authority of each region of México that allows to certify and approve a work project. This same is granted after reviewing the documents and requirements to obtain the permit, in addition to the structures, measurements, distribution, materials and other elements of the work itself.

exist mainly two types of building permit, as we explained before: the one for major work and the one for minor work. Each of these has different requirements in order to have the necessary information to guarantee compliance with the town planning regulations.

When is a Construction License required

A building license is required when the owner of a facility wishes to carry out any type of work among those previously mentioned. This usually corresponds to the following activities:

  • Urban parcels.
  • New plant works.
  • Works that modify how the interior spaces of a building are arranged.
  • Earth movements.
  • Works that modify the structure or exterior of a building.
  • Underground installations for the purpose of car parks or similar uses.
  • Demolitions
  • Positioning of propaganda posters that can be seen from the public thoroughfare.

As long as the applicant complies with all the requirements that we have already explained, he may request his building permit or license and start putting Let’s do it!

The building permit requirements are the tools that allow you to ensure the quality and success of your work in front of the authorities of your municipality in México. Not only that, they will also help you to keep an order and adequate follow-up to your progress.

If you comply with all of them and gather the necessary documentation Do not doubt that in a short time you will be able to start working!

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