Certificate E. signature: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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With the Certificate E. Signature You can legally identify yourself to carry out electronic procedures. This allows you to sign documents and issue tax receipts in your name. In addition, you should not worry about having a company to obtain it, since this is a freely trammable collection for any natural person.

We know how urgent it can be to obtain your own signature, since in México this is a necessary collection for a wide variety of procedures. This is why we decided to carry out this writing, where you can get information that may interest you about the E.Firma. Don’t you know what requirements you must meet? Do you know the entity in charge of issuing this certificate? We will help you answer these questions below.

Requirements for the Certificate E. signature

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The first thing you should take into account are the requirements to obtain your certificate E. Signature, which for your convenience we have compiled below:

  • A USB memory stick, preferably new, which contains the file issued by the certify program.
  • Personal email (email) user.
  • Official Form Document FE in which the request for the certificate E. Signature.
  • Unique Population Registry Code (CURP).
  • Original and copy of the naturalization certificate issued by the competent entity in México (if applicable).
  • Documents that guarantee the status of migrant (if applicable).
  • Original document of proof of tax address *.
  • Valid and legible voting credential, issued by the National Electoral Institute **.
  • Valid official identification of the taxpayer legible.
* This requirement applies to taxpayers who have processed their Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC) through the website of the Tax Administration Service (SAT) using their Unique Population Registry Code (CURP).

** This requirement applies in case of being a natural person who is under the wage and salary regime. This allows you to record your address.

Likewise, if a legal representative is commissioned to carry out the process, he or she must be registered in the Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC). Added to this, said legal representative must present a series of precautions according to the following cases:


The natural person who exercises parental authority of the minor will have to attach the following:

  • Copy of the certified birth certificate of the minor, issued by the competent Civil Registry.
  • Original document issued by the notary public proving the parental authority of the person over the minor.
  • Original and simple copy of a document stating by mutual agreement of the parents that one of them acts as the minor’s representative during the process *.
* This document is not necessary if only one of the parents is indicated in the birth certificate, court order or the original document issued by a notary public.

Natural or natural persons who have judicially declared legal incapacity

  • Original document and certified copy of the final judicial resolution, where the incapacity of the taxpayer in question and the guardian appointed as representative is judicially declared.

Individual taxpayers in opening of succession

  • Original document and copy stating the appointment as executor *.
* This must be issued through a judicial resolution or a notarial document, in accordance with the provisions of Mexican law.

Taxpaying individuals declared absent

  • Original document and certified copy stating the appointment of a legal representative, stipulating the special declaration of the absence of the taxpayer natural person.
  • Manifest where it is shown that the absence status of the taxpayer is in force on the date of the process.

Taxpaying individuals deprived of liberty

  • Original document or certified copy stating the resolution that stipulates the deprivation of liberty of the taxpayer natural person.
  • Order of arraigo signed by the competent judge.
  • Duly registered general power of attorney where a natural person is accredited as the legal representative of the deprived of liberty, granted in the presence of a public notary *.
* This power must grant acts of ownership or administration to the legal representative.

Clinically diagnosed taxpaying individuals in critical condition or terminal stage

  • End-stage diagnosis made by the doctor and issued by the public or private medical institution where the person is located *.
  • Duly registered general power of attorney where a natural person is accredited as legal representative, granted in the presence of a public notary.
* This must indicate in detail the circumstance of the illness suffered, the appointment of a legal representative and the full name and professional license of the doctor.

Steps to Follow for the Signature Certificate

The process to obtain your certificate E. Signature It is in person. Below we will leave you the steps to follow to manage this process:

  • The first thing you should do is make an appointment at the office of the Tax Administration Service (SAT) of your preference, by calling the telephone service 55 627 22 728.
  • Go to the appointment with the requirements previously described.
  • Then, they will record your biometric data (fingerprints and photo of your face).
  • Later, receive your certificate E. Signature.
  • Finally, sign the acknowledgment by which the E. Signature is generated.

Certificate functionality E. signature

This certificate allows proof of the identification of natural and legal persons in México. In addition, this allows you to carry out procedures within the country in a fast and modern way.

Among the functionalities of the certificate E. Signature they find each other:

  • Sign documents digitally.
  • As established by Mexican law, the E. Signature has the same validity as a signature made by hand.
  • It is used to process more than 500 documents, minutes, among others, in 20 different institutions and / or agencies, such as:
    • Services provided by the Mexican Institute of Social Security.
    • Process import permits.
    • Obtain animal health certificates for import and export.
    • Obtain export permits.
    • Among other permits and certificates.

Who Issues the Signature Certificate?

This certificate is issued by the Tax Administration Service (SAT), an entity attached to the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (HACIENDA).

Likewise, the legal bases of the certificate E. Signature They are endorsed in:

  • Advanced Electronic Signature Law.
  • Fiscal Code of the Federation, article 17-D.
  • Current Miscellaneous Fiscal Resolution, Rule 2.2.15 “Requirements for the request for generation or renewal of the e.firma certificate”.
  • Annex 1-A of the current Miscellaneous Tax Resolution, procedure sheets 105 / CFF “Request for the generation of the e.signature Certificate” and 197 / CFF “Clarification in the requests for the password or e.signature certificate.”

Difference with Other Electronic Signatures

The difference of this certificate with other types of electronic signature may not be very clear at first glance. Next, we will show you all their differences:

  • When using the E. Signature, the presentation of the certificate issued by the SAT is mandatory, while in other types of electronic signature, although in some cases they have a certificate, this is not essential.
  • The E. Signature is only used to carry out procedures with the Government of México. On the contrary, the other electronic signatures can be used to carry out other types of contracts.
  • To obtain the E. Signature you must request an appointment with the Tax Administration Service (SAT), while to obtain the other electronic signatures you must contact the company that offers the service.

It is important to mention that, Both types of signature are extremely important, thanks to the fact that they can greatly facilitate many procedures, allowing them to be done remotely.

What is the E Signature certificate?

The certificate E. Signature It is a document issued by the Tax Administration Service (SAT) that will allow you to prove your identity, whether you are a natural or legal person. Thanks to this you will be able to carry out a wide variety of procedures with the Government of México, signing digitally.


In addition, it is a completely secure system, thanks to the fact that all the information is private and non-transferable. Only the Mexican Government chooses the competent entities to issue said certificate.

This is a modern service implemented some years ago in Mexican law, which allows remote procedures to be carried out. In view of this, it saves time and money, and increases the productivity of companies in the country.

Finally, another of the advantages of certificate E. Signature is that thanks to the fact that it allows to carry out procedures online and remotely, it contributes greatly to the environment, by saving sheets and other materials that are used in procedures carried out in person.

We know how important obtaining this certificate can be to save you time and money, so we try to make this article as complete as possible for you. We wish you the best of luck in your process and we want to thank you for choosing us as management assistants by reading “Certificate of signature: Requirements, Steps and MORE”.

Don’t stress! This process is extremely short and simple. As you may have seen, you only have to follow 5 steps and you will get your certificate E. Signature the same day of the appointment with the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

Thank you!

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