Certificate of Freedom from Lien: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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The Certificated of assessment fredom, It is a requirement for anyone who wants to acquire or, who already has in their possession, a real estate. It is very important that you have it if you are in México.

If you are one of these people, let me tell you that you are in the right place. Here you will find out everything, EVERYTHING there is to know to carry out this procedure. Do not miss it!.

What is it?

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The Certificate of Freedom Lien It is a public document in which you can check if the person owns a property.

Through this document, it is informed verbatim that the property does not violate any policy. Who owns mortgages, liens and / or bonds.

Requirements for the Certificate of Freedom from Lien

Before going to any body to carry out the procedure, you must enter the Public Registry of México from the Internet and pay for the records you want to do.

And additionally, get the necessary documentation.

The step-by-step is detailed below:

  1. As we said before, visiting the website of the Public Registry of México is the first step.
  2. Once there, you must make registration payments with the electronic check or credit card from that same web page.
  3. Finally, you must consult all the data that is recorded on said site.

These data can be:

– Name:_________

– Telephone:__________

– Email:________________

– The number of the real folio: ______________

– Address of the real estate: _______________

– Name of the last owner of the property: ______________

For legal entities, the following:

– The number of the commercial folio or legal person folio: _________________

– The business name or name of the association or company: ________________

Now, let’s talk about the documents you will need.

Everyone must have the owner’s Identity Card attached because the Public Ministry is the only entity authorized to validate and approve the certificate.

Also, they must comply with the steps required by the body and be in force.

The documents are:

  • Name of the owner of the property and general information about it.
  • Property sale contract.
  • Proof of payment.
  • Request for a certificate of freedom (Don’t worry. We will explain how you will do it).
  • Folio and registration history, in case the property is not new.

At the time you present these documents, they will ask for details of the situation and the condition of the property. Take your forecasts.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Certificate of Freedom from Lien

The steps to follow are:

  • Go to the authorized offices where you will find forms of “Request for Certificate of Liberty”.
  • At the end of the registration in the form, you will see the incorporation sheet.
  • After finding the folios, sections and offices, you will find where to put the data. On the corresponding ballot.
  • It is recommended to fill in the spaces with personal data (names, address), adding the date on which the process began.
  • Finally, you must deliver all the requested collections for the process and cancel, according to State Law, an amount of $ 243.00.

What is the Certificate of Freedom from Lien for?

The Certificate of Freedom Lien ensures that the property is debt free and an agreement is being made for its purchase. Clarification: Freedom from Lien is a term used to refer to properties that cannot be seized as collateral for payment nor are they as collateral, in general.

Those in charge of promoting the service of giving publicity to the legal acts that the laws need to preserve the legal security of commercial and real estate traffic, are the Commercial Property or the Registry commissioned by the National Government.

Cost and Duration of the Procedure

Certificates are procedures that are generally requested in advance and carry a rigorous work process. Consequently, these have a fixed cost depending on the difficulty or the demand for it.

So the Certificate of Freedom from Lien was not going to be an exception. Here we tell you what its cost and duration is:


  • At present, the Certificate of Freedom Lien It has a cost of $ 480.00 (pesos), It can be done through the website or a finance department in cash or by check.

This payment to be made per property acquired or per lot, has an additional cost of $ 242.00 (pesos). This goes into effect every year.


  • There are different types of Lien. Some with or without a cautionary notice.

In this are related those that are by servitude. They are adapted by putting a neighboring property at an advantage for the benefit of the former.

The permission grants a person a different usability and thus, can appropriate all civil or industrial property.

Finally, mortgages are formed by a property to secure an obligation.

The time it takes for the management and its subsequent delivery depends on many factors, due to the variety of classifications given to Lien.

The best thing is to go to the appropriate public institutions to carry out the process and where the requirements to start the documentation are taken.

From the moment you make your request, they will indicate the estimated waiting time for the entity.

Certificate of Freedom from Lien Benefits

The person who guarantees through the certificate, their rights to the property without illegalities can receive the benefits that are offered in Encumbrance and these are:

  • Document that shows your full responsibility for the property.
  • Specific benefits offered by Gravamen.
  • An own legal representative who will guide you to enjoy the services provided.

The document that identifies you as the owner of the property is a commitment to the company that is in charge of protecting it.

In addition, we must highlight the freedom of legal action for the property that this document grants you.

Additional data:
  • Any person, whether legal representative, interested party, parents or guardian of the beneficiary may carry out this procedure freely.

As long as you have the relevant requirements and authorizations.

  • The Certificate of Freedom Lien official has a validity period of 45 business days.
  • The primary purpose of this management is to facilitate any negotiation of the purchase and sale of real estate.

On the same paper, have to show the condition of the place and specify whether or not it has a lien.

In short, it exposes if you have optimal conditions, if you have guarantees, if you are free of debts and if your rights prevent the enjoyment of the property in its entirety.

  • It can be presented to any entity and / or person so that it can verify its authenticity and corroborate that the property has no legal limitations of any kind.

Everything that has been exposed so far is related to a Certificate that is necessary for many people. It is almost a rule to have it if you are an entrepreneur and therefore, it is vital to at least know of its existence. Many successes in your process and we hope that the information in this article has served you!

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