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You do not know how Change password MegacableDon’t worry, you just found the right portal to answer this question that haunts you.

Keep reading and find out everything This is the information for you!

What is Megacable

What is Megacable? Let’s talk a little about the company, it has a wide variety of services, since its focus is dedicated to the commercialization of Internet services, cable television and all telephony in Mexico City.

Also collect more than two and a half million subscriptions to all its services.

It is responsible for providing services to 300 municipalities, its entire network and good services are extended to more than 25 states.

Importance of protecting our networks

It is extremely important that personal information is protected, we talk about everything, your name, cell phone and home, personal photographs, even fingerprints.

And any other data that can work for your identification.

As we have previously mentioned, the city of personal data is of the utmost importance for security reasons, and it is also a right of each person.

All your data must be protected against misuse, one of them is identity theft, some unauthorized access, among other things.

We will mention the national institute of transparency, access to information and protection of personal data better known as INAI

You can quickly and safely help you keep all your information protected and, most importantly, take into account that only you are the owner of your personal data.

You are the one who will make the decisions on how, when, to whom, in order to deliver all your personal information in the event that someone needs it.

Rest assured to protect all your personal data, and your integrity!

Check more about this report in INAI

Steps to change the password megacable

Here we bring you the steps to change the password of some modems Megacable

TG862 / TG862a

1-One of the things that you must first of all keep in mind is that when you get your device from Megacable is that you must have it connected to the Cable Modem.

Which will be achieved through the RJ45 cable

2-Now you should start with the following: Arris TG862 / TG862a, first of all in a sale of your browser which may be of your preference.

Once in the browser you must put the address below: IP address: or

3-Now you will get the authenticate sale, where you must enter in the state that says «user» and where it appears «password» you must place all in lowercase and without quotes, as we are indicating.

4- Go to and check the box right at this moment is now to change the name of your network.

5- very good, once the change is done, go to where it says the following together in and you’re going to digitize a new one.

6- Finish by clicking to be able to save the changes that were made.

This must be saved, otherwise everything you have done will not come out.


1-In the same way that we explained in the previous modem, you must open a tab in the browser of your choice and place the following link:, then you should go to

Now write the following in both «Admin»

2-Very good, now you must click where it says then and as after that

3-it should appear this is for you to change the network name to your preference, now you need to go to to achieve the correct way, change the password.

4-to finish click «Apply» to everything before completing the changes you have made.

Benefits of changing the password megacable

Now we will talk a little about the Benefits of changing the Megacable password, stay with us and find out about them:

  • You have the freedom of personality the modem with the name and password you want.
  • You can share the password with the people you want, friends and family.
  • Monitor your network at the time you want, like the password.
  • And finally you can configure the modem as many times as you want, it is totally free.

What must be considered

We must be aware that having a closed network that prevents people you do not know from getting into it is of the utmost importance.

Because Megacable different types of modem and the advantages they offer.


Thank you for always trusting us.

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