Consumer Behavior: Definition, Factors, Profile, Analysis and MORE

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The Consumer behaviorFrom a marketing perspective, it represents a series of activities. Which range from the appearance of needs to the satisfaction of people. Likewise, each of the variables that govern these activities can be affected by internal and external elements.

In the same way, it must be said that this behavior develops a certain process to be carried out. With which, obviously, it is presented by the human being or consumer. That is why, below we will tell you what this behavior consists of, factors that influence it and much more.

What is the Consumer?

First of all, you need to know that the Consumer is a person or organization that consumes goods or services. Thus, these are provided by producers or suppliers in the market and it uses them to satisfy certain types of needs. That is, those deficiencies that a person presents.

Similarly, the consumer is the final stage of the production process. In this way, it becomes a key element in the production chain, and is the end customer. Therefore, it is an important participant in the particular economic development, in terms of the product or service offered.

Likewise, the consumer provides his means, usually money, in exchange for goods or services. In other words, consumers are trying to get a certain sense of satisfaction through transactions. That is why, without the existence of producers that provide these goods or services, there is no consumer.

Also, it must be said that, in recent years, the economic research has tried to understand consumer behavior. In general terms, consumers are often defined as individuals who behave rationally and strive to maximize the profit generated by purchases.

However, sometimes due to the important role of the advertising or marketing, consumers may exceed their means. As well as, in the same way, present certain irrational behaviors when consuming more than they should, and thus become part of high consumerism.

What is Consumer Behavior?

Now, talk about Consumer behavior is talking about human behavior. Therefore, when we buy, people do not cease to be, and the engine that drives people to obtain affordable goods by paying their price is no different from the engine that governs us in any other situation in our lives.

Also, it was not until the second half of the 1960s that consumer behavior was a truly important and independent subject of investigation. Thus, it was when marketing methods replaced traditional commercial sales methods.

Whereupon, the reason for investigating the consumer behavior is to provide a tool that can predict consumer reactions to advertising and promotional information. Like trying to understand the reasons for making a purchase decision.

Business strategies can be formulated that can influence consumer behavior. That is, the factor that offers a particular good or service can create methods that influence consumer tastes.

On the other hand, the center consumer behavior is the understanding of the human being, their needs, desires, emotions, dreams and desires. Therefore, understand the reasons why you consume products in a particular category and determine the rational and emotional process when choosing a brand.

Finally, we can say that most of the products we buy have a high emotional content and are very influenced by the culture and environment in which consumers operate. Human beings have a great influence and we like to follow cultural trends.

Influence of technology

The technology change With each passing day, and the factors that affect the purchasing process are constantly evolving and developing. So this creates new opportunities to understand consumer behavior and new market opportunities.

Similarly, with the continuous development of consumers, companies are forced to keep abreast of these developments. That is why the requirements are increasingly higher and the competition is increasingly difficult. With the development of social media, the interaction between customers and the company has changed dramatically.

Therefore, people have more access to information about the products or services they consume, which makes them more demanding during the purchase process. That is why understanding consumer behavior is giving them what they want and how they want.

Factors Affecting the Consumer

Factors affecting consumers include:
  • Preferences or tastes– Everyone specifically determines and knows your needs or concerns
  • Thus, they independently choose the goods or services that best satisfy them.
  • Income level: according to the income threshold and purchasing power of an individual
  • The person will have more or fewer options in the market to meet their needs

Consumer profile

One of the most important tasks in developing marketing strategies It is the definition of objectives or target groups. Therefore, it is important to define the profile of the buyer and / or consumer. Therefore, when formulating this strategic process, it is always necessary to understand the difference between buyer (shopper) and consumer (consumer).

Thus, the first is the person who makes the purchase decision, regardless of whether they are the final consumer of the product. The consumer is the end user of the product. Both play an important role in decision-making, so it is necessary to define your profile.

That is why consumer profiles define the characteristics, consumption habits, personalities, values, beliefs and lifestyles of the people to whom we want to offer products and services.

Thus, one of the basic premises of the modern field of consumer behavior is that people usually buy products not by their own behavior, but by their will. This principle does not mean that the basic function of the product is not important.

With which, it infers that the role of the product in our lives exceeds the task it performs. That is why the cultural influence of the micro and macro environment is increasingly important in the decision-making process. Therefore, the environment of the human being will proceed to affect their tastes, perceptions and decisions.

Analysis of consumer behavior

On the other hand, to integrate the factors that affect consumers, it is necessary to observe consumers. As well as, consider your feelings during the purchasing and selection process. To do this, the following questions help to understand and analyze consumer behavior.

  • What do they think and feel?
  • What are your true wants and needs?
  • What do you hear?
  • What does it say and do?
  • What are your fears and frustrations?
  • What do you see?

A) Yes. after understanding the answers From consumers to these questions, it is possible to implement a very effective strategy. In order to change the behavior of consumers, encouraging them to buy the products they want to sell. That is, to influence their perceptions and tastes when acquiring a good.

What is the Purchase Decision Process like?

The process that the consumer goes through until he makes the decision to purchase a good or service can be divided into 4 steps:
  • First of all, there is the recognition, where the consumer feels that they must satisfy a need
  • Also, at this point it is necessary to take some action so that the consumer does something about it.
  • Any type of incentive can arouse consumer interest
  • The second step, in the investigation, once the consumers realize their needs, they will seek information from different sources
  • In order to understand how to best meet your needs
  • In the comparison, once the consumer collects the information, organizes it and compares the different options found to choose a final option
  • Finally, the purchase decision can be taken impulsively or planned according to the user’s profile

Principles of Behavior

  • Customers are always the ones who decide whether to reject or accept products or services based on their opinions and needs.
  • Likewise, globalization has brought many possibilities for entrepreneurs
  • However, one of the biggest limitations raised above is that exports are a headache for many people.
  • Therefore, today the consumers of certain products are spread all over the world
  • Also, by focusing on similarity in market segmentation, it recognizes that there are certain differences between consumers in the same market.
  • Lastly, market research is a very important part of understanding consumer behavior.
  • That is why the seller must know what the demand is and how to reach the consumer in the most appropriate way in order to achieve that they acquire their services.

We hope we have contributed to your knowledge!

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