Corporate Image: Definition, Influencing Factors, Importance, How to Strengthen the Image and MORE

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The Corporate image It is an aspect that any company, trade or firm must take care of itself, since it represents the way in which it is perceived externally. That is, with the public, potential investors and even with their own and / or potential workers. For this reason and more we will dedicate a complete article to this topic.

Today we will be explaining everything about the image. Specifically, we will tell you what it is, what are the factors that influence its creation, what it is for, what is its importance and how to solve it. If you are interested in knowing this and more, keep reading! Keep in mind that how others perceive your company can determine its good performance.

What is the corporate image?

Let’s start by answering the following question: What is the corporate image? If you understand what it is, you will be able to realize that all the information that we will give you complements perfectly. Thus, you will be able to fully understand this concept, as well as its relevance.

The Corporate image It is the perception that consumers, the general public, potential investors and even their own and / or potential workers have about the company, business or firm. This perception is made up of attitudes and beliefs that are generated in two temporalities:

  • Before having contact with the entity, whose perception is based on opinions of others, reviews, and so on. Basically, they are all the prejudices, beliefs and ideas that the person has before acquiring a good or service from the company, or before getting involved with it.
  • After contactingWhen the person already knows the entity, he is able to form judgments and create experiences that generate an image about the corporation.

How does society perceive this company? That is the question that allows you to know the image you have. It is an accumulation of opinions about the company generated by third parties, which means that it is a difficult factor to control directly. Indirectly, it can enhance the treatment of the client, launch strategies that generate empathy, and so on.

It is a factor that Must take care: a strong image is what will attract people. We do not want an audience that has a negative attitude towards the brand, company or product. Nor do we want the general opinion to be negative. Confidence and positive expectations are a pillar in the growth of an entity.

To manage the image, consumers are often used. Marketing strategies focus on giving the consumer an experience, creating a society of loyal customers, and so on. After all, “word of mouth” is the biggest propaganda there is. Customers are wanted recommending you, not rejecting you. And precisely there is the importance of the image.

Finally, you should not confuse this concept with that of Corporate identity. The latter refers to the set of logos, designs and all the visual aspect that the company transmits. It works to support the Image, but the Corporate Image refers to positioning and opinion.

Factors that Influence the Creation of the Corporate Image

Now that you know what it is, we can proceed to explain the Factors that Influence the Corporate Image. These can be intangible, which is the most usual, but there are also tangible factors. We will explain them all to you below.

Company name

First, there is the name of the corporation. The first thing a consumer, investor or worker will see is the name. As a result, it is vital that the first impression is positive.

Nowadays, they are looking for names that are easy to remember, that sound a certain way (it can be Granier or El Señor de la Papas, both say different things than what they offer), easy to pronounce, attractive, different and even better if they are brief .

The name influences the image that the public creates, so it is a factor to take into account.

Logo and slogan

The Logo has to:

  • Be readable.
  • To be able to understand.
  • Convey the essence of the company.
  • Be attractive
  • Easily identifiable.

You can be guided by the less is more when designing it. The important thing is to recognize the importance. When people see your company logo, they will not only see a brand, but behind it there will be a concept formed about it, which impacts the image.

For his part, slogan. It is a short phrase with which the public can identify or be attracted. If it’s sticky, the better. The important thing is that it helps to identify the company and consequently has an effect on its image.

The one for Coca-Cola, for example, is: Uncover happiness. As you can see: short, engaging and fun.

Colors and typography

The typeface to be used and the color palette to be used must be defined from the outset. Then you have to use them without leaving the established. That is, always use the same typeface and the two or three colors that visually identify the brand.

Web page

Continuing with the Visual identity, the company’s website plays a fundamental role. This must be easy to handle, visually attractive and have all the information available to the public about the company. It is a tool to attract customers and even to sell directly.

Of course, keep in mind that a good website must be consistent with a good establishment. You do not want to have a jewel of a page and that people do not perceive the same when entering the physical place.

Packaging and other materials

The creation of the corporate image is also influenced by the packaging. Many purchasing decisions are made according to the packaging, believe it or not. Also, your brochures, posters, business cards, and catalogs should follow the layout you established. Again, visual identification plays a role in creating the image.

Sell ​​experiences

Currently experiences are sold. Another factor that influences the generation of an image is how people physically perceive the company. Here a lot of elements are complemented: sounds, smells, colors, customer service, even the sense of touch can be enriched.

The philosophy is that the customer must want to return to repeat the experience, and not just to purchase a good or service. You must want it all.

Additionally, keep in mind that when we have a good experience, we want others to experience it too. In this way, an identity and, therefore, an image is created as the public shares what they feel about the brand.


Finally, the image is defined according to the reputation that the company keeps. Reputation is generated by the quality of the services provided, the goods acquired, the customer service… These are things that are kept, accumulated and created by the image, the perception of the company.

As you can see, the fundamental factor that influences the image is the Corporate Visual Identity, just like we told you before.

What is the Corporate Image for?

Let’s answer another very important question: What is the Corporate Image for? You have probably already inferred that it serves to manage how external factors perceive the company, but specifically it has the following purposes:

  • The image contemplates how people relate to your brand or company. If they are able to identify with it and how meaningful it is to them.
  • Help to position yourself in the mind of the consumer regarding the goods and services you offer. Your offer should be recognized however it comes in. For example, if you see a Coca-Cola product, would you not identify it? Or from Apple?
  • The Corporate image promotes the brand or company value. A strong and positive image (recognition, opinions, experiences, confidence, expectations) increases its value.
  • There is a empathic connection. The public is loyal to the brand, since it is a source of trust, joy and even inspiration. This positions you against the competition.
  • A good image will give you opportunities to collaborate with other brands, with artists, with other companies. In short, it will allow you create alliances.
  • Additionally, having a good image will attract the best workers, people who want to invest and an audience to stay.
  • Lastly, having a strong image will give you credibility in what you sell, say, and do in the future.

As you can see, having a strong and consolidated corporate image has multiple benefits.

Importance of Corporate Image

Almost done, let’s talk about the Importance of Corporate Image. In short, this is essential in that it reflects the opinion of the general public about the brand or the company. That is, the confidence, expectations, quality and experience that it brings with it.

This in turn attracts more consumers, better workers, and greater partnership and investment opportunities. This image indicates if you have a positive general opinion about the company or the brand, which is very crucial for its growth.

Coca-Cola, Apple, Nike, and many famous brands have positive images. Gucci has an image of exclusivity, luxury and quality, as well as other top-notch brands. It is important that the management takes care of generating an image solid and positive, as well as sustainable over time.

Again, this can be achieved by creating unique experiences for customers, creating a culture of identification with the company, and so on.

How to reinforce it?

Finally, about How to Strengthen the Corporate Image? You must bear in mind that the image is a little controllable aspect, created by an external projection. Meanwhile, the identity is manageable, intrinsic to the company. Knowing that identity influences image, you can work on identity.

That is, you can create logos, slogans, websites and offices that constitute a unique experience for the public. The company or brand must be identifiable and the public must identify (and even identify) easily. The colors and the typeface used are also elements to take into account.

It can also be strengthened by offering a complete customer experience, building an unblemished reputation, and creating a Organizational culture. You have to create a differential value, an emotional bond, a feeling of strength and a greater perception of the value of the company.

Until next time!

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