CURP Certificate: Requirements, Elements and MORE

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The Certificate curp, acronym for The Unique Population Registry Code in México, is a very important, almost indispensable, piece to manage any procedure in that country.

So if you want to get it or you don’t fully know how it works and you are interested, fortunately in this article we will talk to you about the requirements that you will need to have on hand, the elements of the curp and more.

What is the CURP Certificate?

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curp, is the acronym for The Unique Population Registry Code in México. These are characters or codes that are chosen by the government to group the codes of Social Security and other entities.

This with the aim of facilitating the identification of citizens in front of any governmental organism.

People have every right to request this password, whether they are citizens or immigrants, due to the importance of the Certificate curp in every governmental process in the country.

However, there are still different user identification numbers for agencies although it is believed that this will be fully met soon.

Meanwhile, people continue to have this as identification for most public procedures, together with their Social Security and voter code.

Requirements to Apply for the CURP Certificate

To obtain the certificate, you should know that you will have to provide personal data.

If you are Mexican:

  • Original and copy of the Birth Certificate, Letter of Naturalization or Certificate of Mexican Nationality.

If you are a foreigner:

  • Original and copy of passport.

In the case of not having any of these documents, you can deliver some of these other papers that are already validated by the government:

  • National military service card
  • Professional license
  • Study card
  • Credential of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS)
  • Credential of the Institute of Security and Social Services of the
  • State Workers (ISSSTE)
  • INE electoral credential
  • Passport (foreigners)

In any of the authorized modules, you can request your curp. It is a totally free process.

Elements that make up the CURP Certificate

The Certificate CURP, It must contain 18 characters, it is created by data that are taken from the personal references of the person who is doing the procedure, such as names and date of birth.

Thus, a unique code is formed for the citizen who wants to register on any government virtual platform.

Before, the first 2 characters were related to the first letter and the first vowel to the first surname.

The following corresponded to the first letter of the second surname and continued with the first letter of the first name.

Then, the first numbers that were related to the date of birth were added without spaces in order of year, month and day.

Next, the letters H or M depending on the sex of the person.

Also, 2 more characters were added that constituted the organism where the person was born. If he were a foreigner, NE = Born Abroad would be entered.

Now, at present, since the year 2000 the codes were changed.

To formulate the date of birth, you must enter numbers from 0 to 9 for those up to the year 1999 and from A to Z for births after the year 2000.

At the end, a number is added to avoid repetitions in case another user has a similar code.

Consult the CURP Certificate

Without having to pay for its issuance, you just have to go to the consultation website established by the government.

Enter the data to find your CURP:

Verification code: _____________

Surname: ____________

Second surname: ___________

Names: _____________

Gender: ___________

Date and place of birth: ___________

Once the results are displayed, you can download and print it on paper and if you wish, you can laminate it to keep it in good condition.

Correct the CURP in the IMSS

You can do it from the website of the Sub-delegation of the IMSS with an authorized officer.

You only have to submit a request to correct or update data and the following precautions:

  • All you need is to submit a request to regularize or correct data such as your name, date and place of birth, gender, curp or Social Security number (SSN).
  • Original and copy of the document issued by the IMSS where the Social Security number (SSN) is displayed.
  • Certified copy of your birth certificate.
  • Unique Population Registry Code (curp).
  • Proof of address in original.
  • An original request for regularization and / or correction of the interested party’s personal data. This can be downloaded on the web.
  • Valid official identification.

The procedure, officially, can only be carried out by the owner.

It is a personalized procedure so it is important that it be formalized individually.

If for some reason the owner cannot do it, he could authorize someone else (direct family member) as long as he presents his current official identification and the aforementioned precautions.

Correct the CURP Online

If there is any wrong information in your registry, do not worry because you can modify everything from home and your computer.

After this, it is that you must present certain precautions in the corresponding places.

To carry out the whole process correctly, first, you will have to download the document called “Request for Data Correction of the Unique Population Registry Code”, So you can make all the changes without inconvenience.

Once that is done, you must attach other precautions to the documents, which are:

  • Original and copy of your birth certificate.
  • Valid official identification with photograph, or passport in the case of foreigners and this will be effective.

Don’t worry, when we name the word “errors” we refer to the possibility of cases where two or more people have the same code of curp and if so, this should be changed as soon as possible.

As they have to do with the characters or numbers that make it up, it is mandatory to go to the offices where they process the Certificate curp.

If this is your case, you should know that you have the option of requesting the correction when you need it. Just download the application on the page and take it to the module closest to you.

Additional data

To verify the number of your CURP you just have to see the CURP code assigned to you. This contains the number you are looking for within itself, since its primary function in the algorithm is to identify it.

As the 18-character CURP algorithm taken from the personal data of each person can be the same or similar to another, they have a digit that differentiates them from each other.

This is known as the check digit and is the last digit that can be read in your CURP code.

Remember that if you come to present homonymy, that is, that your CURP is the same as someone else’s, you must modify it immediately as explained above.

CURP printing

  • To print your CURP for free, you must enter the RENAPO website in the section “curp”.
  • You just have to have your CURP code and enter it in the form that they show you on the site. If you don’t know, the same page gives you the CURP recovery option.
  • Next, solve the recaptcha and click on the search option.
  • The search engine will work with the algorithm and the code you are looking for will be automatically generated.
  • With this code you enter the website and request your document.
  • You save it in PDF format for later printing or, you print it immediately and the best thing is that you also laminate it to ensure its durability and readability.

It is something that you will use, practically, your whole life to do the paperwork you need. Although, You have the option of performing this procedure online as many times as you want if necessary.

If at any time someone, a public official or person outside the institution, charges you for this service, report it without hesitation. The issuance or printing of this document is priceless. It is totally free.

If at any time you try to enter the online system to consult your CURP and this message appears:

«Dear user, the password you entered does not exist or is not validated. Please contact or go to the State Office of the Civil Registry located in the capital of the Federal Entity where your birth was registered. In the following link you will find the steps to follow so that your CURP is validated and can be consulted ».

Do not be alarmed. The local media affirm that these are modifications made by the system from time to time.

There is still no official pronouncement in this regard, it is said that the disintegration of 9,000 CURPS from the database takes place due to duplications or some discordance in the record.

So, as of 2013, which was when these cases began to appear, it aims to corroborate all citizens’ credentials.

If you are one of the people to whom this message appears, you should go to your local office and request a data update, of course giving your reasons.

For this, you must bring your birth certificate and your voter identification. Thus, those in charge will be able to integrate your data back into the system and probably apply the verification of promised citizen credentials.

Success in the process!

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