Debit card requirements: Everything you need to know

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Normally, the work company where you are, do all the necessary procedures to obtain the debit card, since in this way the deposit of the salary is made more convenient; If it is not the case, find out here which are the debit card requirements.

How is the basic debit card processed?

Yes you want to process a basic debit card, You have to make sure you reside in México, be over 18 years old and have a current cell phone number.

Remember that if you are a foreigner you must have a copy of your immigration form; whatever the case; You will also need a maximum 3-month address receipt, either a telephone or electricity bill, and a valid legal identification. Said documents you will need to to pay for the basic debit card.

After making sure that you have all the requirements and documents requested, you can visit the bank’s website and find out about the available agencies and attend the nearest; Request help from an employee to complete the procedure and enjoy the benefits.

Which debit card is suitable?

If you are looking for a basic account with a debit card that you do not at no time oblige to maintain a specific balance or an opening price; Then you are on the right page, then we will talk about the debit cards that can suit you:

  • The Bnext card; if you are a person who loves to travel, this card will help you a lot; In addition, they do not attach commissions, you will have the opportunity to make withdrawals in world ATMs without any extra cost, and the amount of its opening is $ 0.
  • Then you can find the BBVA Bancomer card; The only disadvantage that it includes is that you can only make withdrawals at ATMs only from BBVA Bancomer, equally without costs. No commissions or opening amount apply and you have a minimum balance of $ 1,000.
  • Then we have the Citibanamex debit card; that does not include commissions if you keep the payroll, it also has the same disadvantage of the aforementioned card, You can only make withdrawals at Citibanamex ATMs at no cost, and the opening amount is $ 0.
  • And finally, we show you HSBC debit card with chip; No commissions, no opening amount, and also withdrawals only at HSBC ATMs in México.

Debit card advantages

Next, we will share with you the advantages of debit cards:

  • This card can be managed by any individual.
  • You will keep a greater control of your expenses through your account statement.
  • It is 100% safe; it is a process faster and safer have to deal with checks or cash.
  • If your card becomes lost or stolen, you just have to cancel it and your money will be safe.
  • Will do more comfortable your purchases and any payment you are going to make.
  • The biggest advantage that where you can do use of your card, is when you have an unexpected expense away from home and the cash does not meet all your needs; even you can make purchases over the Internet.

  • You will not have any problem with any type of scams with counterfeit bills or small denomination coins.
  • You will find places where you will offer discounts when paying with the debit card, or you will have the opportunity to accumulate points and win prizes or contests with them.
  • You will define the destination of your money without generating Extra expenses.
  • If you wish make a trip, the debit card can save you if the cash does not cover all your needs or go to a corresponding ATM.

BBVA Bancomer debit card: Bancomer basic card

If you get the debit card from Bancomer, you can make infinite deposits; It is an international card, you can make withdrawals wherever and whenever you want, you can also see your account movements through Bancomer Móvil.

After acquiring your card and execute 4 withdrawals At an ATM, you may get a discount of up to 100%.

This card does not need a minimum balance, and the owner decides how much to spend when making a cash withdrawal; you can make a maximum of 4 withdrawals in cash for free with the card.

When you do more 5 to 8 layouts, you must pay $ 25 pesos per month; when you exceed 8 cash withdrawals, you will have to make a payment of $ 50 pesos per month.

Highlighting that, the card This BBVA Bancomer card will be valid for 5 years.

Citibanamex debit card: Profiles Account

The profiles account manages your money with multiple options and benefits without any expense, has different rate plan options so that you can select the one that you like the most and that corresponds to your situation.

You will have the opportunity to access to electronic banking at any time and on any day of the week via the internet, either through a telephone or a computer.

You will have a card that you can use inside and outside the country of México, but with consumption limits; you can get cash anywhere since with this card you can make withdrawals even in self-services, you will also enjoy promotions, benefits and unique presales.

Attached products and services that you will get if you want, including promissory note, online banking, and investment profiles.

Taking into account thatWhen you want to activate these extra products and services, it is mandatory to notify Citibanamex, by phone to customer service or by going to their offices.

Best debit cards for kids and teens

If you are considering the option of opening the first account of the smallest of the house; Next, we will tell you about the best debit cards for your children:

  • Santander Account, one of the best junior accounts, where children and teenagers can acquire your international card in the name of the boy and the guardian or parent; It does not present commissions for a minute opening sum and requires a minimum monthly balance.
  • BBVA Bancomer Link Card account for young people under 18 years of age is giving a lot to talk about for its new version where it takes advantage of all the benefits online, You can request this account online and manage the Bancomer online applications.
  • With the account BBVA Bancomer Link Card The young man may choose card design that most catches your attention and place the name via; the bill does not include Commissions for opening, minimum amount, or use of the account. Parents will be able to send money easily and quickly through the application BBVA Send.
  • Guardadito Kids, ideal for children and boys up to 17 years old, includes a small opening cost of $ 1 peso, does not present commissions for account use or minimum amount; in this case, the boy can also place the name and choose the design he wants.
  • Scotia kids, especially for children under 8 years old, where you can get a gift at the opening of the account, and you will have access to a special Scotiabank discount program at no cost. Includes a minimum opening amount of $ 500 pesos.
  • Citibanamex, perfect for children under 12 years old, attach an opening amount Minimum of $ 300 pesos, but avoid commissions for minute subscription or use of the account.
  • Banorte, presents lower sum, valid only for children under 18 years old, contains an amount minimum opening of $ 1,000 pesos, does not charge commissions of no type.

Open an account for a child, it’s a totally new and different procedure for him, analyze these accounts and enjoy every moment with the one you choose.

Best debit cards with payroll

Next, We will mention the best debit cards with payroll in México; then you will have the opportunity to choose the card that best suits your situation. The best are:

  • Super payroll account, Santander: Infinite inquiries and withdrawals no extra cost.
  • Executive profile, Banamex: Includes promotions, benefits and unique presales.
  • Flexible payroll, HSBC: Immediate disposition to your money.

  • Payroll account, Banorte: You get life insurance no extra cost.
  • Classic payroll, Scotia: It includes discount program.

Alright, these are the best cards with your best advantage; definitely, these cards should be among your options.

We read later!

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