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If you speak another language and want to accredit that knowledge or simply learn a different one from the one you speak and also, that is certified nationally and internationally, then the possibilities offered CENNI They are specifically those that allow you to improve in the personal, academic and work spheres.

Here you will find the information you need to know about the national language level certification.


Persons interested in obtaining an accreditation issued by the accreditation, incorporation office will have to comply with the following documents and requirements:

Necessary documents

  1. Birth certificate and/or CURP (single population registry key).
  2. If the applicant is of legal age, they must present their passport, professional ID or voter ID and military card. If the applicant is a minor You must present an original and a true copy of the identification of the parent or guardian in charge of custody.
  3. Request for issuance of national certification at the language level with the corresponding number, the form can be found at the next page
  4. Two child-size photos, where the applicant is facing the front, white background, in color and self-adhesive.
  5. Letter or technical sheet.
  6. Approval certificate issued by the evaluating body according to the test carried out.
  7. Up-to-date evaluation results according to the school control norm

The documents must be submitted in original and in PDF format, the photos must be delivered in an envelope identified with the full name of the applicant, the folio number that is issued in the application and specifying the evaluation instrument to be verified.

The process is totally free.

Steps to follow

  1. The interested person will have to have a test that is issued by any evaluating instance authorized by the DGAIR.
  2. Depending on the case, the applicant will have to go with the complete documents to the CENNI window, to the SEP delegation of their state of residence or to the evaluating body that can evaluate and manage the procedure that the applicant demands.
  3. You will have to wait approximately 20 business days from the moment the instance receives your documentation.
  4. The document will be issued and sent to the applicant via email.

What is?

The CENNI is known as the national language level certification that is in charge of evaluating and certifying languages, this in order to guide the educational quality in English or in any other foreign language.

The granting of this document ensures and certifies that the person who possesses it has a reliable ability of the acceptable level of knowledge of the language or languages ​​for which it is accredited.

The decision to certify the knowledge of other languages ​​is totally voluntary and the use of it will be optional according to the authorities, users or institutions that have it.

What are the benefits of having the Cenni certificate?

Cenni has two international references that are:

  • The common framework of reference for languages.
  • The Canadian Language Competency Framework

Just like CENNI, these standards allow the definition of knowledge, skills and competences in an inclusive way, providing institutions, users and entities with a unified base for the development of programs in different languages.

In addition, the CENNI is endorsed by embassies, educational institutions, associations of language teachers, evaluation institutions and by various entities related to the matter.

What is the scope of accreditation?

The scope of the linguistic skills that CENNI contemplates and that can be evaluated are the following:

  • Audiovisual comprehension.
  • Listening comprehension (oral).
  • Oral and written expression.
  • Reading comprehension (written).
  • Oral and written interaction.

In addition to English, they also certify other languages ​​such as: French, Chinese, Italian, German, Portuguese and Spanish as a foreign language.

Who can be certified?

The people who can obtain a CENNI certificate can be children, adults, teachers, students, employees, workers and professionals as long as they are interested in learning personally about their knowledge and skills in handling languages ​​other than the native one.

How much does the process cost?

So far there is no cost, however, the cost assigned to each evaluation depends on the institution that performs the evaluation.

Where can I do it?

The CENNI can be obtained at the public education secretariat, at the accreditation, incorporation and revalidation office located on the ground floor of the 1200 university or in the xoco Benito Juárez neighborhood.

Frequent questions

  1. How can I contact the accreditation office?

You can contact the numbers: (55) 3600 2511 with extension 69101 or 69102.

Or by email:

  1. How to know if the CENNI document is valid?

The way to verify the validity of the certification is by entering the page Once you enter the requested data, the system will display the complete information of the certificate, specifically the folio number, the CURP, the full name of the holder, the accredited language, the evaluating institution, the evaluation instrument, the purpose of the exam, the recommended value, the type of CENNI and its validity.

  1. What are the types of CENNI that exist?

The types of cenni are: the cenni of record that supports only the results of a diagnostic test and that was not necessarily carried out in order to obtain formal accreditation; certified cenni (I, II, III, IV) according to the level of knowledge, granted in order to accredit and certify the results obtained; cenni diploma is made for the formal vocational or professional use of the advanced or expert language, they are endorsed preference in an international evaluation.

  1. What is the validity of the CENNI?

The cenni certificate is valid for one year; the cenni certificate has a duration of five years and the cenni diploma has a duration of ten years.

  1. What is the utility of the CENNI?
  • Provide certainty for institutions or employers regarding the language level of the accredited person that allows them to opt for a job offer or an educational place.
  • Provide the accredited with utilities of academic interest.
  • Generate knowledge of the abilities, strengths and weaknesses that the borrower can present when demonstrating his performance before institutions or users.
  • Impact on the level of foreign language teaching.
  1. Can the certificate be obtained anywhere in the Mexican territory?

Yes, since the CENNI is obtained through delegations that are in charge of receiving and integrating the necessary collections and information and sending them to the DGAIR so that it issues the CENNI certificate according to the applicant’s need.

Having a CENNI certificate is a privilege that accredits knowledge of one or more languages ​​that a person speaks, this allows growth in the personal sphere and opens doors to work and academic scenarios.

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