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Cambridge offers the best experiences in English certification levels at an international level.

The Certificate Cambridge It covers several alternatives that can be adapted to the requests you are looking for, from the simplest levels to those that allow you to work in any type of job that can be offered abroad.

Requirements to obtain the certificate

To obtain the certificate, you must register on the official page of Cambridge English in which you will find all the relevant information about their courses and registration dates.

A payment will also be requested that will be used to cover the costs of the test application, this will depend on which centers you present the test to certify yourself.

Necessary documents

The only necessary document is the online registration that must be done for the company to enter it in the list of those who wish to present the certification at that time, you must take into account that there is a registration period depending on the exam.

How is the process done?

  • An email must be sent to the contact that appears in the data on the page establishing the data, the certificate for which you wish to apply, the venue where you wish to present and on what date of those available.
  • Cambridge staff will mail you the application and the form that you must print, fill out and sign, along with the rules that you must abide by on the day of the test.
  • One of the alternatives for payment is to do it with a debit or credit card, for this you have to send the documents by mail or also make a call to 5263-1938.
  • If the payment is by check, deposit or transfer, you must call the number 52631938.

For registration out of dates

In case you do not register your exam within the established dates, you will have a chance to do it later. But you must communicate with the coaching staff to present your case and evaluate what can be done

The registration of an exam outside the deadlines, consists of an extra cost which is $915 MXN

special treaty

for people who want to take the exam and need special assistance, either due to a physical handicap or some other condition. You will have to notify at least 3 months in advance so that the personnel in charge of presenting the exam can train the aspects considered for said disability.

Test Types

  • ielts
    The International English Language Testing System is considered one of the most select English exams for workers and students who want to be certified, with figures last year of more than 3,000,000 people, who want to develop their work and study opportunities around the world. This certificate is accepted in more than 136 countries around the world.
    The reason why it encompasses people’s preferences are:
  • Simply Prestige, since it is accepted by more than 9,000 institutions, including school, government, labor complexes, throughout 140 countries around the world.
  • Integrity, your studies include American and British English.
  • The issuance of the results will be fast, guaranteed in at least 13 business days.
  • The cost of the exams remains fixed, even if the national currency fluctuates.
  • key:
    This exam is designed for students who have a basic level of English, it is also one of the easiest level exams for adults abroad.
  • pet:
    This is a preliminary exam set for students who have an intermediate level of English.
  • First Certificate:
    This is one of the most popular certifications among students since it is the minimum level accepted in foreign universities since to pass it you must have an upper intermediate level of English.
    Known as the Cambridge Advanced Certificate, it is one of the last of the list of certificates, this is accepted for advanced study programs in the United Kingdom.
  • CPE:
    This is the most advanced since obtaining this certification, to verify that the person has a command of English so high that it is comparable with the native, which makes him suitable to study or work in any aspect where he has to handle the English.

What does the certificate guarantee?

Thanks to the prestige and recognition that Cambridge is forged, it is more than obvious that having a certificate with its validation is more than enough to have full confidence that the level of English in which you certified is the one you manage.

This set of certificates opens great doors in Anglo-Saxon and English-speaking cities, you will be able to expand your field of work and study with a wide spectrum since it is the second most spoken language in the world.

What is it for?

If your goal is to have your knowledge and command of the English language validated, in order to develop yourself either for work or to expand your studies abroad, we are one hundred percent sure that there is a Cambridge Certificate that meets your needs, in addition to Due to its worldwide recognition, you will not have any impediment with the certificate.


  1. International recognition:
    This is an aspect that is essential, since the previous study to obtain a Cambridge certificate requires effort and time, for this reason you should look for one like this that gives you recognition throughout the world.
  2. Development of “life skills”:

    In the preparation process to obtain a Cambridge Certificate, not only is your command of English significantly improved, but you also acquire other faculties that will help you improve in the development of your English studies.

  3. Results in 2 weeks:
    Since the presentation of these exams is already available to be presented by computer, it is an advantage that helps to quickly obtain the results of the exams.
  4. Expiration:
    This is a question that most afflicts most of the people who are in the process of becoming certified, and the good news is that the Cambridge certificates do not expire, since the level of English management that you must have must be so fluent that it guarantees that knowledge can persist over time. It could be compared to a university degree. What must be taken into account are the deadlines that certain institutions decide individually to validate a certificate (sometimes the degree does not have more than two years old, sometimes five, other times without specific seniority).

Who can take the test?

The Cambridge Certification tests are structured in such a way that they can be taken by anyone, the knowledge you already have of the written and spoken command of English is simply evaluated, they are even fundamentally prepared for people with special needs or conditions to cover their needs. needs or help them with any impediment.

Regarding English certifications, in terms of quality, recognition and prestige, the Cambridge Certificate It is what offers the best competition and acceptance in the world and you will have in your hands a recognition that will not expire for its function.

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