Driver’s License Form: Format, Fill It Out and MORE

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This article will explain in detail everything that involves the Driver’s License Form in Mexico. This document is very important for people who allow you to drive throughout the Mexican territory.

If this topic catches your attention, we recommend that you read on so that you can take note.

Driver’s License Form Format

It is very important to note that each state of Mexico has its own rules in the way the citizen must drive. However, many of them are shared.

Depending on the state you are in, you will need to complete the Driver’s License form so that you can transit, therefore if you are in the Sonora state, you must download in the following link the formula. In addition, the document is in PDF format.

In the Mexico City, the Secretary of Mobility of the City implemented that now via online. The citizen can carry out the process of Driver’s License Form, highlighting if it will be removed for the first time, renewal, loss, etc. In this case, you must enter your web portal to follow the steps.

How to Fill Out the Driver’s License Form?

If you are going to fill the Driver’s License form from the state of Sonora, first the citizen must mark with a X the type of movement. That is, if the procedure will be for renewal, new or replacement.

Next, you will have to enter your full name, your date of birth (day, month and year), in addition to adding the age of the applicant.

In the type of taxpayer, you should highlight if you are normal, retired or disabled. Then put the municipality, the town where you reside, the street, etc.

Add your phone number, fax, nationality, sex (male or female), identification with their respective number. Proof of address and number.

Driver’s license type

Next you must complete information regarding the type of driver’s license. That is, you must mark the type of license as: motorist, driver, minor, motorcyclist, operator (taxi, agricultural, specialized, urban).

You must put the validity of your driver’s license, it is six months, two, three, four and five years. With your state of birth and the municipality.

Medical data

In the third part you must fill out medical information for example: if you have allergies, if you are under medical treatment, blood type, eye color, hair color, etc.

The citizen must highlight if contains a disease chronic, particular signs, complexion, there you should mark if it is thin, robust, obese; skin color, weight and height.

Emergency Data

The last part is emergency data that you must include your information such as your full name, street where you live, telephone, municipality, town, neighborhood, state, etc.

Citizens should keep in mind that it must really be trained both physically and mentally to operate self-propelled vehicles and that all the information provided herein Driver’s License form is correct and valid.

If all your information is correct you must put your name and your signature. Below the signature you will see a box called “authorization”. Where you will be reviewed by a doctor, the traffic report, the medical examination and the public service operator.

It is important to highlight that if, for reasons attributable to the applicant, you must replace an already printed license. The citizen must pay an additional fee equivalent to the cost of the license for one year of the requested service, as long as said replacement is made on the same day of its expiration.

Mexico City

If the citizen needs to carry out the renewal process for their driver’s license, they must first enter the web portal of Secretariat of Administration and Finance and cancel the renovation cost.

Next you will have to enter the portal Procedures in Mexico City, where you will have to attach your identification through scanned images, the address receipt and the capture line.

Not only can it be done online, but the citizen can go to any service office.

What is the Driver’s License Form for?

The Driver’s License form it works to process your legal document which is the driver’s license. Having the form, the next step is to obtain your document so that you can travel smoothly throughout the Mexican territory.

If the citizen does not have the Driver’s License Form, you will not be able to process your procedure, therefore, it will not be able to circulate.

General Requirements for a Driver’s License

Citizens who wish to carry out their procedure in person, have to go to the state care offices in which you are residing, and then cancel the payment to take the exam. Therefore, people must meet the following requirements:


In the face-to-face mode, you must comply with the following:

  • Attach the original written request.
  • Bring the original receipt of the payment of rights.
  • You must attach a certificate showing your psychophysical fitness. This type of document can be requested at the Medical Units for the General Directorate of Preventive Medicines in Transport.
  • Attach the original document and a copy of the training certificate. He does it himself when he takes the course.
  • Have a copy and the original of the proof of address with a maximum of three months.
  • It is very important to have your copy and the original of your birth certificate and your identification document, whether it be ID, passport, among others.

In the event that the citizen is a minor, he must attach his proof of driving course.


If you want to process your driver’s license online, you must meet the following requirements:

  • The proof of payment that must be paid on required amount so you can get your document.
  • You must provide your information in several cases through a form in PDF format.
  • The same documents that you require in person, you must attach them online but in PDF.
  • The original E-signature.

Costs and Types of License

In Mexico the costs of the driver’s license may change depending on the state that is. But the estimate in some states are the following:

  • On Aguascalientes has an estimated cost of 335.00 Mexican pesos, for a duration of two years.
  • Baja California Sur has an approximate cost of 993.00 pesos with a validity of three years.
  • In the state Campeche has an estimated value of 322.00 pesos with a validity of three years.
  • On Chiapas has a cost of 900.00 pesos and is valid for two years.
  • Mexico City has an approximate value of 796.00 pesos and is valid for three years.
  • In the state of Coahuila has an estimated cost of 616.00 pesos and is valid for two years.

Check the prices beforehand because they may vary depending on the states of the country. These prices are for citizens who will get their driver’s license for the first time.

License Types

According to information provided by the Government of Mexicoor, the types of driver’s license, are divided as follows:

Type A

This type of license is issued to citizens for personal use and private transportation of people. This license is not allowed to move to or from maritime centers or airports. It cannot exceed 10 seats.

Type B

This type of license grants permission for ambulances, patrols or other private vehicles with loads of up to 3.5 tons pass through. With the exception of double axle cargo vehicles that transport toxic, hazardous materials, waste, etc.

Type C

This type of license gives permission to drivers who drive cargo trucks with two or more axles (rabón or Torton). That is, cargo vehicles that weigh more than 3.5 tons and must not carry hazardous materials, waste, etc.

Type D

This type of license allows you to drive vehicles for the provision of services in the tourism area, in the mode of driver-guide.

Type E

It is the license that drivers need general and specialized cargo transportation. That is, it is ideal for people who drive automobiles with materials, waste, waste, etc.

Type F

This type of license allows drivers to provide transportation services for citizens heading to the seaports and airports.

What is the Driver’s License Form?

The Driver’s License Form It is a document that must be filled out by citizens who wish to apply for their Driver’s License.

Filling out the form is the first step to follow to obtain your License. This license is an important document because it allows citizens to drive legally throughout the Mexican territory.

That is, you can drive freely without any problem, but if you drive and do not have your driving document, you can be fined or sanctioned for not having it.

Finally, Mexicans must bear in mind that a driver’s license must be held by citizens who are physically and mentally fit to circulate. If people drive carefully there will be order and tranquility in the Mexican streets.

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