Emotional Intelligence: Definition, Elements, Importance, How to Develop It and MORE

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The Emotional intelligence It is one of the tools that will allow us to improve situations in the personal, family, and work environment, among others. For this reason, our emotions play a fundamental role in our lives, since they affect our decisions and can influence our success.

In that sense, this article will help you learn more about this very useful topic. For this reason, stay with us so that you know the definition of Emotional intelligence, its elements, its importance for companies and how you can enhance it.

What is emotional intelligence?

The Emotional intelligence It is a way of understanding how to influence our emotions in a way and seek an adequate understanding of the feelings of others, of adaptive and intelligent way.

Its study is the subject of Psychology, which with its new conception is based on improving the forms of socialization and adaptation in the environment where we perform them.

In other words, we can say that emotional intelligence is associated with psychological abilities and capacities to facilitate understanding, control and achieve changes in one’s own emotions and that of others.

In that sense, a person is considered emotionally intelligent when he manages to steer his emotions to achieve satisfactory results, in any field of his life. In general, individuals who possess this quality tend to maintain stable relationships and are more prepared to successfully cope with changes in their environment.

Elements of Emotional Intelligence

In accordance with Daniel Goleman, American psychologist. The great theorist of Emotional Intelligence, points out that the main components that make up Emotional Intelligence are the following:

Emotional self-awareness (self-awareness)

It is related to understanding our emotions and feelings. The above implies knowing our moods and how they affect our behavior. In addition, it deserves to recognize our capabilities and our aspects to improve.

Notably, it is surprising that many people still do not fully know each other. On the other hand, if you do not reach your emotional balance, it will be very difficult for you to handle situations. Many times we have heard that we should not make decisions under states of irá or a lot of sadness, since we are very vulnerable.

Emotional self-control.

Emotional self-control, it is also known as self-regulation, which helps to control our emotions or feelings to prevent us from being carried away only by them. It should be noted that, through self-control we can distinguish which emotions are ephemeral and which are more permanent.

Additionally, we will be able to enhance our strengths, be prepared to face situations in a better way and strengthen our relationships with our environment. It should be noted that, if we learn to control our emotions, we can make better distinctions about everything that is beneficial or harmful for us.

Self motivation

In order to achieve our goals, we must first have our objectives clear and be constantly motivated to achieve what we set out to do. This is achieved if we are optimistic, proactive and we maintain the initiative.

The above will be possible, if people achieve motivate themselves, having the conviction that you will achieve what you set out to do and being aware that obstacles can be overcome when negative emotions are left behind and positive emotions flourish.


The empathy it supposes the recognition of the emotions of the others. This is the key to properly managing relationships with the people around us, since it implies that we are properly interpreting the messages that others transmit to us.

In this regard, human beings tend to express their emotions in different ways, through written language, dialogue or by using gestures or body postures. Sometimes it is not necessary for an individual to express in words what he feels, by observing that if he smiles at us, he is showing a sign of liking.

Experts in the field point out that People who are empathetic are the ones who most develop skills and competencies in their job and reach job promotions faster, compared to other workers.

Social skills

Social skills or the successful management of interpersonal relationships, allow people to be happier and be more recognized by the environment that surrounds them. Consequently, the vast majority of individuals like to work with nice and pleasant people, since relationships flow more quickly.

When promote interpersonal relationships, we manage to improve communication levels, people will feel more motivated with a leader or with a colleague who treats us closely. In addition to the above, strengthening relationships with others also implies respect and tolerance for their opinions and feelings.

Why is Emotional Intelligence Important for Businesses

The Emotional intelligence it has become an aspect highly valued by companies. In this sense, many organizations make considerable investments to train their workers in this area, since they have realized that most of the success of the business is gained from the development of these skills.

For example, a worker who manages his emotions will be able to better serve customers and provide timely solutions to them. For his part, the leader who possesses this kind of intelligence will be able to better lead his work team and achieve better management results.

It is worth mentioning that many organizations, as selection criteria, usually place the applicant in stressful or high-pressure situations, in order to know their reactions. On the other hand, when looking for a director or manager, not only the knowledge or level of instruction is required.

Generally, the Personnel Management studies candidates for managerial positions, validating their personal, work and even commercial references. Additionally, they carry out interviews or usually apply a psychological test to him, to know his personal abilities and how he handles his emotions. The last two aspects are determining factors for your hiring.

Emotional Intelligence and IQ

The Emotional intelligence is usually associated with the Intelligence quotientHowever, there are controversial positions on this relationship. By virtue of this, we have created this section to show some arguments that facilitate the understanding between both aspects.

There is a widespread myth about the relationship between the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and success, that is, the higher the person’s IQ, the more successful they will be in their life. It is even often stated that good academic performance guarantees professional success.

The aforementioned is not entirely true or completely false, because it is necessary to incorporate other elements to understand what is happening in reality. In this regard, some studies carried out by organizations and researchers have focused on analyzing the skills and abilities necessary to achieve success.

The results of these investigations showed that success goes beyond rationality and logic. In addition, the skills necessary to be a winner cannot be measured through an Intelligence Test, since you need to further expand the notion of intelligence.

Due to this, the analyzes about the different kinds of intelligence gained more vigor and the Multiple Intelligence Theory whose authorship is attributed to Howard Gardner, who distinguished 8 kinds of intelligence:

  • visual-spatial,
  • Musical,
  • Body and Kinesthetic,
  • Interpersonal,
  • Linguistics – verbal
  • Mathematical logician.
  • Intrapersonal
  • Naturist

If you want to know more about this topic, we suggest the following link.

How to develop emotional intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence can be developed through continuous training, which has to become a regular practice for our lives. Here are some of those habits that will allow you to enhance it:

  • Learn to self-motivate. Find the things that make you feel good and set rewards when you reach goals.
  • Increase your emotional vocabulary. When you feel a certain way, give it a name, so you can understand why you feel a certain way. The emotions are: joy, anger, sadness, medium, surprise and anguish. Example: I feel happy because I am excited to see my family.
  • Connect with your emotions so that you learn to know the effects they generate on you. It is also about knowing its origin. The above will allow you to increase emotional self-awareness.
  • Think before expressing any emotion. Although emotions cannot be hidden, we can control what we say, especially when we are going to express ourselves in an unpleasant or inappropriate way for the occasion.
  • Learn to connect emotions with body language. Example: a person claims that he is telling the truth and avoids the gaze or hides his arms.
  • Develop the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes (empathy). This will help you understand others and why they react in a particular way.
  • Avoid judging or punishing yourself for what you feel. It is not about suppressing what you feel, but about understanding why you feel that way.
  • Get physical exercise, get enough sleep, regulate the use of caffeinated beverages. This will allow you to control your emotions more and will also improve your overall health.

“Using Emotional Intelligence improves our life and that of others”

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